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15 10/2/2018 12:18:00 AM Spring 1861 Union Play Strategy card as Operations #60: 2 / USS Monitor
The Union player may remove one Confederate ironclad from the mapboard.

Message from Union:
My apologies for the very lengthy delay. I started graduate school in the fall and migrated computers (and living locations), and have been very busy as a result.

PCs to Paducah KY and Bowling Green KY
14 8/23/2018 2:33:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Message No problem. I'm away from Saturday til Tuesday just so you know
13 8/23/2018 12:30:00 AM Spring 1861 Union Message Apologies for the delay - will make a move this weekend.
12 8/15/2018 5:56:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Message Got it and loaded it
11 8/10/2018 7:51:00 PM Spring 1861 Union Message Sent a dropbox link - let me know if that works!
10 8/10/2018 4:41:00 AM Spring 1861 Union Message Sorry, currently in the process of moving. I'll create a dropbox tomorrow :)
9 8/3/2018 8:41:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Play Strategy card as Event #118: 3 / Mexican Supply Line
Confederate player receives 2 SP in any friendly controlled Texas space (both SPs placed in the same space). The space does not need a LOC. The space may not contain Union SPs or forts. If no eligible space exists the SPs are lost.

Message from Confederate:
2 in Sabine city do you want to create a Dropbox box or shall I email it to you ?
8 8/2/2018 12:53:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Message I appreciate that, canít get to it TIL tonight but itíll be done then
7 8/2/2018 10:50:00 AM Spring 1861 Union Message FYI, you still make the next play despite the discard :)
6 8/1/2018 5:04:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Discard random Strategy card Operations - 1 / Wilson's Creek

Message from Confederate:
5 8/1/2018 4:25:00 PM Spring 1861 Union Play Strategy card as Event #25: 1 / Confederate Railroad Degradation
The Union player may randomly remove one strategy card from the Confederate hand, which is discarded.

Message from Union:
Hm... letís start with this! Will play for the event.
4 8/1/2018 3:41:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Message Of course . Apologies no no campaign played
3 8/1/2018 9:52:00 AM Spring 1861 Union Message You can begin by telling me if youíd like to open with a campaign, or not; itís the one way in which you can move first in a turn, if you choose.
2 8/1/2018 6:07:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Draw Strategy cards 4 cards drawn.

1 8/1/2018 1:02:00 AM Spring 1861 Union Draw Strategy cards 4 cards drawn.

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