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329 1/17/2019 5:00:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message It looks like Ryszard has collected his issues.

Either Spartan faction can do their part next.
328 1/16/2019 8:47:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Athens has completed their Assembly phase.

I placed file #4034 out in Dropbox in the main Pericles folder. If you step through the file, you will see that it starts at the end of the Athenian Assembly phase, and then I update the board with the issues that the Spartan factions won (plus the War/Peace issue in the Spartan center).

Please review to make sure that I didn't overlook any of the issues Sparta has in play.

It looked to me like Sparta didn't do steps 7.1 and 7.2 (Oration Honor and Controlling Faction), so I implemented those steps, making adjustments to the honor track accordingly. Again, please review to make sure you agree.

I then went through the Political Issues segment (7.4). We are still at war. Then I awarded all the remaining issues each faction won.

I have placed my issues into my hand. Ryszard is next to place his issues into his hand.

After that, the Spartan factions will need to discard all cards in their hand, draw the appropriate number of strategos from the pool, and place their issues into their hand. Then we should be ready to get started.

Ryszard, you are up next.

327 1/10/2019 9:59:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Hi Brendan,

Okay, we will proceed with our Assembly phase with an additional 3 strategos available in the pool. I guess some leader we thought were "lost" found their way home.
326 1/10/2019 2:30:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Thanks Brian. We had not accounted for the loss of the three Strategos due to "Leadership Loss" (rule 14.43.D) as we agreed to use the "Ravages of War" rules. Since we last played in October, I had forgotten completely about the latter.

As the three Strategos reduction applies to Athens and Sparta, and we have already conducted a 90 minute live session for the Assembly and Political Phases, can we make an exemption to rule 14.43D that applies just for this turn to Sparta and Athens? That way neither city state is treated differently and me and Henry donít have to redo our live session.
325 1/9/2019 8:45:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Brendan and Henry,

I have not looked at your log file because I don't want to gain any intelligence on your issue choices, etc. before we have completed our Assembly phase.

However, I just thought I would point out that the strategos situation at the start of the Boule phase is that both sides had 8 strategos pulled off to the side that are not available during this turn. As Brendan pointed out, 5 strategos were removed from both sides due to failing to achieve the Will of the Assembly goal last turn. Another 3 strategos were removed due to "Leadership Loss" (see 14.43.D) since we agreed to use the "Ravages of War" rules.

Both of the faction leaders received 2 strategos to start with. That left 16 strategos available in the pool (which is what is showing in file #4009).

As Brendan pointed out, another 5 strategos needs to be pulled from the pool to populate the strategy board spaces, leaving only 11 strategos in the pool.

It would probably be a good idea for you to review your log file, to make sure you didn't pull more strategos than are available this turn. There are a total of 26 strategos per side, but since 8 of them were unavailable, only 18 will be in play this turn. If you sum up the Agiad strategos, Eurypontid strategos, and any "unclaimed" strategos, it should sum up to 18.

324 1/9/2019 10:42:00 AM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Sorry for not responding earlier. I am fine, though late, and ready to continue with the Boule.
323 1/8/2019 6:33:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Just an update on the Athenian situation. I contacted Ryszard via e-mail three days ago (Jan 5), but haven't heard anything back yet.

Hopefully, everything is okay with Ryszard, and perhaps one of you have been in contact with him and know what's going on.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know where we are at.
322 1/7/2019 1:01:00 PM Turn 2 Agiad Message Sparta has conducted its Assembly and Political Phases and is ready to start the Theatre Phase. We had to restart our Assembly Phase as on first completing it we found that:

a) Sparta and Athens should have their Strategos stock reduced by five for both failing the Will of the Assembly last turn; and,

b) we needed to place five Strategos on the Strategy Board.

We made the corrections, taking into account that both controlling factions start turn 4 Assembly Phase with two Strategos each. We believe we have got it correct but please check.
321 1/5/2019 4:05:00 PM Turn 2 Agiad Message Thanks for your help, Brian. Itís good to be back. 😊
320 1/5/2019 9:59:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I'm trying to remember where we were at. Looking at the most recent file (#4008) dated Oct-26-2018, it looks like everyone has drawn their new hand of cards for the upcoming turn, and created their entourage (except for Henry, who used his last turn).

I have created the folders "T4 Athenian Assembly" and "T4 Spartan Assembly", and have placed a copy of the starting file in each folder.

I guess we are ready to get started with the next Boule phase.
319 1/3/2019 4:02:00 PM Turn 2 Agiad Message Happy New Year. I hope youíve all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year festivities. Sparta will be holding its next Assembly on Monday and we are looking forward to picking up Pericles from where we left off back in October.

318 10/28/2018 3:20:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message I am away until 31 October. Most likely to be able to make moves from 1 November
317 10/27/2018 2:31:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Hi Ryszard,

It really doesn't matter to me whether we put the game on hold until next year, or just continue playing with the understanding that there will be sporadic periods of inactivity.

I guess it might come down to how often you will be too busy to play between now and the end of the year. If you think there will be frequent periods where you are unavailable, then it probably would be best to just wait until the new year (assuming that your availability will be improved next year).

But if you think there might be just one or two periods where you can't play, then it might be worth continuing the game. All I would ask in this case is that when you are coming up on a period where you know you won't be available, to just post a message here to let everyone know what's going on.

So I guess I'm kicking the decision over to Ryszard as to whether we put the game on hold, or keep playing. I'm fine with it either way.

316 10/26/2018 8:36:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message I am sorry to bring our game to such a slow pace. You are right that my student teaching ends by Christmas break.

Things look slightly easier now - hence my message instead of the cursed silence. I will understand if you would like to postpone the game until later.
315 10/26/2018 8:22:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message I have no problems either
314 10/26/2018 8:14:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message It's okay with me if we put it on hold until next year.
313 10/26/2018 2:20:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Iíve not been in contact with Ryszard recently but I think I am right in saying heís going through the last couple of months of his studies and teacher training. I imagine itís probably the most challenging phase of his one-year training programme, with much of his time out of the classroom committed to his studies.

Our current game has developed into a gripping narrative of its own. Given Ryszardís circumstances, one option would - if players are willing - be to put the game into ďhibernationĒ until the New Year. I am willing to do this. I believe Ryszard may by then have completed his teacher training programme.
312 10/22/2018 4:10:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Hi Ryszard,

Just wanted to check in to make sure you aren't waiting on us for anything. I suspect that it is probably real life stuff that has caused the delay, but occasionally someone doesn't realize it's their turn to go, so I figured it was time to check.

311 10/15/2018 3:32:00 PM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Cards drawn - Ryszard next
310 10/15/2018 11:23:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message I did as Brian suggested and started my logfile (4006) after having run through logfile 4005. To avoid confusion, I have deleted later files so over to Henry for logfile 4007.
309 10/15/2018 8:33:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message The only thing I think I could have done is play through file 4005 - forgot to save it --- and then loaded my earlier .sav file and didn't notice. Many apologies
308 10/15/2018 8:19:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Hmmm. This is another one of those cases where things are changing, and I don't know why.

If you load the file #4005 that I created, and step through to the end of it, you'll see that the strategos stock pile is indicating 16 for both Sparta and Athens, and both of the card decks have been shuffled, and there are no cards in the discard pile.

Then open the next file, #4006, that Henry created, and you'll see that the starting board situation shows the stockpile for both Sparta and Athens indicating 12, and there are cards sitting in the discard pile for both Sparta and Athens.

I honestly don't know if there is something weird going on with Henry's computer, or if he is doing something that is causing this, but clearly, something seems to be happening.

Brendan, all I can suggest is that you load file #4005 and step through to the end, then draw your cards again. That means that Henry will have to draw his cards again as well after you have done so, and then Ryszard can draw his.
307 10/15/2018 7:10:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Thanks, Brian, for resolving our Strategos stock problem.

After drawing four cards into the Agiad hand, the card deck ran dry and I noticed both sidesí discarded cards hadnít been re-shuffled into their main decks. It means Henry and Brian drew their cards without the possibility of drawing any previously discarded cards while me and Ryszard have increased probability of drawing recently discarded cards. Technically, this isnít consistent with the rules but Iím not sure itíll matter that much. Anyway, I added the Spartan discarded cards, reshuffled and drew five more cards. Over to Ryszard, unless one of you thinks we should redo the card deck reshuffles and draw our cards again.
306 10/14/2018 2:59:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I added another log file to fix the strategos issue.

Brendan is up next.
305 10/14/2018 2:26:00 PM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message I have drawn my cards. Do we have a problem with the Spartan STRAT stock? Brendan to draw cards.
304 10/11/2018 7:12:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I drew my cards and placed my entourage.

If we want to continue to go in honor order, then Henry is up next, but I guess anyone can go.

Once everyone has their new hand and entourage, then we can split up to do the Boule and Assembly phases.
303 10/11/2018 7:05:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Four Strategos returned to stock and my three unused entourage cards discarded. Over to Brian.
302 10/11/2018 4:14:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Have sorted STRATS and Entourage - over to Brendan
301 10/10/2018 6:08:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message No Strategoi in my hand, discarded two entourage cards, kept one. Sparta.
300 10/10/2018 9:30:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I closed out game turn #3, and started game turn #4.

Both sides failed to meet the conditions of the Will of the Assembly card (control of Boeotia), so both sides were punished by losing 5 honor from each faction, and removing 5 strategos for the upcoming turn.

The next Aristophanes card was "Clouds B", which was a good deal for the controlling factions (Henry and me), because it moved the War/Peace marker to our "1" space, and gave us 2 free strategos right off the bat.

I discarded the entourage cards that I didn't want, but didn't draw a new hand until everyone has discarded their entourage cards. Then we can reshuffle the decks and draw new hands.

Ryszard, please do your turn next. You will need to discard any strategos (if any) that you still have in your hand, then discard the entourage cards that you don't want to keep.

Once Ryszard finishes, then Henry can do the same, and finally, Brendan.
299 10/10/2018 3:14:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Spartan Maintenance and Re-deployment done. Grateful if Brian could set us up for GT4
298 10/9/2018 7:30:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I did the Athenian maintenance check, and redeployment.

Over to Henry to do the Spartan maintenance check and redeployment. After that, I will wrap up the turn and get things ready for the next turn.

Henry, you probably already made note of this, but since Sparta no longer has a base in Boeotia, only one unit may remain in Boeotia. All others must redeploy elsewhere.
297 10/9/2018 6:01:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message EK Rumor revealed - that is the end of the Theater Phase. Grateful if Brian could work his magic and set up the end of turn
296 10/8/2018 9:36:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I revealed another Rumor issue in Boeotia.

Back over to Henry.
295 10/8/2018 4:34:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Thanks to Ryszard for restoring the gameboard. I have chosen and returned to Pool the MIL issue in Boetia that I cannot use. An Athenian faction has the next issue bit I am not sure which one.
294 10/7/2018 1:24:00 PM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message What I think must have happened is that I inadvertently selected both the Spartan issue on top and the Athenian issue underneath it and didn't pay attention to the dialogue text. - Both returned to pool when I right clicked on the Spartan issue. Something to bear in mind for the future.
293 10/7/2018 11:36:00 AM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message I tried to make a logfile using 3080 and 3081 and then picking up with Diplomatic issue and revealing the next Athenian counter.

It is interesting that when Henry moved the Spartan issue, chat mentioned "Eurypontid moved Athenian issue in Boeotia". There is something funky with this Vassal module... but it is beyond me to know how exactly we can deal with this (designing the module without any automation?)
292 10/6/2018 12:03:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I'm not sure there is anything that can be done to solve the issue, other than to just let Ryszard implement his missing issue, and play out the rest of the turn.

The issue that went missing is Ryszard's Diplomatic issue. Technically, this issue should have been implemented before the two Rumor issues (one Spartan, one Athenian) that were revealed in Boeotia, but since they were Rumors, it really didn't affect the game results anyway.

So I think Ryszard should implement his Diplomatic issue, and then since the only visible issue is an Athenian issue in Boeotia, he should then go ahead and reveal that issue as well.

291 10/6/2018 2:02:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message I think I am probably best placed (through lack of STRATs) to try and solve the issue. Unfortunately I will not be able to look at it before tomorrow as I am spending today playing Successors face to face :-)
290 10/5/2018 9:03:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Guys,

I don't know how this is happening, but we have another case of issue markers getting out of whack. This time, one of Ryszard's issues in Boeotia has gone missing.

If you look at file #3080, you'll see that there is an Athenian issue at the top of the stack in Boeotia. This is one of Ryszard's issues. Even after stepping through this file to the end, this issue is still on top of the Boeotia stack.

Then when you open up file #3081, the top issue on the stack is a Spartan issue. If you look at the number of issues in Boeotia before (#3080) and after (#3081), it changed from 3 Athenian and 3 Spartan, to 2 Athenian and 3 Spartan.

So somehow, Ryszard's issue in Boeotia went missing. Like I said, I have no idea how or why this is happening, but clearly, something strange is going on.

At any rate, I think it is actually Ryszard's turn to reveal an issue, and it really should be the "missing" issue that gets revealed.
289 10/5/2018 8:20:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Boeotia is the only game in town it seems.
EK MIL no Strats - over to Brian
288 10/1/2018 7:08:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message I do reveal whispering Demagogues in Boeotia (Rumors). It would be over to Brian - but as an Athenian, he will have to pass... It is over to Henry, I believe.
287 10/1/2018 7:49:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Wow a lot has happened while I have been away!!!
First let me give Brendan the STRATs that I owe
Hopefully they have been transferred
An issue in Chalcidice
A Eurypontid DIP which I cannot use as I have no Strats left
seeing as Brendan is in the wilds of Poland I will reveal an issue for him
He's been spreading rumours in Boetia again - Over to Ryszard
286 9/29/2018 10:11:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Built a naval unit in Chalcidice, and then revealed another League issue in Thessalia, which was used to build a base.

Over to Henry for the next issue.
285 9/29/2018 9:50:00 AM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Demagogue League issue in Chalcidice has been revealed. Over to Brian for a decision and, then, his reveal.
284 9/24/2018 5:49:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message EK and AK issues picked and one, an Oracle, resolved. The other was just a Rumour marker. Over to Ryszard.
283 9/23/2018 5:53:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Aristocrat's Rumor revealed in Thessalia.

Henry is up next (or I guess Brendan will reveal for Henry?)
282 9/23/2018 5:04:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Aristocrats of Ryszard got seized by fear, seeing a military buildup in Aetolia. They bought some help from local pirates or something. Raid in Aetolia caused 4 tokens of loss for Spartan leading sons of Eurypontos. Aristocrats bask in (3 points of) Honor. Because there is some Honor in raiding, absolutely.

Over to Brian.
281 9/23/2018 5:00:00 PM Turn 2 Agiad Message Thanks Brian. Well spotted. Iíve corrected my logfile by removing the Rumour marker in Sparta and then picking and resolving the issue in Aetolia. Over to Ryszard.
280 9/23/2018 12:49:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Brendan,

I'm not sure what happened, but that Rumor issue you revealed in Sparta in file #3075 had already been revealed earlier in file #3065.

I checked every file following #3065, and the issue in Sparta magically reappeared in file #3071. I have no idea what Henry might have done to make that issue reappear, but it wasn't there at the end of my file (#3070), and then it is there at the start of Henry's file (#3071).

That being the case, the only issue you could have revealed during your turn is the one in Aetolia.

I will turn it back over to Brendan to reveal and resolve the issue in Aetolia, and then it will be Ryszard's turn to decide whether he still wants to reveal the Diplomatic issue in Boeotia, or do something else.
279 9/23/2018 11:00:00 AM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Diplomacy, instigated by Aristocrats in Boeotia. Stop. Minor shift in favor of Athenians among the local populace. Stop. Need more wine. Stop. Over to Brian.
278 9/22/2018 3:29:00 PM Turn 2 Agiad Message Battle resolved in Boeotia on behalf of Henry. I then revealed the AK issue. I hope my actions are all correct. Over to Ryszard.
277 9/22/2018 8:55:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Athens committed zero strategos.

Back to Brendan to resolve.
276 9/22/2018 8:46:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Spartan Strategos commitment revealed for second battle in Boeotia this turn and forces moved. Over to the Athenians to reveal their Strategos commitment.
275 9/19/2018 1:28:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I did hear back from Ryszard. He said Tuesdays and Wednesdays are his busiest days, and he is also feeling a bit under the weather.

I have informed Jim of our strategos commitment, so you can proceed with moving troops, etc.
274 9/19/2018 12:28:00 PM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Ryszard has also gone quiet in another game I am playing with him. I had hoped to resolve the Expedition before I went off to the UK but this may not be possible. I am away from 21st to 28th September. It is likely that I will not be able to make a move before week beginning 1 October, However Brendan can take over the Spartan faction while I am away. Jim has the Spartan commitment which can be revealed as soon as Athens have posted their commitment either as a delayed message or to Jim or both.
273 9/19/2018 10:12:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I dispatched a messenger to my Aristocrat compatriot proposing what our response should be, but have not heard back yet. Perhaps my messenger was waylaid while he was enroute? If only there was a faster, and more assured method of sending messages! :-)
272 9/19/2018 10:02:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message I have saved a delayed message in the Vassal module noting the Spartan Strategos commitment to the EU Factionís military expedition to Boeotia. As a back-stop, in case there should be a problem with the module, I have also sent an email to Jim stating the AK Strategos commitment.
271 9/18/2018 3:56:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message OK chaps here goes the last of the Brudenells - MIL issue in Boetia - STRAT commitment for Eurypontid sent to Jim
270 9/17/2018 3:31:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message There was one item that was missed in the aftermath of the Battle in Boeotia. According to rule 9.54, if a "Side" in total loses at least 5 Honor in a single battle (either land or naval), then that is a "Major Defeat", and the War/Peace issue is placed on the "2" space of the Opposing Faction of the losing side.

Since both Henry and Brendan each lost 3 Honor, the total loss for the "Side" was 6, and therefore the "Major Defeat" seems to apply.

What's kind of amusing about this is that Ryszard and I thought that "Major Defeat" applied when a side lost at least 5 "units" rather than 5 Honor. So in our planning for the battle, we decided that we would commit only 4 land units in order to avoid the possibility of a Major Defeat later in the turn.

We still have 3 land units remaining in Boeotia, so if (or realistically "when") they get eliminated in the next battle for Boeotia, they will constitute a "Major Defeat" as well. So all our planning was somewhat in vain. Oh well.

Anyway, I placed the War/Peace issue in the "2" space on Brendan's Agiad side of the track. I then revealed the next issue, which was a "Rumor" in Corcyra.

It is now over to Henry for the next issue.
269 9/17/2018 8:35:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Battle of Boeotia fought out correctly, Ryszard. Yet more honour for Athens.
268 9/16/2018 11:22:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message I tried to resolve the battle calculating 0 Spartan Strategos contribution.

Please let me know, if I made any mistake throughout the process. If not, game turns to Brian for the next round of Reveals.
267 9/16/2018 8:07:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Ryszard, I added my 4 strategos to the battle.

Jim indicated that Sparta decided to commit zero strategos, but if you want to wait for confirmation, that's fine.

Onward to victory Athenians!
266 9/16/2018 7:57:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message I am going really slow with the Athenian movement. I would like to ask Brian to commit his strategos tokens - I went with our earlier mutual plan of expending 6 tokens = 2 from Aristocrats and 4 from Demagogues. The next step would be official Spartan declaration and then we can start flipping cards. Or rather, I can flip some cards.

I hope that you do not mind the pace of the procedures here, friends. It is slow, glacial even, at times, but I must admit that I enjoy where "Pericles" is taking me. The interactions and outcomes of our decisions intermingle in an interesting way. Sorry for being longwinded...
265 9/15/2018 10:17:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Just as a reminder, here is the general process for resolving battles that avoids problems we have seen with delayed notes, etc.


1. The commanding general declares a military expedition (which you have already done).

2. The opposing leaders confer, and decide on how many strategos they will commit.

3. The opposing controlling faction (i.e., Henry), enters a delayed note in VASSAL specifying how many strategos both opposing factions will commit.

4. While the opposing leaders are doing steps 2 & 3 above, the active factions decide on how many strategos each will commit.

5. After step #3 is complete, the commanding general simply states how many strategos each of the active factions are committing (i.e., no need for a delayed note), and then moves units to the battle theater accordingly.

6. The opposing controlling faction (i.e., Henry) reveals his delayed note to show how many strategos were committed.

7. The commanding general resolves the battle.

8. Players will need to deduct strategos from their pool based on what they committed.

264 9/15/2018 12:14:00 AM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Military Expedition organized in Boeotia. Aristocrats and Demagogues have to arrange for Strategos usage. Spartans are called to think... but do not show yet their Strategos expenses... Sorry, but this is war :)
263 9/14/2018 4:13:00 PM Turn 2 Agiad Message Fake news breaks out in Sparta. Over to the noble, esteemed aristorats in Athens. 😜
262 9/14/2018 12:15:00 PM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Sorry - forgot to post the file
261 9/14/2018 10:18:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Hi Henry,

I don't see a new file out in Dropbox yet. You may want to check to see if your Dropbox folder is having problems uploading the new file, or something.
260 9/14/2018 9:24:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Such is our poverty we choose not to implement a LEA issue in Chalcidice (something I should have done in Thessalia!!) - Brendan next
259 9/14/2018 8:16:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Demagogue Military issue in Sparta used to do another raid. Henry loses another 3 strategos to the raiders.

Henry is up.
258 9/13/2018 10:57:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Examples of extraordinary piety of Aristocrats in Chalcidice. Honor grows. Play goes over to Brian...
257 9/11/2018 4:21:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message DIP issue pay 3 STRAT for 3 Treachery in Thessalia - over to Ryszard
256 9/10/2018 7:04:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message League issue resolved in Corinth. Spartan Theatre Issue revealed in Thessalia. Over to Henry.
255 9/9/2018 11:35:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Forgot to reveal the issue -- it is a LEA issue
254 9/9/2018 11:33:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message 4 Strategos lost - AK issue revealed in Corinth - Brendan next
253 9/9/2018 9:10:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message I think everyone has placed all of their issues, so I went ahead and revealed my first issue.

Demagogue Military issue in Aetolia used to raid. Henry loses 4 strategos.

Over to Henry for the next issue.
252 9/8/2018 5:52:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Aristocrats in Boeotia. Over to Brian... It was my last token, maybe other players are also out - but I thought that I will declare this, just in case.
251 9/8/2018 6:31:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message AK Issue placed in Corinth. Over to Ryszard.
250 9/7/2018 12:10:00 PM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message
Last issue to Boetia - Brendan next
249 9/7/2018 9:09:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Issue to Aetolia.

Henry is up.
248 9/6/2018 11:04:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Chalcidice, Athenian counter pops up there for some unknown reason. Over to Brian.
247 9/5/2018 9:37:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Spartan Issue placed in Aetolia. Over to Ryszard.
246 9/5/2018 4:37:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Issue to Chalcidice - over to Brendan
245 9/3/2018 5:56:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Issue to Sparta.

Henry is up.
244 9/3/2018 5:08:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Bo-bo-boeotia. I said it. Over to Brian.
243 9/3/2018 6:35:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Party time in Boeotia. Over to Ryszard.
242 9/3/2018 4:49:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Thessalia's the place for me :-) - Brendan next
241 9/2/2018 11:37:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Sorry for delay chaps will try and make move tomorrow
240 8/31/2018 9:55:00 AM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Boeotia sounds like a fun destination.

Henry is up.
239 8/31/2018 12:43:00 AM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Thessalia this time. Witches do live there and they are famous for knowledge how to bring the moon down. They will also bring Sparta down, for a price. :)
238 8/30/2018 7:01:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Spartan Issue placed in Sparta. Over to Ryszard.
237 8/30/2018 5:47:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Wooo blistering!!! I cover Brian's issue in Boetia
236 8/29/2018 6:03:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Boeotia is the new hot spot.

Henry is up.
235 8/28/2018 6:38:00 PM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Aetolia is the answer of this week to all my problems. Over to Brian :)
234 8/28/2018 11:00:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Spartan Issue placed in Thessalia. Over to Ryszard.
233 8/27/2018 4:16:00 AM Turn 2 Eurypontid Message Anything Brian can do ..... issue to Chalcidice --- Brendan next
232 8/26/2018 12:58:00 PM Turn 2 Demagogue Message Issue to Chalcidice.

Henry is up.
231 8/26/2018 11:28:00 AM Turn 2 Aristocrat Message Fresno travels to Corcyra (or at least thinks that it is able to travel there). Over to Brian.
230 8/22/2018 10:03:00 AM Turn 2 Agiad Message Spartan Issue placed - over to Fresno (Ryszard).

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