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188 3/20/2018 10:57:00 AM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Agiad military issue revealed in Boeotia.

Over to Michal to resolve.
187 3/20/2018 10:18:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Sorry Brian.

Yes, if we have no top of queue issues exposed, you should start.
186 3/18/2018 8:33:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message So, it looks like all the issues have been placed, and we are ready to begin resolving issues.

Normally, the Demagogue faction would be up first, but there are no Athenian issues currently visible. So I guess Brent will have to pass, and the Eurypontids (i.e., me) will go next?

185 3/17/2018 11:55:00 AM Turn 1 Agiad Message I will not be original and will follow best practices of our opponent from Turn 1.

Issue to Boetia.

184 3/16/2018 2:54:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message My final issue was placed in Boeotia.

Michal is up for his final issue placement.
183 3/16/2018 12:54:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Issue in Boetia, back to Brian.
182 3/15/2018 8:51:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Issue placed in Boeotia.

Michal is up.
181 3/15/2018 8:30:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message I'm out of issues. Up to you guys to complete

180 3/15/2018 6:14:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Okay - got it - issue to Boetia.

Over to Brent.
179 3/15/2018 6:05:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Issue to Boetia. Scott now.
178 3/14/2018 4:39:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Issue placed in Aetolia.

Scott, I think you forgot to pick up the issue that Brent gave to you at the conclusion of the Assembly phase. There is a Demagogue issue on the map on the Aristocrat side of the Athenian assembly area. So you actually have one more issue to place after Michal places his next issue.

Michal is up next.
177 3/13/2018 7:19:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Issue in Aetolia
Eurypontids up
176 3/13/2018 5:35:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrats issue to Boetia.

Over to Brent - and that's it for Aristocrat issues. We got clobbered in bole/assembly!
175 3/13/2018 2:31:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message My move done - issue to Naupactus.
Next to Scott.
174 3/12/2018 5:57:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Issue to Thessalia.

Michal is up.
173 3/12/2018 3:38:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Issue in Naupactus.

Back to Eurypontids
172 3/12/2018 3:05:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message ...and yet another issue to Boetia!

Back to Brent
171 3/12/2018 1:11:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Issue to Boetia (our favourite theater :) )

Scott turn now.
170 3/11/2018 12:22:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Issue to Naupactus.

Michal is up.
169 3/11/2018 7:22:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Done.

Eurypontids up
168 3/10/2018 4:01:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrats done - sorry for the slow response - I'm in the height of by tax filing season, so thank you for your patience!

Over to Brent.
167 3/10/2018 9:08:00 AM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Scott is up next, right?
166 3/7/2018 3:56:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Ok, my move done.
Sorry for keeping you waiting!

165 3/5/2018 3:02:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message It seems to work okay for me.
164 3/5/2018 2:58:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Does dropbox work for you?
163 3/5/2018 2:46:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Hi Guys,
Just a quick update: I have just come back and starting analyzing what happened and planning my move.

So expect me being up to speed very soon.
162 3/3/2018 10:46:00 AM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I placed my first issue.

Michal is up next when he is back from holiday.
161 2/23/2018 1:22:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Sure, no problem.
My wife usually takes winter pretty bad (not the temperature, but lack of sun) so we go to southern Israel (Ejlat) and Jordan (Petra). Should be fun:)
160 2/22/2018 4:57:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Sounds fine to me - enjoy your vacation. Care to share where you're going?
159 2/22/2018 4:47:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message I did my preparations - startegos, cards, issues.

One not here: I will be going on short, one week vacations as of Saturday; I think logically this is good moment to pause (we can discuss startegies in the meantime) and reconvene on March 5th. I wil not have access to Vassal during that time.

On the situation, well, definitely it will be interesting turn although honor disparity is slightly too high. Well, but there are ways to counter any honor advantage :) Can't wait to play the run :)
158 2/22/2018 12:47:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Thanks, Michal. In our log, those honour shifts won't have happened, so I need to do them.

Setup for theatre phase done. Log file 210. Issues all assigned....each of you just needs to mask issues, shuffle, put in your hand (however you want to do it) and the Spartans need to redraw their Strategos.

I've resolved the only political phase issue, my Citizenship....converted a base in Ionia.

Honour order is Demos-Euros-Agiad-Aristos. As I'm first in order I've gone ahead and placed my first issue in Ionia.

Interesting turn ahead. The Spartans have a serious tempo advantage with issue and Strategos dominance but some honour to catch up. Interesting to see how it plays out.
157 2/21/2018 4:39:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message That is correct, but note that we already adjusted honor points +2/-2 for the Agiad winning oratory honor. The details are in the file "231-sparta-assembly-ek.vlog".

156 2/21/2018 4:16:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Thanks. Why don't we go from the Athenian log as it looks like I'm first in honour order again? I'll update later today when I get a chance. I haven't looked through all the Spartan logs, just the end result.

Can I just confirm?:
- Agiad - 3 x Military, Oracle - 7 Oratory honour
- Eurypontid - 2 x Military, 2 x Diplomatic - 5 oratory honour

Tie break Favour of the Assembly control remains with the Agiads.

2 honour shift to the Agiads for Oratory honour

155 2/21/2018 12:34:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Brent you are completely right, I must missed something in the rules.

Our debates are finished - we are ready for next phase. Who can combine both log files?
154 2/19/2018 4:22:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message No, Michael, when the Strategos in the pool are gone, you're out and there should be no trading between players. I don't recall what happened in our first assembly but we wouldn't have been trading Strategos, unless it was to correct an error.
153 2/19/2018 5:12:00 AM Turn 1 Agiad Message Hi Guys,

during our debate we encountered following dilemma:

We run out of strategos during the debates (all have been drawn from the stock). We understand we can't get any more strategos until the Strategy Board segment.

However, I think I saw in T1 when Scott and Brent were exchanging strategos between them. maybe I overlooked something or misinterpreted...

152 2/15/2018 5:53:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message The Spartans are legendarily slow deliberators. Just kidding :). You were waiting ages for us last time.

I'm not suggesting you guys do this, because it's a PBEM game and we're in no rush, but the Boule and assembly do lend themselves to live play. 20 minutes and done.
151 2/15/2018 4:47:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Hi Guys,
we are still playing our debate (mainly due to me and my lack of time recently - which results in prolonged duration). We wile let you know once we are finished.

150 2/15/2018 3:17:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Athenian assembly complete and in our Turn 2 assembly folder as a single log.

I've put all the turn 1 logs in their own folder to give us some room for the coming fight :).
149 2/10/2018 8:32:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Brent, I just ran into a scheduling conflict on Monday (my time/day) - can you do the following day? I sent the update via Google Calendar.
148 2/9/2018 1:13:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message I think that will work. I believe Brent and I are scheduled for this Monday.
147 2/9/2018 1:09:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message I think we are ready.

Shall we use file 208 as master file, an use two folders to play Boule there?
146 2/8/2018 9:22:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I noticed that there were 9 Athenian strategos tokens off to the side instead of 6. I moved three of them back to the pool. So I think we have accounted for all the strategos now.

I believe everyone has drawn their new hands. Are we ready to start the Boule segment?
145 2/8/2018 2:21:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Scott, yes, both sides should have the same number of Strategos in their pool. My hand is empty so I assumed the remaining Strategos must still be in your hand.

This is the first time I've personally encountered this problem with leaders but it's a known issue. When we play the assembly I'll have the stats on hand....I'm playing a game of the First Peloponnesian War on the table tomorrow (happy face :) so I'll record them then.
144 2/8/2018 2:07:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrats done. And I'm seeing the same issue with the leader card - what are those stats, again? Do they change? And, I'm not sure about the total Strategos count - I think the two sides are supposed to be equal, correct?

For the boule, I'm still just getting a hang of things, so I don't really have a preference either way.
143 2/8/2018 9:39:00 AM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I'm fine with doing the Boule separately.
142 2/8/2018 4:28:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Drawn my hand and formed my Entourage.

Just the Aristocrats to go. I don't have any Stratgeos so they must both be in your hand still, Scott. You'll need to send them to the pool when you do your hand.

We're then ready for the Boule. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of the sequential Boule play and personally think simultaneous play is the spirit in which the game was designed (although that option is given, of course). Now that we're at war I don't think it will matter as much and it would certainly be quicker to roll the Boule into the assembly for simultaneous play, if everyone agrees. I'd just suggest we ignore each others' Boule and assemblies until they're complete.
141 2/7/2018 6:35:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I drew my hand and refilled my entourage.
140 2/7/2018 4:16:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Ok, I discarded 2 from my entourage.
Then created two decks and draw my card (had to remember I need only 8 cards as 1 is left in entourage!)

PS. Dear Athenian colleagues, please give back strategos:)
139 2/7/2018 10:03:00 AM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrats discarded entourage as well
138 2/7/2018 8:24:00 AM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I discarded my entourage. Ready for whoever wants to go next.
137 2/7/2018 6:44:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message No political capital for anyone from last turn.

Before creating the political decks to draw our hands, we each have to decide whether we are keeping (returning) any of our Entourage to our hands. Those that are being discarded need to be unmasked. I'll log that first. The last person to log their discards can use the auto function to create the political decks and then draw their hand.
136 2/6/2018 4:23:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Redeployment and Aristophanse done. Athenians to give back two last strategos :)
135 2/6/2018 6:08:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Athenian maintenance and redeployment done

Over to Sparta for redeployment, No Will of the Assembly so after that you can go on to end the turn and draw the Aristophanes for next turn.
134 2/5/2018 5:51:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Sorry guys, work dramas and I can't log a turn until tomorrow night.
As controlling Athenian faction I'll do redeployment but I'd like to liaise with Scott about it. Won't be long. Our maintenance looks fine bu I'll cruces the numbers when we do redeployment..
133 2/4/2018 12:51:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message The final issue was a Rumor in Persia.

I did the maintenance phase for Sparta. Over to Athens to do their maintenance and redeployment.
132 2/4/2018 2:11:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Scott, I know that was a mistaken Military issue a few plays back but regarding the inability to use the discard button in your hand...
...the module, although good, is a bit wonky in places and Strategos management is one issue. I have no idea why the draw and discard buttons are sometimes inactive, but they frequently are and it seems to be random. You can always get around it by right clicking the stack in your hand, selecting the number to draw when asked, then dragging them into the empty space in the bottom far right of your hand. You can then right click that new stack and choose to return it to the stock, or simply drag it to the board.
131 2/3/2018 4:11:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Demagogue rumors - to the Eurypontids.
130 2/3/2018 2:07:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Rumor in Boetia.
Now Aristocrats.
129 2/3/2018 1:34:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Diplomatic issue in Ionia resolved.

Demagogue player would normally be up next, but there are no Athenian issue visible now, so skip to Agiad faction.

Michal up next.
128 2/3/2018 1:06:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message My mistake guys - it was a Rumors issue, so no raid possible. Got excited there....

To the Eurypontids.
127 2/3/2018 1:05:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message I just pulled the Military issue again in Boeotia, and I'm trying to pay 3 strategos for Raid (of course...), but the button is shaded. I have more than 3 strategos left...is there a reason why I can't discard strategos?
126 2/3/2018 2:06:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message 5 Strategos discarded from Demos hand

125 2/2/2018 10:08:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I did a raid and drew a 5 card. Demagogue faction will need to deduct 5 strategos next opportunity.

I assume the Aristocrats can proceed with choosing the next issue, unless you think the Demagogue faction needs to deduct the strategos before we proceed further.
124 2/2/2018 5:06:00 AM Turn 1 Agiad Message I must admit guys so many 5-value cards is great for you...

I discarded the Scott's military issue plus I have uncovered Military issue f Brian in Boetia.

Brian - up to you to resolve.
123 2/1/2018 10:49:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message I forgot to discard the chit - would you please do that on the next turn?
122 2/1/2018 10:48:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrats played the Military issue in Boeotia - Raid again.

Pulled a "5" card - again - can't be many left in the Athenian battle deck...

I went ahead and decreased Agiad honor - I believe they're out of strategos at this point.

I believe the Agiads are next in the rotation, correct?
121 2/1/2018 4:54:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Aristocrat Military revealed in Boeotia.....for Scott to resolve.

Then (to avoid confusion :) it will be the Agiads' turn again.
120 2/1/2018 4:09:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message League issue resolved - 2 ships built in Corinth

Over to Demos / Brent.
119 1/31/2018 6:15:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message AK League issue revealed in Corinth.

Over to Michal to resolve.
118 1/31/2018 5:30:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message Brent, you are fully right.
Perfect strategy in turn for Athens where we see low amount of strategos (-5 at the beginning) and some of them spent by me on League Issue. Well, that will be very, very painful learning but still learning - good to see such well played round by you guys...
117 1/31/2018 4:36:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message The order can get confusing when one city state partner draws the other's issue to resolve. Probably not a problem at the table, where it's easy to track, but more so in PBEM where turns can take days to resolve (particularly Expedition Assemblies). Glad someone's keeping track of it :)

Two 5's were good draws but I wouldn't count the first as lucky....a good card out of the deck to no effect for a dead rubber battle :). There's no way of tracking valid draws in PBEM in this game (I believe ACTS has card management modules for certain games but none for Pericles yet). Just has to be on honour....which is what the game's all about :)

Unfortunately I've just had another good draw. My Military was a Raid for 4. As the Agiad had to pay part of the penalty with honour last time I assume you're out of Strategos, Michal, so I've taken the liberty of adjusting your honour.

Euros next.
116 1/31/2018 12:19:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrats revealed Demagogue military issue. So, Brent does Demagogue military issue and THEN to the Eurypontids.
115 1/31/2018 12:17:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Ah! That's right - sorry - lost track of things.

Thanks for the explanations.
114 1/31/2018 12:14:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message That sounds right to me.
113 1/31/2018 12:12:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message My understanding is that we have flow like

Last military issue was uncovered by Brent/Demos, but it was yours Scott and you played it. But that does not change the flow. Next in order is Agaid (me, just played Rumor) and then 3rd in line are Aristocrats.

At least I think this is how it should be played...
112 1/31/2018 12:09:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Shouldn't it have been the Eurypontid's turn to uncover an issue? And then the Demagogues before the Aristocrats? Not sure I understand the flow.
111 1/31/2018 12:05:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message I discarded 4 strategos and minus 1 honor. I also polayed my round - Rumor in Boetia.

Over to Aristocrats.
110 1/31/2018 11:56:00 AM Turn 1 Agiad Message You guys had a really two perfect draws (5 and 5) in last two rounds.

I will lose 4 strategos and 1 honor. I will adjust accordingly and will do my move.
109 1/31/2018 11:54:00 AM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message I made a mistake - it's 5 Strategos tokens, and MAYBE honor. I corrected a log file - over to the Agiads to lose Strategos/honor.

Sorry for the mistake...
108 1/31/2018 11:52:00 AM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrats played Raid, and the Agiads lost 5 honor. Since this is my first time doing anything in this game...please check my move.
107 1/30/2018 10:53:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message An Aristocrats' Military...Scott to resolve it, then Agiads' turn
106 1/30/2018 10:06:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I'm fine with doing the strategos commitment that way.

Battle has been resolved. Over to Demagogues.
105 1/30/2018 4:43:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message I committed no Strategos.

Can I suggest we revert to the simple system I'd suggested of notifying your city state partner by email as a witness to what your Strategos commitment is? It will be quicker and this is a short scenario. Scott and I had sort of done this already for this battle.
104 1/30/2018 2:52:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Hi Brent,

Since we couldn't actually see the delayed note that you revealed, let us know what your strategos commitment was, and then I will go ahead and resolve the battle in Boeotia later this evening when I get home.

103 1/30/2018 9:22:00 AM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message I also commit zero strategos.
102 1/30/2018 8:34:00 AM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message I have deployed our troops to Boeotia. Over to Athens to reveal their strategos commitment.
101 1/30/2018 2:39:00 AM Turn 1 Agiad Message I caommit 0 strategos.
100 1/29/2018 7:47:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message We used the delayed notes feature in my other game of Pericles, and the only problem we had with it was that the list of notes would seem to change order randomly.

Like, you would save a note and it would be at the top of the list. Then after other players had entered their notes, the note would be towards the bottom of the list.

It caused confusion a couple of times because players thought the notes they had entered disappeared somehow. But we never had the problem we're seeing in this game.
99 1/29/2018 6:49:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Thanks Brian. We haven't encountered this before. Have you used the delayed note function in the other Pericles game you're playing?

This is a buggy module, no question (the business with the masked leaders is another major problem).

Can I suggest we just go with an honour system? Maybe you can just tell your city state partner by private email what your commitment is and vice versa, and then just get on with resolution. That'll be really quick :).

I'll ask the module designer, Judd, about this on BGG. I know the answer will be that it's likely to be a problem inherent to the Vassal engine. I might also ask if he can give an alternate explanation for the other method he's described in the Read Me file.
98 1/29/2018 6:33:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Brent, I just looked at the log file in which you revealed your strategos commitment, and the note you revealed has the check mark in the "Revealed" column, but when I select that row, the text box down below still says "".

We seem to have a really screwed up delayed notes situation going on here. I have used delayed notes in a few other games, but have never seen anything like this happen. Really weird.
97 1/29/2018 6:28:00 PM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Well, the problem is that the "Reveal" button does not become active when I select my delayed note. So clicking the "Save" button doesn't do any good.

Just to keep things rolling, I'm fine with stating our commitments on the honor system.

I committed 4 strategos.
96 1/29/2018 6:12:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Meant to say "Notes pane"
95 1/29/2018 6:11:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Sorry, Brian, I was doing this on the fly and didn't see your whole message, so looks like you were doing everything right. The only thing is, did you hit the Save button at the bottom of the nots pane after your reveal?
94 1/29/2018 6:09:00 PM Turn 1 Demagogues Message Hey guys.

-Choose your delayed note from the list (just click on it).
- The Reveal button at the bottom of the pane should then be active.....click it. A tick should now appear in the Revealed box next to your note in the list.
- Finally click the Save button at the bottom of the notes box.

I've just tested and it worked for me. Technically you wouldn't know the defending Strategos commitment yet but it won't make a difference for this battle. If you want to check my delayed note in 143d it should show my revealed commitment.

For future battles, we don't technically need to go back and do separate logs for reveals. Just announcing what you committed in the ACTS journal is quicker, then reveal the note for confirmation and discard the committed Strategos when it's your turn to do your own next issue log. We just have to remember that usually the defenders don't announce their hidden commitment until after both attackers have, and the resolving attacker has performed his expedition assembly.

So in this case, you just need to announce your Strategos commitment, Michal, and Brian is good to go. Once you've done your expedition assembly, Brian, Scott and I will announce our commitment here (although you now know mine), and you can resolve the battle.

Much more fiddly than just holding Strategos in your closed fist at the table, I know, but it's the only way to do it.
93 1/29/2018 12:24:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message I have exactly same issue (just tested it).

how did you overcome this in your another PBEM game?
92 1/29/2018 9:43:00 AM Turn 1 Eurypontid Message Hey guys, there seems to be a problem with the delayed notes functionality.

If I load the file where I entered my strategos commitment (i.e., "143-sparta-ek-brian.vlog"), I can see the delayed note that I created. That is, I can see the note in the list, and when I select the note, I can see the text that I entered, and I have the option to reveal the note if I wish.

If I load the next file (i.e., "143a - Boeotia Demos Commitment.vlog"), I can initially still view my delayed note, but as I step through the log, as soon as Brent saves his delayed note for the Demagogues, I can no longer view my delayed note, nor do I have the ability to reveal the note. I can see the note in the list, but it's acting like I am no longer the owner of the note, so it won't let me view it or reveal it.

If nobody else is having this problem (i.e., everyone can view and reveal their delayed notes), then I guess I can just state what my strategos commitment is, since I haven't seen anyone else's commitments yet. Then Michal can reveal his commitment and I can move troops, followed by the Athenian players revealing their commitments.

However, if you guys are having similar problems, then we're going to have to figure something else out. I have never seen this problem before, but I would have to say that this VASSAL module is more buggy than any I have used in the past.
91 1/28/2018 10:45:00 PM Turn 1 Aristocrats Message Aristocrat's battle commitment done.
90 1/27/2018 2:43:00 PM Turn 1 Agiad Message My commitment done.
89 1/27/2018 11:24:00 AM Turn 1 Demagogues Message I don't think the order does matter, Brian. I was on so have made my secret Strategos commitment (File 143a)

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