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4 2/12/2017 5:57:00 PM 1755 Early Season France Message Please resolve raid. After that I will decide wich of my stockeds need to be demolish.
3 2/12/2017 5:52:00 PM 1755 Early Season France Play Strategy card as Operations #32: 2 / Treaty of Easton
Play if British Drilled Troops are in an unbesieged fortification in or adjacent to Ohio Forks. REMOVE Eliminate all unbesieged Shawnee, Mingo, and Delaware (ORANGE only) units

Message from France:
Villers with 1C and 1MD from Cataraqui via Oswegaichie enters OCE (+1VP), drops 1MD there and move one space more with 1C to raid Canajoharie.
2 2/12/2017 5:39:00 PM Start France End Turn
1 2/12/2017 5:39:00 PM Start France Message Hello, I hope we play with all Optional Rules.

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