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16 11/28/2018 8:15:00 PM Turn 1 USA Message Tom,

I just reviewed the file and the moves were as I described in my previous message. The 2nd free activation was Howard and Newton's one hex move. This was followed by the first initiative die roll (IDR), which I confusingly referred to as the "3rd activation". The ACTS results were 6,1 which gave Palmer his activation. The following IDR was won by you. I accidentally ended the log file before typing in the results.

I understand your confusion due to the die roll results not being shown in the Vassal log, but they are here on ACTS. I'll try to do a better job of entering the results in the Vassal comments.

Mark's original instructions were to note our moves etc in the ACTS log and I may not be doing this to the extent intended by him. Do you know if we need to log every single move, manpower, and fatigue change, etc? Currently I'm just noting the reason for the die roll request.

If you have any further concerns let me know.

15 11/28/2018 1:05:00 PM Turn 1 USA Message Tom,

Howard and Wood made the one hex move with the 2nd free activation. I then rolled for the first initiative in ACTS with USA winning on a 6,1 roll. I then activated and moved Palmerís corps. The following initiative die roll went to CSA and the log was ended. Iím not looking at it now, but this is how I remember it playing out.

-Brian Kaschyk
14 11/28/2018 11:56:00 AM Turn 1 CSA Message Hi Brian. I have paused in the playback of your most current logfile in order to address a couple of concerns first before moving on to Palmer's activation.

After Howard and Wood made their attack and declined the option to advance into 2011, Wood had expended all 7MP's available to him as had Howard by extension of being required to stay with Wood during activation.

At this point, Rule 6.2 EZOC comes into play. And while its true you may continue your march with a successful attack, you cannot exceed your MP's for the activation. Since Howard and Wood had expended 7 MP's with the attack, that would put them out of MP's to continue their march into 1910.

Additionally, the Minimum 1 Hex Movement rule states that "As long as a unit does not attack during its march,..." Since Wood and Howard did attack during their march, the minimum movement rule would not apply. In effect, they would've needed to start their march in 1911 to have moved to 1910.

When I saw Howard moving again with Wood into 1910, I thought you were activating Howard as your second init activation which would of course allowed the 1 hex minimum move. I realized that wasn't the case when I saw you activate Palmer.

As I see it, Howard and Wood are restricted to remaining in 1911 having spent all 7MP's during their march activation and needing 6MP's to move north into 1910. If I am wrong on this, then I truly am rusty on the rules.

Assuming I'm correct, I am going to ask you to re-log your current logfile to address this and allow you to either activate Howard as your second init activation or instead leave him be and move on to Palmer.

Please advise.


13 11/25/2018 5:38:00 PM Turn 1 USA Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from USA:
12 11/25/2018 5:34:00 PM Turn 1 USA Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from USA:
Palmer activating all his divisions
11 11/25/2018 5:32:00 PM Turn 1 USA Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from USA:
3rd activation
10 11/25/2018 5:27:00 PM Turn 1 USA Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from USA:
Howard activating Wood and Newton
9 11/25/2018 12:07:00 PM Turn 1 CSA Message I was referring to Attacker divided by Defender. No matter as I just knew there was something I was overlooking. And with the module setting up for me, I never consulted the set-up which would've confirmed precisely what you said, having assumed incorrectly that both divisions were under Abatis.

Yes, while while lucky rolls, you didn't permit the chance of bad luck deter you.

I have completed the 3DR for Bate and Hindman.
8 11/24/2018 9:13:00 PM Turn 1 USA Message Don't credit me too much with a bold strategy, just two good rolls :) I'm not sure what you mean by the "A/D .45" number, but I think our confusion comes from the entrenchment marker in the hex. It is my understanding that it only applies to the unit not the hex. The scenario setup shows Bate under an abatis but not Hindman. Thus it would be a face combat value of 14 for Hindman and an entrenched value of 12 for Bate.
7 11/24/2018 10:47:00 AM Turn 1 CSA Message I should add that I understand the A/D resulting in 0.45. So perhaps I am rusty on this calculation.
6 11/24/2018 10:41:00 AM Turn 1 CSA Message Hi Brian. Bold move and attack! My compliments, sir. The only issue I had with the attack was the Ratio Chart calculation, which, at 15 to 33 should've produced a 1-3 instead of a 1-2. (33/15 =2.2) Or have I missed something in the standard calculation which would prevent it from falling to 1:3? The results of course would be altered if I'm correct. Please advise.
5 11/21/2018 8:23:00 PM Turn 1 USA Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from USA:
Forgot to roll the second die for CSA....Wood (+2DRM) attacking Bate and Hindman; USA/CSA
4 11/21/2018 8:23:00 PM Turn 1 USA Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from USA:
Wood (+2DRM) attacking Bate and Hindman; USA/CSA
3 11/21/2018 7:57:00 PM Turn 1 USA Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from USA:
1st activation: Howard's 3 divisions for march
2 11/19/2018 9:23:00 AM Turn 1 CSA Message Hi Brian! Looking forward to our game. I will be getting things set up this afternoon and evening for start.

1 11/18/2018 9:06:00 PM Turn 1 GCACW GM Message The sides are set up properly. Good luck and have fun!

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