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19 4/18/2017 9:11:00 PM Turn 1 French Message Patriots up next.
18 4/18/2017 9:10:00 PM Turn 1 French Message Rodrigue Hortalez et Cie: spend 3 resources to give 4 resources to my rebellious friends.
A downpayment on British corpses.
17 4/17/2017 11:35:00 PM Turn 1 British Message Muster in New York City and Quebec City, building fortifications in NYC. The French are next.
16 4/17/2017 7:25:00 PM Turn 1 British Message How do we play the Brilliant Stroke (BS) in an asynchronous environment? If I understand the rules correctly, someone can interrupt the event card before the 1st faction has acted but this may then be trumped by more BS or TOA. Do we have to check with everyone before the 1st faction on each card whether anyone wishes to play BS?

15 4/17/2017 5:59:00 PM Turn 1 Patriots Message Patriots rally in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, and then take out a British Regular and a Tory with their Partisans.

The British are up next.

(Apologies for the delay. I just got back with a weekend with the family without access to a computer.)
14 4/16/2017 6:15:00 PM Turn 1 French Message Yes, that's right.
13 4/16/2017 3:50:00 PM Turn 1 British Message We are playing "A People Numerous and Armed" right? Boston starts with passive support. Updated 002 on dropbox with this.
12 4/16/2017 7:47:00 AM Turn 1 Indians Message Correction (first move, first mistake).
The event only allowed to build the Village on a Colony.
Accordingly, the Village and 2 War parties settled in South Carolina.
Updated log in Dropbox.
11 4/16/2017 6:37:00 AM Turn 1 Indians Message Tuscarora and Oneida tribes come to Washington, and they are allowed to build a Village in the Northwest reserve.

Tribes will also kindly request King Edward VII to think about sharing some very badly needed resources for the upcoming months.

Patriots are up.

(I am on holidays in the countryside, so I would not be able to get reliable Internet connection until Thursday).
10 4/15/2017 3:40:00 AM Turn 1 Indians Message I don't really mind: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive...
9 4/14/2017 8:11:00 PM Turn 1 British Message I'm still reading the rules but we can start. I prefer google drive but dropbox works if everyone already has that.
8 4/14/2017 7:57:00 PM Turn 1 French Message Enough to tie, so no period ordering of events.
And away we go.
Indians are up first.
How about we share files via Dropbox? Any objections?
7 4/14/2017 5:14:00 PM Turn 1 Indians Message OK, I am good with no Period Events Option.
Ready to roll!
6 4/14/2017 1:10:00 PM Turn 1 French Message Module Instructions:
1. You will need to use VASSAL Engine version 3.2.13 or higher to use this module.

2. A right-click on Population circles (Cities and Provinces) produces a menu to expedite placement of most game pieces.

3. To create the deck, press the deck creation button on the right side of screen that corresponds to the scenario you wish to play. The button will generate the deck which will appear on the right side of the main map screen. All unused cards are deleted as are the deck creation buttons. Note that there are two buttons for each scenario. The tan button will construct a deck using the Period Events Option (see 2.1).

4. In accordance with GMT's wishes, we will not be including the Solitaire game charts in the module. Thank you for understanding!

5. The module automatically calculates Total Support and Opposition. To adjust Support/Opposition, right-click on the Support/Opposition/Neutral button in each space. As Support/Opposition is adjusted, the module will shift the markers on the map automatically. As you can see, there are shortcut keyboard commands that can be used on the Support/Opposition/Neutral buttons (Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-]).

6. Control of spaces is managed dynamically as you move pieces the module will automatically calculate control. Please note that when dispatching pieces to a space by way of a population circle (see #2 above), the piece is automatically dispatched 50 pixels to the left of the population circle. This is not always within the desired space so users may have to drag the dispatched pieces so that they fit within the boundaries of the desired space.

7. To draw cards from the deck press the "Draw Card" button on the toolbar. Pressing this button will shift the card from the "Upcoming" slot to the "Current" slot on in the card play area on the left side of the main map window. Pressing the "End Card Play" button will discard the current card as well as rearrange the eligibility cylinders.

8. I do not intend to include an Overflow button. It is clunky and interferes with dynamic control calculation. If things get crowded, "wooden" pieces do stack atop one another. Double-click stacks to separate them.

9. The "Winter Quarters Phase" button clears movement trails, resets cylinders to underground, and returns Raid/Propaganda markers to available stock.

10. To enforce Blockade rules, the user will need to right-click on the Support counter in the city space and select the Blockade option. This will adjust Support as though the population of the city were "0" per game rules. To lift the Blockade, right-click on the space and choose to end the Blockade. Please note that this does NOT happen automatically when you place a Blockade marker in a city. The reason for the lack of automation here is some users like to place the Blockade Marker off to the side of the space and thus, outside the "zone" allocated in VASSAL. Please also note that you still have to adjust the FNI marker manually in the module.

11. To Adjust CRC / CBC count: IMPORTANT! You cannot manually drag-and-drop these counters on the track. Use the "+" and "-" buttons in the Casualties box to maintain a running score. These buttons move the markers along the track so as to reflect current score.


Known bugs with current version
In "A People Numerous And Armed" scenario, British Resources is incorrectly set to 7. SOLUTION: Manually adjust from 7 to 6.
5 4/14/2017 1:08:00 PM Turn 1 French Message Do we want to use the Period Events option? All it does, as far as I can tell, is organize the events in some vague chronological order instead of completely random. I say no - other thoughts?
4 4/14/2017 12:48:00 PM Turn 1 French Message OK, I think I have all the right people. If you have any objections to your faction assignment, speak up. I think none of us has played this game before.
3 4/14/2017 12:47:00 PM Turn 1 French Change Player 3 player Player 3 player changed from Randy Monk to David de Andrés
2 4/14/2017 12:46:00 PM Turn 1 French Change Player 2 player Player 2 player changed from Randy Monk to Sam Hawke
1 4/14/2017 12:44:00 PM Turn 1 French Change Player 1 player Player 1 player changed from Randy Monk to Fusive

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