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62 5/9/2017 9:42:00 PM Turn 2 Belgae Message I know, I'm having a really hard time getting into this game. It's no Food Chain Magnate, that's for sure.
61 5/7/2017 5:15:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message chirp chirp
60 4/9/2017 9:09:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message Oh..forgot about the effect of Lelgio X. Roman losses are reduced by one, so only 4 Aux need to go.

Romans inflict 11 losses
+2 (Legio X)
+8 (8 Legions)
+1 (Caesar is present)
59 4/9/2017 8:59:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message so one hit neutralised. The Auxilaries will soak up the other 5 hits
58 4/9/2017 8:58:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Roman:
Roman legion defensive roll
57 4/9/2017 8:57:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message ok, had to look at what has been happening , and i don't really recall doing all that fancy footwork!

Romans stay and fight! They take losses first and lose 0.5 units per warband + 1 or your leader, or 6.5 hits total , rounding down to 6.

My Roman legion will tray and absorb a few of these hits : 4-6 the legion survives

56 4/3/2017 1:05:00 AM Turn 2 Averni Message Looking at the flow chart, I'm declaring Romans the defenders. Are the Romans retreating?
55 4/3/2017 1:03:00 AM Turn 2 Averni Message OK I think the Cenabum (which sounds a lot like Cinnabon, so now I'm hungry) incursion means I should battle now, but I have no idea how to do that. I think I can do that as a limited command. Lemme see if I can muddle through it.
54 4/2/2017 1:24:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message so, where were we....i see the other game got deleted.
53 3/8/2017 10:49:00 PM Turn 2 Belgae Message Proooobably mine. Cookie season is almost over. :)
52 3/8/2017 9:46:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message so...who's turn is it?

51 3/1/2017 12:42:00 AM Turn 2 Aedui Message Aedui suborned
Romans marched
Averni are up
50 2/27/2017 3:56:00 PM Turn 2 Belgae Message Aedui up.
49 2/27/2017 3:56:00 PM Turn 2 Belgae Message I think I played it correctly -- passed the current event, then played the next event. Not sure of my wisdom of where to put the colony though...
48 2/5/2017 12:21:00 AM Turn 2 Aedui Message All fixed. Aedui just traded for their SA and received 6 resources (doubled as the Romans agreed).
47 2/5/2017 12:09:00 AM Turn 2 Aedui Message Wait! The Aedui could not suborn , as they did not have a hidden warband in that area . In fact they had no woar bands. Let me fix that in the log.
46 2/4/2017 1:56:00 PM Turn 2 Belgae Message Oh I missed that part for some reason, I just looked at the first conditional and thought I couldn't use it.
45 2/4/2017 1:26:00 PM Turn 2 Aedui Message Romans play the The Province event and place 5 auxiliaries in Provincia.
Log posted
Belgae are up
44 2/4/2017 1:22:00 PM Turn 2 Aedui Message Log file for Aedui move in in dropbox.
Aedui rallied, building one Citadel in one region and gaining one warband in another.
For the SA they suborned in Sequani, and convinced two Averni warbands and a tribe to give up the fight.
Romans are up next
43 2/4/2017 12:31:00 PM Turn 2 Aedui Message For The Province I card was thinking that you might pass this turn on order to play the Province card for the the last part of the text in the shaded event; "if not (no control) place 4 warbands there and free Raid or Battle as if there is no fort"
42 2/3/2017 2:19:00 AM Turn 2 Averni Message I played Cicero for the event to move Senate into uproar.
41 2/3/2017 2:15:00 AM Turn 2 Averni Message Yikes, I'm not keeping up with my one-move-per-day goal.

For the next event, were you talking about "The Province"? I can't see how I can play that since I can't control provincia *and* take the event that I can see.
40 1/27/2017 8:34:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message Yes, Averni are up next. I moved the cards along, pretty nice one waiting for the Averni if they pass this turn...
39 1/23/2017 1:09:00 AM Turn 2 Belgae Message Am I reading this right -- that finishes the card, and Averni is up due to the next card?
38 1/23/2017 1:07:00 AM Turn 2 Belgae Message Alright, I'm rallying and it looks like I can't rampage 'cause all my big armies are far away from my leader.. bah, not sure what to do, I'm just going to add Germans. So enlist + Rally to add ally in Ubii, Sugambri.

37 1/23/2017 12:35:00 AM Turn 2 Belgae Message I'm not sure where you'd keep capability cards. Maybe on the Roman Forces card? I also see "Cards" with numbered spaces, maybe there? We can drop one of the markers to indicate which side it is... OH, there's an "Unshaded Capability" tag you can add with right-click... and the numbered section is apparently "Off-board prep". I'll put it there; if it's wrong we can undo.
36 1/19/2017 10:32:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message Romans played the Legio X Event. Belgae are up!
35 1/16/2017 1:21:00 AM Turn 2 Averni Message OK I think I did it. I'll leave it to the Romans to move the cards and they have first option on Legio X.

BTW, I think our file-numbering scheme will soon lead us astray; probably needed 2 or 3 digits in the turn number (there are 50-some-odd cards?).
34 1/16/2017 1:18:00 AM Turn 2 Averni Message And it doesn't appear I can do any of my 3 special actions, so oh well.
33 1/16/2017 1:14:00 AM Turn 2 Averni Message Aha! I see it now. Yes I will dock romans 2 and flip your auxilia. And since I have so much money, I'm activating everywhere I have control except Namnetes since it's too far away, adding allies if I can and warbands if I can't.
32 1/15/2017 9:55:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message i think the Romans forgot to pay 2 resources needed for their March limited command, can you dock the Romans 2 resources?
31 1/15/2017 9:49:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message Hiding underneath the Roman marker.
You can also move them / track them on the "Available Forces " card. that is how i found it; the card shows it is set to 20
30 1/15/2017 7:14:00 PM Turn 2 Averni Message Alright I think I'm going to rally and place ally markers, then maybe devestate. But I don't see the Averni resource marker! I thought it was the thing at #2 but that looks like a score marker. Am I blind?
29 1/9/2017 3:39:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message "So we're still on the "Joined Forces" card, and Averni's option is either faction command + special ability (opt) or pass, right?"

That sounds right.
And then at the end of this turn, assuming the Averni do not pass, the Aedui and Averni faction markers move into the Ineligible box , and the Romans and Belgae move from the Ineligible into the Eligible box, to kick off turn 3 and the next card (Legio X or something).

If the Averni do pass then they would get one resource and they would also move into the Eligible faction box.Probably not a good idea, but it is an option.

28 1/9/2017 3:33:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message oops..auxiliaries...
27 1/9/2017 3:32:00 PM Turn 2 Roman Message Fair enough. Please reveal my war bands.
26 1/9/2017 12:11:00 PM Turn 2 Averni Message It seems to me that revealing is done for all forces, and only if no retreat.

Step 5 Reveal—If a Retreat, skip this step also. If not, flip all Hidden Warbands and Auxilia of both the Attacker and Defender in the Region that survived to Revealed.
25 1/9/2017 12:01:00 PM Turn 2 Averni Message OK I will trust that was the right choice you made for me with the retreat; I'm still not grokking all the rules here.

Let me look up the warbands question.

So we're still on the "Joined Forces" card, and Averni's option is either faction command + special ability (opt) or pass, right?
24 1/6/2017 3:54:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Change game turn Game turn changed to Turn 2
23 1/6/2017 12:48:00 AM Turn 1 Roman Message Averni are up

22 1/6/2017 12:46:00 AM Turn 1 Roman Message end of turn posted.
Aedui attacked and I assumed you took two losses and an ally. Aedui lost one.
Romans then has a free battle as part of the event.
Only quiestion is are the Roman Aux revealed? They were not needed in the battle.
21 1/6/2017 12:31:00 AM Turn 1 Roman Message ok, Aedui turn posted , at least most of it.
They played the event and marched two warbands into Manndubii, and then Battled the Averni.

6 Aedui waarbands inflict 3 losses on the Arverni, who have 4 warbands and an ally in the region.

So the Averni need to decide on the makeup of their losses. If they lose 2 war bands and an ally then they have two warbands left to counterattack the Aedui with.

And then the Romans will free Battle as the second part of the Event. Any surviving Averni can opt to retreat at this point, but as that only halves their losses, that will not do them any good.

So i think the best option is for the Averni to lose 2 warbands and the ally, so they can inflict one loss on the Aedui.

20 1/5/2017 11:07:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message Aedui are up and are playing the event
19 1/5/2017 11:06:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message Aedui passed.
Romans had a limited action and Caesar marched to Mmandubii with 5 auxiliaries to join his waiting legions. The Aedui did not harass the Romans ans they passed through their territory

18 1/4/2017 11:26:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message Turn posted, blue is up. If I did it correctly.
17 1/4/2017 11:21:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message Ah that is really interesting, so it's kinda like if you take a strong action you give more options to your opponent. Well I will just take the primary action I've already taken. Let me move my eligible marker thingy and pass you the file.
16 1/4/2017 11:13:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message Oh I didn't realize that! Thanks, lemme look that up..
15 1/4/2017 11:12:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message hmm...if you do use your command + special ability, then the next faction could use the event ...just saying...
14 1/4/2017 11:11:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message Riiiight, I remember I got to that point last night too, seems I don't have a great secondary action and was wondering if growing more germans in .... germania would really help me. I haven't gotten back to this yet, helping the eldest with homework has been a struggle tonight. I think I'll add a german warband where my hero is. I'll post the move later & then we can get on w/ it. I fully expect to be slaughtered this game. :)
13 1/4/2017 11:09:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message to answer my own question, yes you can Rally Germans via the Enlist action; Enlist can be used on Germans in or adjacent to Germania. For Germanic Rally though the region must be under German control.
So you could only do a Germanic Rally in Ubii province
12 1/4/2017 4:16:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message Rally Germans? Can you do that?

Or do you mean Enlist?
I don't have access to the map, but if you Enlist Germans and that gets you control of a region , then you could Rally and either place an warband, or place an ally, if there is a village/tribe avaiable.
11 1/4/2017 3:59:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message Right, I see there's a Vassal command for temporary control for a region for Belgae only so that's probably why. But then I don't think I can both add a warband and add an ally in the same region, only one of those things... If I Rally germans to add warbands, that doesn't cost me anything, right? I will finish tonight.
10 1/4/2017 3:35:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message The Control benefit of the Germans would only last for the duration of the enlist command.

So use Enlist first to boost "Belgae" warrior count, control flips to Belgae and then Rally, would work.
9 1/4/2017 3:30:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message wow..lots of spooling mistaks
8 1/4/2017 3:29:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message you asr ecorrect about Rampage, your leader needs to be present or adjacent. Good catch.
The Enlist looks to be pretty powerful, and can be used after any command, so I think is a valid choice. You have your own German Army! You could march them somewhere (limited command option) to reinforce your warbands and then next turn do an Enlist again and have them battle (treating them as Belgae warbands) next turn?

So on this turn you could March Belgae into a Roman zone, and use Enlist to march Germans into a Roman zone, and then next turn have a mega battle using Enlist again to add the Germans to your side. Of course the Romans could run away! Or strike first...
7 1/4/2017 1:01:00 AM Turn 1 Belgae Message Could I Enlist (treating black as yellow) simultaneous with my Rally and gain control of Nervii? I'm not sure what that would get me.
6 1/4/2017 12:47:00 AM Turn 1 Belgae Message I don't think I can rampage in Atrebates -- don't I need to be adjacent to my leader dude?
5 1/4/2017 12:42:00 AM Turn 1 Belgae Message Yeah that's my reading from the flowchart too, and I was already considering rally although I'm no sure for what .. seems weird to grab Menapii for points rather than push against romans..

I'm confused at the difference between regions and tribes. Atrebates, Bellovaci, and Remi are all tribes in the same region, right? Or are those different regions? Seems like that's one region. OOHHHHH, I see, "Regions go by the highlighted tribe there", and it's very subtle but I see it now.

OK, going with Rally, I can activate my 3 home regions for 1 resource each. I can only add a warband in Nervii so I'll do that. I'll also add to Atrebates since I don't control it so I can't add Atrebates tribe as an ally. And I can add ally to Menapii as I control it.. right?

Then the special action..
4 1/4/2017 12:08:00 AM Turn 1 Roman Message the laurel indicates an ineffective event, if the non player rules were being followed.
So the current card is not a good event for the Belgae.

As "Battle" criteria is not met, the bot suggests Rally/Rampage if this would add Belgic Ally, 3 + Warbands or Belgic control.

I think this would be the case in Menapii (add an ally). You could also Rally in your other home provinces for a warband a piece and in Germany where your leader is hanging out, for 2 more warbands. Although that would cost you a few resources, 4 by my math, 2 for Germany and one each for your home territories.
And then with those extra warbands Rampage would be quite effective, but only in the Atrebates region where the Romans have no fort. If Ii am reading Rampage correctly, the two warbands you would have in the region (1 +1 after the Rally) would reveal, and the Roman auxiliaries would have to retreat. Belgae would gain control of Atrebates
3 1/3/2017 11:21:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message It looks like the COIN flowchart is not in the published materials at GMT! Or I can't find it. I think the laurels mean there are special instructions on this event -- do you happen to know what that would instruct the AI to do? I know we're not using the AI but I was planning on using it as a reference..
2 1/3/2017 12:52:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message OK, goal is at least one turn per day. :)
1 1/1/2017 8:51:00 PM Turn 1 Roman Message the game is afoot!
You should see a new shared folder on Dropbox with the setup log file in it. Belgae are up.

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