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4 4/21/2018 3:02:00 PM June 1941 Axis Play Strategy card as Event #1: 5 / Barbarossa
Axis places 5 Combat markers in any axis ocupied spaces (include. Multi-nationality spaces). +1 DRM for all Ge attack vs. Su this round. Cancels Su Trench No Retreat option & Def 1R effect for entire turn. PREREQ: Play on Turn 1 only. May not play if Von Paulus Pause has been played.

Message from Axis:
Here we go! Good luck and good gaming!

Axis 6

SF Markers on Byalystok, Kishnev, Chernovitsi

(1st) Army to Calais
(7th) Army to Paris

Combat Markers on Memel, Insterberg, Warsaw, Lublin, Tarnow

Battle 1: Brest Litovsk
GE units autokill 7th Army. Chance for SU to damage 11th Corp.

2nd PZ Army advances Brest Litovsk, Baranovich, Minsk
4th Army, 11th Corp advances to Brest Litovsk

Battle 2: Lwow
GE 15+L 1st Pz, 6th, 17th Armies
SU 5L SW Front

GE 2L for Trench 2

GE 9L vs SU 5L
GE +1drm for Barbarossa Event

Battle 3: Courland
GE 4th Pz Army autokills 2nd Army in Courland. Advance TBD...

Battle 4: Kaunas
GE 15+L 3rd Pz, 9th, 18th Armies
SU 3L NW Front
GE +1drm for Barbarossa Event
3 4/21/2018 2:52:00 PM June 1941 Axis Draw Strategy cards Drew 7 to replenish hand to 7 cards.
2 4/4/2018 4:19:00 PM June 1941 Allied Draw Strategy cards Drew 7 to replenish hand to 7 cards.
1 4/4/2018 4:18:00 PM June 1941 Allied Message Nice dice!

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