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76 8/20/2018 11:27:00 AM Turn 4 Yellow Message In my Dropbox folder I can only see file 16 by David to Brent. Am I on the same line? My last file was file 14, not any 17a or so.

75 8/19/2018 7:11:00 PM Turn 4 Blue Message Looking at one computer I see my local Dropbox has not synced correctly, although it claims to be up to date. So I only see the 016 entry. That is why I was seeing a discrepancy between Vassal and ACTS. I was looking at an out of date log file
On another computer, Dropbox shows the same as Dropbox.com; file 17a has been uploaded and that it is Lawrences turn.

Very odd.
74 8/19/2018 4:03:00 PM Turn 4 Blue Message hmm..not sure what i was looking at, the log files in Vassal and ACTS are in sync
73 8/19/2018 12:44:00 AM Turn 4 Red Message Mark,

My Vassal log matches the Legacy counts on the ACTS tracker....where did you see a discrepancy?

I haven't played Churchill but friends who have, and were lukewarm on it, love Pericles. It appeals more to my historical interest but I also believe it's more of a wargame, with a major strategic component alongside the political.....the interaction of the two is fascinating and resonates strongly with my understanding of the Peloponnesian War. It shares some common mechanisms with Churchill but I believe they're very different gaming experiences. I guess it depends on what turned you off Churchill but I'd highly recommend giving it a try if the opportunity arises.


I've played two games of Pericles PBEM, one short 2 turn scenario, which took 4 months to complete, and one attempt at the full 10 turn scenario, which petered out after 8 months at the end of Turn 4. As much as I love the game I'm not sure I'll do it PBEM again. It has too many player decision points and interactions, particularly during battle, which can make it drag in PBEM. Time of Crisis is much better suited to PBEM.....not that there's no player interaction but individual turns can be completed without interrupts to get decisions from other players.
72 8/18/2018 10:59:00 PM Turn 4 Green Message I'd love to try something like Pericles on VASSAL.

I haven't looked at the logs since my turn, so not sure what the legacy count should be now.
71 8/18/2018 10:56:00 PM Turn 4 Blue Message Brent,

what put me off Pericles is the comparison to Churchill, which i did not really like. Maybe i should look at it more closely.

The ACTs legacy tracker is different to the Vassal map. Which is correct?

70 8/18/2018 7:46:00 PM Turn 4 Red Message Sorry for the flurry of messages filling everyone's mailbox....one downside to using the ACTS for journaling rather than a forum (the upside being that it sends email notifications).

I'm enjoying this, thanks guys. I can already see that space is tight and that this ends up being a knife fight in a phone booth. I'm an ancient history buff and while this period is not my area of greatest interest, I am quite familiar with it, and it really has the right feel for the danger and instability of the time. Some of my mates don't agree but I love abstraction in historical games when it trims the chrome and generates the right feel and dynamics for its theme.....Pericles is a similar case, my favourite game at the moment (so good). I'm inspired to get Time of Crisis on the table locally.

A few mistakes but I find the slower pace of PBEM and the opportunity to rules reference is a great way to learn a game and my understanding is building quickly. e.g the issue with Sassanid invasions (easily back checked and fixed....another benefit of PBEM). I also made a couple mistake in how I handled the battle in Africa...I elected to take the Militia's first successful hit against my Legion when I don't actually have that option (Barbarians get hit before Legions...highly historical) and I didn't reroll Lawrence's Militia's exploding 6 result. I was able to fix all this in Log 17a (which is the one you should follow on from, Lawrence).

I've noticed a couple of quirks in the module:

- The card images for Influence stay there if you don't hit the End Turn button. I forgot to do it at the end of my turn just now....you can clear them by hitting the End Turn button at the beginning of your turn, Lawrence. A nuisance that doesn't affect play too much and is easily fixed but something I'll get into the habit of doing at the end of each turn.

- If you successfully Place Governor in another player's controlled province, the only menu options for the displaced enemy governor on a right click are Flip and Return to Player Mat, the latter of which puts the Governor back in the pool and unavailable. By my understanding of the rules this should never happen.....once you've recruited a governor he will remain available for the rest of the game and when ousted from his province, should go back to the Available Pile. I think this is a slightly misleading function in the module and I'll feed it back to the designer in case he ever decides to update it. Just something for us to keep in mind, that we will have to manually move ousted enemy governors to their Available Play boxes, rather than using the automated right click function.

69 8/18/2018 12:34:00 AM Turn 4 Red Message Sorry Dave a few messages back you said Lawrence only rolled a 1 for invasion but there was only 1 Sassanid in their home region (his 3rd turn). He rolled a 4 on the black die in his second turn, so all 4 of the active Sassanids invaded then.

Those freaky Easterners. Who can understand what they're really up to? :) I've been through every turn and I'm certain that's correct now.

I have made a mistake in my turn......Lawrence's Militia should have had an exploding 6 reroll so I'm going to go back and do that as a supplement to my log.
68 8/18/2018 12:26:00 AM Turn 4 Red Message Thanks Dave. I realised that as I logged and I have all the Sassanids distributed and active as they should be.

I did a few things I haven't done before in my turn so please let me know if I've stuffed up anywhere.

Lawrence up.
67 8/18/2018 12:24:00 AM Turn 4 Red Edit Legacy Red: from 7 to 12
Yellow: from 7 to 7
Blue: from 6 to 6
Green: from 8 to 8
66 8/18/2018 12:24:00 AM Turn 3 Red Change game turn Game turn changed to Turn 4
65 8/17/2018 11:53:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message I'm glad one of us understand these. LOL But the ones in Syria shouldn't be inactive anymore.

They would have activated at the end of Lawrence's turn.
64 8/17/2018 11:50:00 PM Turn 3 Red Message So Dave, you and Mark each rolled Sassanids but there should have been only 2 left in the home region at the time of your invasion roll of 3 (all the others had previously left), so no invasion should have happened. Not sure what happened between logs there.

In summary, there should be 2 active Sassanids in their home region, 3 inactive ones on Syria and 2 active in Egypt.

I'll fix this in my log.
63 8/17/2018 11:50:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message My turn has the continuation where there were only two Sassanids in Syria to begin with.

Try loading the saves starting with the previous turn and it looks like there are fewer Sassanids in Syria.

I'm not sure why.
62 8/17/2018 11:46:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Ok, but then Lawrence only rolled a black 1 on his turn, so only one should have invaded on his turn. Not 4.

Unless I'm missing something.
61 8/17/2018 11:40:00 PM Turn 3 Red Message Okay, I;'ve been back through the logs and teased it out.

Sassanids were rolled and didn't invade on Mark's and David's first turns and my second turn, for a total of 3 but no invasion.

They were rolled again in Lawrence's second turn and all 4 invaded along the Syria path....so three should have stopped in curia and the 4th should have gone to Aegypt. The same thing should have happened with the 5th Sassanid rolled and invading along the same route in Lawrence's turn. So there should be 2 active Sassanid counters in Egypt and 3 inactive ones in Syria (having been "tributed" :). Because Egypt has a neutral governor, this shouldn't have any impact (I haven't moved ahead to Mark and Dave's turns but I assume they won't have done anything to change this scenario). So I'll fix that in my turn.
60 8/17/2018 11:20:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Yeah, that's what I saw the first time. But not the second when I did continuous logs from 2 turns ago to the current turn.

So I have no idea what's actually correct.
59 8/17/2018 11:12:00 PM Turn 3 Red Message In answer to your question, Dave (I t think we're on at the same time) I can see 5 Sassanids in Syria at the end of Lawrence's turn .....I'm about to check your and Mark's logs. I'll have to go back and check the previous turns to see exactly how many had invaded previously. I think this would have affected Lawrence's support and possibly even province control, so it might be significant.
58 8/17/2018 11:09:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message That's where I put them.

Is it not showing up in my log file?
57 8/17/2018 11:09:00 PM Turn 3 Red Message So I found the answer here:


It's a maximum of 3 of any particular tribe in a province. So I think 2 of those Sassanid counters are meant to be in Aegypt.
56 8/17/2018 11:09:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message And now that you mention it, are you seeing 4 Sassanids as well?

I did the first time I ran the log file, but the second time (I ran it through starting with 2 turns ago), it was only two.
55 8/17/2018 11:07:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message A maximum of 3 of the same tribe can be in a province.
54 8/17/2018 11:02:00 PM Turn 3 Red Message Actually, I hadn't been following this closely but can there be 5 of the same Barbarian tribe in a province? I thought it maxed out at 3 and further invaders moved to the next province on the invasion path. So would it have been legal to have 4 Sassanids in Syria from the previous turn?....and for this last invasion during Lawrence's turn would the 1 invading Sassanid have moved on through maxed out Syria and on to Aegypt? Or is that 3 limit to the province not referring to the absolute number of that tribe's counters in the province but the number of counters invading out of their homeland?
53 8/17/2018 10:09:00 PM Turn 3 Green Edit Legacy Red: from 7 to 7
Yellow: from 7 to 7
Blue: from 4 to 6
Green: from 5 to 8
52 8/17/2018 9:56:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Ok, my second run through of the log file, you did it right, Lawrence. Not sure why it was showing 4 in Syria

And Mark's role wouldn't have sent them into Galatia as there were only 3 (not the 4 I saw).

I don't know what happened there, but apologies for all of the messages!
51 8/17/2018 9:41:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Actually, I see from Mark's turn that it would have affected things, because 4 of them would have stormed across the border on his turn and into Galatia.

Is everybody ok with me fixing all of that? I don't know if it would have affected Mark's turn (probably not), but I'm not going to do my turn until I get the ok from people.
50 8/17/2018 9:39:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Lawrence, you had 4 Sassanids go into Syria. That can't happen anyway, and it should have only been one. The black die is the number of barbarians coming across and the white die is where. You did it as if you rolled 4,4.

If you had rolled 4,4, only three would have stayed in Syria. One would have gone on to the next province (Aegyptus).

I don't know if that would have affected your turn (you would have only been Tributing one of them instead of 4).

If it's ok with you, I'll just move 3 of them back to their homeland and say that you Tributed (I'm going to make that a verb if it kills me :) ) just the one. Is that ok?
49 8/17/2018 9:06:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Sorry for the wait, David is up
Egyptian militia relocated to Africa
48 8/17/2018 9:08:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message Hello, is Mark here?
47 8/16/2018 12:17:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message Sure, Brent. I forgot that militia adjustment. Please Mark do it for me...
46 8/15/2018 11:14:00 PM Turn 3 Red Message Thanks Lawrence.

Regarding your log....I'd returned my discard pile to my Available Pile at card draw at the end of my turn because the Available Pile was empty. I think we're all in an identical position this turn so it should be exactly the same as your current deck status. I'm pretty sure it was legitimate but happy for a recheck.

Also, I didn't want to move your pieces but I still think your Militia that moved to Aegypt is supposed to be in Africa. Is it okay if one of us fixes that in our turn?
45 8/15/2018 12:12:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message I am done. Mark is up.
44 8/15/2018 12:12:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Edit Legacy Red: from 7 to 7
Yellow: from 4 to 7
Blue: from 4 to 4
Green: from 5 to 5
43 8/14/2018 9:00:00 AM Turn 3 Red Message Thanks for uploading the game state screen shots, Lawrence. I might put them in a folder if that's okay.

No rush and I only ask because you must have been into Vassal and Dropbox since my last message....but did you realise it's your turn?
42 8/12/2018 3:49:00 AM Turn 3 Red Message Fixed. New log posted.

You're up, Lawrence.
41 8/12/2018 3:28:00 AM Turn 3 Red Message So that must seem like a mystery to you guys, sorry. I did my turn after coming home exhausted from a night shift and realise now I did it without saving the log. I'm going to have to do it again and almost certainly the Event result won't be Pax Deorum. Sorry I stuffed up on that one.

That's a really good point, though, Dave. I'd only interpreted that I reshuffled my discard into the Available Pile when it was empty at hand draw at the End of Turn segment as that is the only place I can see it mentioned in the rules, not in relation to drawing cards outside the End of Turn segment. This is a rare event but I guess it would apply here, too.

I'm awake now and have had a coffee so am going to redo the turn with a clear head. Will post it soon.
40 8/11/2018 7:04:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message If you have to draw from your Available Pile but don't have one, you move your Discards to Available. I hope you did that (it's unclear from how you said that)
39 8/11/2018 7:01:00 PM Turn 3 Red Message Done and over to Lawrence.

The Event I rolled was Pax Deorum which allows us all to draw a card from our available pile into our hand. I had no available pile and because I think we should all have been in exactly the same position as far as number of cards bought and played I assume nobody else has but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Lawrence, in my log your African Militia is still in Aegypt. I didn't want to be presumptuous and touch your pieces (we'll wait until things start to get ugly for that :).

Mark, you've mentioned a couple of times in your logs that there were still cards on the board at the end of your turn. Did you mean the played card spaces for each type with the action counter dice in the middle of the Mediterranean? There's a green End Turn button at the far right of the tool bar at the top of the game window and if you click that at the end of your turn it tidies up and removes those cards from the map.
38 8/11/2018 6:54:00 PM Turn 3 Red Edit Legacy Red: from 4 to 7
Yellow: from 4 to 4
Blue: from 4 to 4
Green: from 5 to 5
37 8/11/2018 6:53:00 PM Turn 2 Red Change game turn Game turn changed to Turn 3
36 8/11/2018 4:05:00 PM Turn 2 Green Message Over to Brent! Quiet turn.
35 8/11/2018 4:05:00 PM Turn 2 Green Edit Legacy Red: from 4 to 4
Yellow: from 4 to 4
Blue: from 2 to 4
Green: from 2 to 5
34 8/11/2018 1:10:00 PM Turn 2 Blue Message Done, again...
33 8/11/2018 1:08:00 PM Turn 2 Blue Message whoops..didnt draw my cards .. I will do that now

32 8/11/2018 12:12:00 PM Turn 2 Blue Message Done! David is up
31 8/10/2018 12:41:00 PM Turn 2 Green Message That's correct, Brent. Militias cannot move. It's easy to accidentally include a unit when you're clicking and moving, so it could very easily have been a misclick.
30 8/10/2018 12:38:00 PM Turn 2 Red Message Lawrence, just working my way through this to consolidate the rules. When your army moved from Africa to Aegypt, the Militia went with them......but I don't think Militia can move with an army? (last bullet left column page 5 of the rules). I think they're permanently stuck in whatever capital they were raised in.

29 8/10/2018 11:02:00 AM Turn 2 Yellow Message Mark is up.
28 8/10/2018 11:02:00 AM Turn 2 Yellow Edit Legacy Red: from 4 to 4
Yellow: from 2 to 4
Blue: from 2 to 2
Green: from 2 to 2
27 8/10/2018 3:21:00 AM Turn 1 Red Change game turn Game turn changed to Turn 2
26 8/10/2018 3:20:00 AM Turn 1 Red Edit Legacy Red: from 2 to 4
Yellow: from 2 to 2
Blue: from 2 to 2
Green: from 2 to 2
25 8/10/2018 3:20:00 AM Turn 1 Red Message My Turn 2 done.
Lawrence up

24 8/9/2018 8:56:00 PM Turn 1 Green Edit Legacy Red: from 2 to 2
Yellow: from 2 to 2
Blue: from 0 to 2
Green: from 0 to 2
23 8/9/2018 8:56:00 PM Turn 1 Green Message Everything looks good. Brent's turn now. I'll do the legacy here too (almost forgot that)
22 8/9/2018 10:33:00 AM Turn 1 Blue Message Got it. David is up.
21 8/9/2018 2:04:00 AM Turn 1 Red Message Mark, if you right click your discard pile it gives you a "Send to Available Deck" option
20 8/9/2018 1:16:00 AM Turn 1 Blue Message How do you send the discard deck to the available deck?
The only option is see when i open the discard deck is "Send To trash" for each card.

19 8/9/2018 12:50:00 AM Turn 1 Blue Message Got it! I thought going thru all the log files was a bit tedious!
18 8/9/2018 12:46:00 AM Turn 1 Red Message Mark, the most recent log file in the Dropbox should be 006, Lawrence's first turn, which has all of Dave's setup in it. and is the one you should continue from for your turn. If that isn't there I wonder if your Dropbox might need refreshing. If you can't find it I can email it to you.
17 8/9/2018 12:32:00 AM Turn 1 Green Message Lawrence's turn should have all of that already.
16 8/9/2018 12:29:00 AM Turn 1 Blue Message Could someone post a saved game file to Dropbox of the current game and then i can continue from there?

15 8/9/2018 12:21:00 AM Turn 1 Blue Message Green Setup vlog is not working for me . But all the others are. Seems s little odd.
The resulting map has no Green setup and no neutral governors except for Rome.
14 8/8/2018 10:25:00 PM Turn 1 Yellow Message Brent, I have no problem with the Emperor Turns counter here. This helps gauge our progress and check on who's winning.... :)

13 8/8/2018 10:22:00 PM Turn 1 Yellow Message Mark/ Blue is up.
12 8/8/2018 10:21:00 PM Turn 1 Yellow Message No problem, David. We all do.
11 8/8/2018 9:48:00 PM Turn 1 Green Message I forgot to choose my cards when I set up. I'll have to choose them when I get to my turn. Sorry about that.
10 8/8/2018 10:43:00 AM Turn 1 Red Message Thanks for picking up on the missed dice roll for barbarian activation, Lawrence.....after a couple of turns I'll be on top of it, I promise :).

Like the Legacy counter, I've added an Emperor Turns counter to the ACTS journal (the module allows two numeric and one text counter). I've not tried these before for other games and they're not essential but was interested to see if they're useful as a guide to where we stand when you're not in Vassal. What I hadn't realised is that ACTS sends an email every time one of them is updated, which might get a bit annoying. If you guys like we can maybe update them once every full turn is completed or give them a miss if they become a nuisance.
9 8/8/2018 10:36:00 AM Turn 1 Red Edit names of Custom values
8 8/8/2018 10:17:00 AM Turn 1 Yellow Message Mark/ Blue is up.
7 8/8/2018 10:17:00 AM Turn 1 Yellow Edit Legacy Red: from 2 to 2
Yellow: from 0 to 2
Blue: from 0 to 0
Green: from 0 to 0
6 8/8/2018 3:08:00 AM Turn 1 Red Edit Legacy Red: from 0 to 2
Yellow: from 0 to 0
Blue: from 0 to 0
Green: from 0 to 0
5 8/8/2018 3:08:00 AM Turn 1 Red Message Perfect, Dave. Sending a message to the journal also emails all players.

My first turn done.

Next is Lawrence / Yellow.
4 8/7/2018 10:32:00 PM Turn 1 Green Message That works for me!
3 8/7/2018 10:16:00 PM Turn 1 Yellow Message I suggest a naming convention like this: file number_Player 1 name_Player 2 name. That way, you can change just the file number each time with your current turn and the next player to follow. This can tell easily who's turn it is going to be simply looking at the files in the folder.

Let's rock!
2 8/7/2018 8:29:00 PM Turn 1 Green Message Not sure if this is updating the journal or sending a private message, since I've never used ACTS. But I'm all set up, so it's over to Brent.
1 8/7/2018 6:30:00 PM Turn 1 Red Message Welcome to the game, guys, and thanks for playing. I'm looking forward to it. It's my first so I expect to get thrashed :)

I've started a log numbering convention of 001, 002, 003, etc.... but however you'd like to log is fine.

I've experimented with this journal and added a Legacy counter.....we'd need to update it manually and it's not essential because it will be in the Vassal logs but it's there if we want to use it.

Just you to do your starting setup for Green, Dave, and we're good to go. I assume we have to manually assign neutral governors to the remaining provinces and adjust Italy's support level? You're welcome to do that after you've chosen your starting province, Dave, or I can do it when I log my first turn.

Good luck, gents, and enjoy. I predict a Roman victory :)

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