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Barbarossa to Berlin: 1000 Year Reich Journal

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5 7/11/2017 9:50:00 PM June 1941 Axis Play Strategy card as Event #1: 5 / Barbarossa
Axis places 5 Combat markers in any axis ocupied spaces (include. Multi-nationality spaces). +1 DRM for all Ge attack vs. Su this round. Cancels Su Trench No Retreat option & Def 1R effect for entire turn. PREREQ: Play on Turn 1 only. May not play if Von Paulus Pause has been played.

Message from Axis:
And now we begin. The event text applies.

Combat markers on: Memel, Insterburg, Warsaw, Lublin and Yassi.

Yassi: GE(11) X Chernivtsi. Auto kill with +1, advance.
Lublin X Kovel, Autokill, GE6 to Kovel
Warsaw: GE4, PZ2 X Brest Litovsk. Autokill, GE4 to Brest Litovsk; PZ2 to Minsk via Baranovich.
Memel and Insterburg X Kaunus, except for PZ4.
PZ4 Memel will attack Courland and Autokill, advance tbd.

You may have combat card(s) that you wish to play at Kaunus. Otherwise, resolve combat. Right now it's:

AX 15L +1
4 7/11/2017 9:40:00 PM June 1941 Axis Message Alright, I'm going to start out with a very standard Axis opening. I'll try to explain things as I go along. If it's too much or too little, just let me know.

First things first: Standfasts. I get 3. Kishinev, Kolomyja, and Lwow.

Standfasts mean if you move a unit under the marker, you lose a victory point (VP). There are exceptions: If you advance into enemy territory or are forced to retreat, there is no VP loss.
3 7/11/2017 8:24:00 AM June 1941 Allied Draw Strategy cards Drew 7 to replenish hand to 7 cards.
2 7/10/2017 11:57:00 PM June 1941 Axis Message I'll move tomorrow. You can take a look at your cards. The first turn is short, I move, you move and then we end turn. You can discard low cards if they aren't important, or medium ones if you feel like it. You want to have as many 4s and 5s as you can. As the Allies, you must have a reinforcement card to keep in your hand, or you're pretty much screwed. If you get one or two, great, hold them. If you don't, there's a special mulligan rule where you can discard all but one of your cards at the end of the turn, then you automatically get the smaller replacement card next turn. For this turn, the best card you can play (if you have it) is called Industrial Evacuation. It's a VERY helpful event, but you also get to use it to move your guys around.
1 7/10/2017 11:53:00 PM June 1941 Axis Draw Strategy cards Drew 7 to replenish hand to 7 cards.

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