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222 2/2/2019 5:47:00 AM Turn 10 Red Message I missed that bit about occupying the seat of power or I might have hit up Egypt at some stage.

As for a new game, I am up for anything but maybe something neither Shaun or I have played in order to keep the noob quotient up whilst he gets used to PBEMing.

Would love another go at falling sky of Crisis but that can wait.
221 2/1/2019 9:09:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message Shaun, I couldnít really take it to a Murray as he set up as far away from me as he could (yes, I noticed that). As far as dealing with a Pretender, I think the main approach is military, though you can throw mobs their way. Their provinces are vulnerable, though....if you get an army into a Breakaway capital you donít need to replace their governor, they automatically revert to neutral, no matter how much support they have. Get an army into the capital of their Seat of Power and the whole thing collapses.

I like my sci fi too and there are a bunch of games out there. The other big one I own I s Space Empires 4X. A little bit of Xpand, Xplore, Xploit but mostly Xterminate. Great space wargame and I have both expansions, which add a whole lot of modular options for customising games. Really good solo scenarios. It has pen and paper bookkeeping to track your production and fleets (turns some people off). Not sure it would work PBEM.... fine for the original exploration and expansion but combat would be pretty unmanagable. One to try live some time, maybe. Iíve only ever played solo and 2 player but plays up to 4.

Another great old classic I donít own but Murray has played with Bart and me is Merchant of Venus. Space trading game that works very well PBEM because thereís no direct player interaction. Usually the honour code is that to play on Vassal one player should own a physical copy of the game but MoV is decades out of print and Avalon Hill are long gone, so that doesnít apply. Happy to give that a run too some time.

Too many options :)
220 2/1/2019 1:55:00 AM Turn 10 Green Message Congrats to the pretend winner.

I am all for having a go at another one, and I quite like the idea of meeting up online to try and game - skype is great for a multi connection and if you have a board somewhere can always get people to roll on camera or an online generator, but allows the trash talk and coaching.

Happy to PBEM again, just prone to making silly decisions or not read properly around night shifts.

If you ever look at my bookcases you will see Sci-fi is a real passion for me so more than willing to look at the spacecorp game.

Also willing to look at falling skies. May be a little slow at first, but you pick it up and become more of a contender on your second or third games.

Have liked seeing that the attitude is still there. Poor Murray must feel very put upon, but still manages to fall under the radar for the win.

I am surprised how PBEM is still very playable, last time I can remember doing so was on some sci fi one with Mick and Joel a long time ago (can't even remember the name). It makes sense from a life point of view as families and work do have a primary focus for most of us, but I do miss the opportunity to game. Fact of life poor but time available, comfortable, but time poor.

I thank Brent for the detail coaching, pretty impressive knowledge base to transfer. Next time coach me better to knock Murray off early!!!!!

Thanks for the game and look forward to the next one.

219 2/1/2019 1:35:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message Congrats, Murray...again. Think you've got the knack for Time of Crisis.

Thanks for playing, guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Very easy, smooth game to learn and play. Hope the PBEM experience worked for you, Shaun. It's very hard to get together (we will) but this is a good way to get games played....at least this style of wargame. I don't think it worked well for Damian when he tried but you all seem to have it sorted.

Bart's back to Belgium next week (just played our last face-to-face game on Wednesday....old fave Julius Caesar). He's very keen to keep gaming on Vassal but he'll take a couple of months to settle in and will let me know when he's ready.

I'm happy to set up something if and when you guys are ready to go again.

TIME OF CRISIS now that you know it? (super quick).

FALLING SKY (takes longer and we'd need to get Shaun up to speed but works well).

I'd love to do PENDRAGON some time but I wouldn't do that as Shaun's first exposure to COIN.

I've cracked open SPACECORP, done it solo and will play a live 4 player game tomorrow....super easy rules and has a Vassal module ready to go. Should do okay PBEM but it does have interrupt cards.....no dice results so they can always be done retrospectively. It's not a wargame....card based space expansion and economic game.

As Murray knows my favourite, favourite game of the past couple of years is PERICLES. Partly my bias, because of my interest in the Peloponnesian War, but also just an amazing design. It's 4 player and I've done it a couple of times PBEM before....but it's clunky because there's so much interaction. I'm happy to try it if you guys would like but my suggestion for that would be live rather than PBEM. Even if we met up online and did a year once a fortnight it would be faster than PBEM. Never thought of that before but as we're all in the same timezone it could work. Something to think about.

No rush. LMK.
218 1/31/2019 11:15:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message Actually got back 08.00 this morning, was in transit again for the endgame. I have to stop doing that, never ends well for me :(

217 1/31/2019 10:20:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message No way I can get 22, that emperor turns thing was always going to make it a matter of pushing the proverbial uphill.

Truth is my Sassnid buddies have convinced me I'm wasting my talents in the decadent Western empire. So I'm off to take up a position so a general. No chance of political advancement, but that's a good thing - lets me stick to what I do best.

Galatians was my part of the deal, if you want it back you'll have to take it up with the shahanshah.

No doubt we'll meet again, across a battlefield somewhere, but it will be good Persian steel in my hand.

Hail Sol Invictus, and well done!

best of luck in the viper's nest that is Italia, one visit was enough to know it's not for me.
216 1/31/2019 8:07:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message Murray, you're at 76? End game triggered.....and yellow (I presume stain) on the throne? No respect for the position or tradition. I'm already on that boat headed for the Orkneys.

Just for future reference, as discussed with Shaun last turn, Praetorian Guard ignores your units in the capital, too. Didn't affect the outcome but sounded as if you were counting them.

Michael, your turn and we're done.....you'll have to find 22 Legacy somewhere. You can do it. Better the throne dripping with blood red than what's dripping from the incontinent tragedy occupying it at the moment.
215 1/31/2019 7:23:00 AM Turn 10 Yellow Message Back on the throne but couldn't get to 60 - can Michael snatch it from here?
214 1/31/2019 7:22:00 AM Turn 10 Yellow Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from EMPEROR to Pauper
Green: from Is fail to Epic fail
Yellow: from clean clothes of the pretender to the purple
Red: from .....rhymes with dead to ...and smells it
213 1/31/2019 6:54:00 AM Turn 10 Yellow Message while looking for another ruling I found this thread - https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1796725/recalling-governor-italia it seems the designers have put a stop to Michaels little trick in Syria. Not sure we want to back track that far now but one for the future.
212 1/31/2019 6:26:00 AM Turn 10 Green Message You are up Murray.

Spectacular fail at what I was trying to do. I'm just gonna sit over here and see who comes out on top, then beg for favours.

211 1/31/2019 6:25:00 AM Turn 10 Green Edit Legacy Blue: from 49 to 49
Green: from 46 to 52
Yellow: from 67 to 67
Red: from 64 to 64
210 1/31/2019 6:23:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message Ah yes, got it. Rarely used Senate action (in fact I've never seen it used before) but an interesting alternative to remove a Mob if you're flush with blue....change your toga, pretend you're somebody else for 5 minutes and voila......new governor of a peaceful populace. Nice one.
209 1/31/2019 5:30:00 AM Turn 10 Red Message Mob would have replaced the governor in support, so I needed to deal with it. The military option didn't work as I thought, hence the change - due to rules breach.

The removal/replacement option worked better anyway but that's beside the point.
208 1/31/2019 4:47:00 AM Turn 10 Red Message yes. Train one In Syria So one
healed and one reduced.
207 1/31/2019 4:45:00 AM Turn 10 Red Message Fair enough, should have read flank
more carefully.

The Shenanigans is due to the fact support is only checked in support phase, probably to stop suppression of the people without consequence.

206 1/31/2019 4:40:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message So as you've pointed out, Michael, the mob would have removed your governor in the support check phase, after your actions.....I'm not sure how you would have lost support without a Disperse Mob action? Still a bit confused.

41_Blue posted and Shaun / Green up. One Legacy short of triggering the end game but surely someone's going to do it this turn.
205 1/31/2019 4:11:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message I think you're trying to baffle us with BS there, Michael. Totally lost. You could have surpassed the Mob as an action with your army, lost the province and then placed governor.....perfectly okay first time and not sure what I missed.

What I did notice is that I think you used Flanking Maneuver to reroll the Sassanids' dice in your battle with them and that's not allowed. You get to see both your and their dice results first, but it's only your own you can reroll. By my reading they had 4 hits on you thanks to the plague (a nasty variant of fatal toga itch originating in the cesspits of the Nile delta and spread across the empire by amoral means....we've seen it before and it's bad news). So you should have been down to 2 reduced legions in Syria after the battle.. Did I understand from all your shenanigans that one of them should have trained? That would would mean one whole and one reduced legion, which I'll do in my turn....if that's not right we can fix it up later.
204 1/30/2019 8:15:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message Actually I still got that slightly wrong - recalling the governor doesn't fix the mobs, replacing the neutral one does that. Same result though.
203 1/30/2019 8:10:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message actually, I can get someone else to fix it for me - woot! Delegation!

the sequence has to be - recall governor in Syria - mob goes, replace for 1 dice (1 support - 3 for units and neutral so win on 1+). 3 dice to replace Hispania (rolled here) and heal one extra legion as I don't need to disperse the Mob.

Could someone please heal a legion in Syria?
202 1/30/2019 8:05:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message same result due to 3 troops

for the rest - see the new log.
201 1/30/2019 8:04:00 PM Turn 10 Red Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 3


Message from Red:

200 1/30/2019 8:04:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message I can only use 3 dice for Hispania, as I need 3 to deal with Syria. and therefore will have 1 extra red for a train action. ROlling dice here - will leave the old log up.
199 1/30/2019 7:59:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message Sorry lads, made an error in my turn - I need to do different shenanigans if I want Syria (governor only leaves during support phase, my bad)
198 1/30/2019 7:54:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message Turn over, back to 4 provinces. That new event is brutal.

197 1/30/2019 7:53:00 PM Turn 10 Red Edit Legacy Blue: from 49 to 49
Green: from 45 to 46
Yellow: from 57 to 67
Red: from 53 to 64
196 1/30/2019 4:41:00 PM Turn 10 Yellow Message Also forgot all my troops in Egypt (3 of them) took hits and are on the red side, can you flip them Michael.
195 1/30/2019 4:32:00 PM Turn 10 Yellow Message I forgot to flip the new event I rolled for. It is everyone gets a hit in combat.
redid my turn, same rolls, just won the battle in Egypt, took Africa at last (the training their really helped), New seat of power for Pretender, dealt with mob. Foedertied and flash mobed. Bought cards and ready for Michael to destroy all I build.
Got 10 points.
Sorry Shaun I couldn't kick anyones but as I created the wrong hand for the turn. Michael has quite the little empire now he has Syria.

194 1/30/2019 3:10:00 PM Turn 10 Green Message Redid turn as requested using all previous rolls but leaving brent in office.
file to use now 38a_green Mk2

Sleep now, so hope murray can kick some red and green ass, cause mine can't find any sort of seat of power.

193 1/30/2019 6:21:00 AM Turn 10 Red Message Are we waiting on Shaun to redo the turn?
192 1/29/2019 8:17:00 PM Turn 10 Red Message I tried to deny it for a while and be a builder, look at who has the most improvements and done the most for the people - but you're right Murray I am suited best to smashing the ambitions of others.

191 1/29/2019 7:44:00 PM Turn 10 Blue Message Not sure that everything's kosher, even in Syria. The consequences of Shaun's fake coup were more than just Legacy.....cards, too. One thing is that I still have a Quaestor on my emperor (aka a cucumber-resistant truss under the purple toga).
190 1/29/2019 5:52:00 PM Turn 10 Yellow Message Still a couple turns left I think as Michael continues to wreck what others build while Brent and Shaun fail spectacularly as Emperors. Actually with Syria now Michael has a nice little empire of his own now and can easily win this a successful go at the throne could see him usper the sunshine and plummet us all into the dark ages.
189 1/29/2019 5:48:00 PM Turn 10 Yellow Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from EMPEROR to EMPEROR
Green: from Is fail to Is fail
Yellow: from ....stained toga (gross!) to clean clothes of the pretender
Red: from .....rhymes with dead to .....rhymes with dead
188 1/29/2019 3:42:00 PM Turn 10 Green Message OK then, I agree may need glasses.......but it felt sooooo goood for a little while.

Have adjusted on here and if Murray can remove green from gov from italy and replace with blue at 3 will fix scoring when next I have a go..

Sleep time for me
187 1/29/2019 3:40:00 PM Turn 10 Green Edit Legacy Blue: from 49 to 49
Green: from 46 to 45
Yellow: from 57 to 57
Red: from 53 to 53
186 1/29/2019 3:38:00 PM Turn 10 Green Edit Emperors Turns Blue: from 1 to 1
Green: from 1 to 0
Yellow: from 1 to 1
Red: from 0 to 0
185 1/29/2019 3:37:00 PM Turn 10 Green Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from Bye Bye to EMPEROR
Green: from Is Back EMPEROR to Is fail
Yellow: from ....stained toga (gross!) to ....stained toga (gross!)
Red: from .....rhymes with dead to .....rhymes with dead
184 1/29/2019 3:37:00 PM Turn 10 Green Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Green:
fail die roll
183 1/29/2019 6:44:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message Shan, I'll concede the battle but your attempt to storm the throne room was way dodgy. Praetorian Guard ignores armies in the capital but that includes yours....so you need 6 votes off your 4 dice.

You had 3 successes and a reroll....can I suggest you do your reroll here in ACTS but you're really going to need to jag it because you'll need 3 more successes.....otherwise I'm still on the throne (believe me, you don't want it.....you should see what the last guy left on it!).
182 1/29/2019 2:02:00 AM Turn 10 Green Message Did what I could, over to you yellow. Damn I like the rerolls...battle is me

181 1/29/2019 2:01:00 AM Turn 10 Green Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from Emperor....for real to Bye Bye
Green: from ....with envy to Is Back EMPEROR
Yellow: from ....stained toga (gross!) to ....stained toga (gross!)
Red: from .....rhymes with dead to .....rhymes with dead
180 1/29/2019 2:01:00 AM Turn 10 Green Edit Emperors Turns Blue: from 1 to 1
Green: from 0 to 1
Yellow: from 1 to 1
Red: from 0 to 0
179 1/29/2019 2:01:00 AM Turn 10 Green Edit Legacy Blue: from 49 to 49
Green: from 42 to 46
Yellow: from 57 to 57
Red: from 53 to 53
178 1/29/2019 12:11:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Message ....actually, I short-changed myself 2 Legacy for a won battle....would you mind adding that in your turn please, Shaun?
177 1/29/2019 12:10:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Edit Legacy Blue: from 37 to 49
Green: from 42 to 42
Yellow: from 52 to 57
Red: from 38 to 53
176 1/29/2019 12:09:00 AM Turn 10 Blue Edit Emperors Turns Blue: from 3 to 1
Green: from 2 to 0
Yellow: from 1 to 1
Red: from 1 to 0
175 1/29/2019 12:09:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Change game turn Game turn changed to Turn 10
174 1/29/2019 12:09:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from Hedgehog Shagger to Emperor....for real
Green: from Deposed to ....with envy
Yellow: from Emperor to ....stained toga (gross!)
Red: from Has been to .....rhymes with dead
173 1/29/2019 12:07:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message 37_Blue uploaded and Shaun up for his last turn.

Michael, you're right and I'd forgotten that but it's worse than that.....no Emperor Turn if there's a Pretender OR Rival Emperor. I've gone back through my turns as emperor and realised that either Zenobia, Postumus or the Great Pretender were in play for all of them....so none of them counted.

I've instituted a brief Indian summer of peace and enlightened rule before the darkness descends for centuries to come. Last drinks, citizens, then lights out and I'm off to live with the Picts.
172 1/28/2019 10:12:00 PM Turn 8 Red Message All done.

We have a problem with emperor turns by the way. You don't get them when a rival emperor or pretender is in play. I think that puts Brent at 1 Murray at 1 and us plebs at 0.
171 1/28/2019 7:48:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message I lost track there Murray but did you take your 2 Legacy for being Pretender ....remember you get that before losing your Pretender status as new Emperor

170 1/28/2019 6:46:00 AM Turn 8 Yellow Edit Emperors Turns Blue: from 3 to 3
Green: from 2 to 2
Yellow: from 0 to 1
Red: from 1 to 1
169 1/28/2019 6:46:00 AM Turn 8 Yellow Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from Should be to Hedgehog Shagger
Green: from Deposed to Deposed
Yellow: from PRETENDER to Emperor
Red: from Has been to Has been
168 1/28/2019 6:46:00 AM Turn 8 Yellow Edit Legacy Blue: from 37 to 37
Green: from 42 to 42
Yellow: from 35 to 52
Red: from 38 to 38
167 1/28/2019 6:24:00 AM Turn 8 Yellow Message I just had my turn and then hit end turn then quit game thinking I had saved it, all gone. I hope you are willing to trust me as I repeat it quickly -
crisis was Nomads but they didnt move
I fought in Syria losing a militia and having an injured unit
the rest can remain a mystery
166 1/28/2019 5:46:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message Shaun, you also have 1 additional Legacy because you now own the Limes in Gallia.
165 1/28/2019 5:44:00 AM Turn 8 Yellow Message two little mistakes in Shauns turn but neither have any affect on the turn. When you take over a Provence the rules say you replace it at the strength it was minus 1 (min 1) so you should have been at support 2 in Gaul. So in theory one more point to spend at end HOWEVER you forgot the mob in Greece which lowers the amount you get to spend - so you spent the correct amount.
I will change your support in Gaul and Double the mob in Greece - it removes all your support in Greece if it remains at the same level as your support in Greece next turn. Might want to deal with it.
164 1/28/2019 4:30:00 AM Turn 8 Green Message Turn done over to yellow swine.

I have got a better feel for the program now so would be happy to try either. Falling sky, this or sci fi would all be good for me

Happy for you being off nights Brent, its a nice feeling to be able to say bye bye to them. The only thing I hate about going to day shift is that there seems to be more and more people who like to get a piece of you!

Has been interesting watching the flow of the game and as always would change some moves if had the time again. But that is why a gamer evolves strategy, and counter strategy isn't it. Pity us noobs until we get to the point we can kick in your teeth!

163 1/28/2019 4:23:00 AM Turn 8 Green Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from Should be to Should be
Green: from EMPEROR to Deposed
Red: from Has been to Has been
162 1/28/2019 4:23:00 AM Turn 8 Green Edit Legacy Blue: from 37 to 37
Green: from 37 to 42
Yellow: from 35 to 35
Red: from 38 to 38
161 1/27/2019 10:15:00 PM Turn 8 Blue Message Log 33_Blue posted. Shaun / Green up.

We're almost there. End of next turn, I think.

Michael, I don't think it's the beer the Nomads are after in Aegypt but the loose women and even looser goats. Supposed to be one of the most ancient and sophisticated civilisations on earth but they can keep their disgusting ways....when they finally take control of the empire I'm off to the simple, wholesome life in the far reaches of Britannia where it's too cold and inhospitable for cucumbers to be cultivated.

I wasn't suggesting Spacecorps now.....I have to play it and get a feel for whether it will be suitable. I think two PBEM is my limit and I'm currently in another game of Falling Sky. This ToC game will be finished in the next couple of days, though, and I'm happy to think about another one if people are interested after a break....another go at this game now that you're on top of it?.....or maybe Shaun might like to try Falling Sky?
160 1/27/2019 7:42:00 PM Turn 8 Red Message Thanks for the advice Brent - I didn't realise you could invade the barbarians, good to know.

Always up for a game - but I think one PBEM at a time is probably enough.
159 1/27/2019 7:41:00 PM Turn 8 Red Message New file uploaded. Hit end turn button and didn't check that it flipped by inactive Sassanids in Galatia. Could someone flip them, please?
158 1/27/2019 8:03:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message Pretty dominant position there, Mellow Yellow.....not sure who's going to stop you.

You can flip your Legacy counter to its +40 side when you get past 40
157 1/27/2019 5:26:00 AM Turn 8 Yellow Message Turned had, not much to see, sensible leadership has been restored to parts of the empire.
156 1/27/2019 1:11:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message Sorry, lot of long posts. Mulling over my coffee and relishing that tonight's my last night shift for a month.

Off topic but just received a new game from GMT called Spacecorp. Not a wargame but designed by one of the most respected wargme designers of the past 30 years, John Butterfield. It's about man's expansion into space. You play corporations exploring and exploiting first the inner solar system, then the outer solar system and finally our near interstellar neighbourhood (it plays on three consecutive boards). It's hard science fiction and an economic game.......it looks like it would be right up your alley, Murray.

Getting very good reviews and it already has a fully developed Vassal module. At first glance it looks like it would play very well PBEM. Plays 1 to 5 players. I'm going to try it solo this week and am probably playing it multiplayer at the Paddington meetup next Saturday. At some point down the line I'll look at giving it a run PBEM, for anyone who's interested.

GMT page for the game is here:

155 1/27/2019 12:58:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message Another strategy pointer because we're nearing the end of the game and I think it's only fair to Shaun and Michael to point it out, because it's not obvious to most players at first.

You've probably noticed that beating on big armies of barbarians is a great way to gain Legacy. What isn't obvious is that barbarian home regions are playable regions.....your armies can enter them and battle the barbarians there (very thematic as punitive expeditions across the borders were part of Roman strategy). Only the active barbarians in the home regions form the barbarian army (this is different to provinces where inactive barbarians become active if you attack them). This can be very important in the race for precious Legacy at the end game.
154 1/27/2019 12:46:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message Just a note about the game end conditions. It's probably coming sooner than it looks....we're only just over half way to the 60 Legacy but it accelerates exponentially. I'm predicting another 2 or 3 turns?

The main end trigger is when somebody finishes their turn with 60 Legacy while they're Emperor....then players who haven't had the full quota of turns finish theirs, we add Emperor Turns bonus and it's done. Going last is an advantage here which offsets getting last province choice at the start. In two of the three games I've played, I triggered the end game condition as emperor, thinking I'd won it, only to find that the last player got past me (by 1 Legacy in my last game by my Polish Vassal buddy Michal, a real thriller!). Murray also did that to us in the game I played with him. I don't think I'll be triggering the end game myself this time but you're in the box seat, Michael, if you can keep pace and Shaun or Murray trigger it.

The far less common way for the game to end is for the Diocletian event to turn up....game ends immediately without anyone else having a turn and we add Emperor Turns bonuses, then declare the winner. This is so rare that I haven't heard of anyone who has had it happen.....but it could. We've had 6 events so far and Diocletian is card 10, 11 or 12. We've had a run of bizarre Crisis Rolls and 7 is the statistically most common result....a freak run of those and it could end abruptly.
153 1/27/2019 12:34:00 AM Turn 8 Blue Message Shaun, the Raiding Parties Event is active which reduces the roll on the black invasion die by 2....so the result was 3 and only 3 Sassanids to Galatia....the two in Asia go back home (went on a bender in Constantinople, one too many hookahs, a forgettable experience in a Turkish bathhouse and missed the Kontiki bus.....totally anachronistic but that's never bothered me). BTW, for future reference the Limes deactivates the barbarians as they pass through, so those moving on to Asia would have been inactive.

Sorry, Michael, I didn't want to give you a bum steer. Conventional wisdom is a 3 Senate start. Maybe I could have pointed it out but I would have thought that a look at the action costs would have revealed that there are no 1 point yellow actions. I didn't want you guys to misfire out of the gates but also didn't want to keep directing strategy after that because part of the fun is discovering it on your own.....as you're doing (typical that you've found some left of field strategy.....be interesting to see you try it out).

There's also a whole bunch of overanalysis out there about which provinces are statistically best to start in, which I personally think doesn't really matter. It's also very interesting that a lot of Time of Crisis veterans (game's actually a bit new for veterans but they have opinions of course) believe that trashing / deck thinning is a waste of time and the most poorly implemented part of an otherwise good game. Their reasoning is that the game is too short for it to matter, with most of them quoting 7 to 8 turn games. We're already in our 8th turn so I think that's an oversimplification.

Just one thing I'd point out from your 2 blue, 2 yellow, 1 red analysis. Were you suggesting that you could buy a 3 card turn 2? That wouldn't be possible with 2 provinces....remember that if you have less provinces than the face cost of the card, it costs double (so 6 political points in this case).
152 1/26/2019 5:44:00 PM Turn 8 Green Message Turn done. Damn you smurfs coming along and lodging in the walls protected area. We will have a reckoning.

Murray up.
151 1/26/2019 5:43:00 PM Turn 8 Green Edit Emperors Turns Blue: from 3 to 3
Green: from 1 to 2
Yellow: from 0 to 0
Red: from 1 to 1
150 1/26/2019 5:43:00 PM Turn 8 Green Edit Legacy Blue: from 37 to 37
Green: from 30 to 37
Yellow: from 35 to 35
Red: from 38 to 38
149 1/26/2019 5:18:00 PM Turn 8 Red Message By the way, I do like the game. I think that hand management more than anything is critical. Toook me a while to understand how important trashing is, and I was too poor to do it once I did.

Opening hand is especially important - I think your advice to take 3 senate cards is terribly flawed for new players - it would be better to tell them to NOT take 1 yellow card. All other combos have viability. Shaun and I started terribly because we both made the newb mistake of 3 blue and one of each.

3 red, 2 blue is good just use force to take that adjacent province. 2 yellow and anything else can work, but I think my favorite start would be 2 blue, 2 yellow and 1 red - its an aggressive play but you still have a militia in the starting province use the legion to secure a neutral for the governor with 1 dice and upgrade support in one for 3 influence. That allows you to trash a card on turn 1! Assuming that the bottom doesn't fall out on turn 2 (ie. crisis or someone even more aggressive and lucky than you!) you can buy a 3 point card turn 2 that you can use every turn from then on. An early mob every turn would be a nightmare and the other two are equally good.

The big advantage of a less "conventional" start is that it would force you to look at the rules a little closer to see what the options were - its a different learning experience when you are actually playing rather than just reading the rules in isolation.

I'd like to finish a game under these rules before looking at the expansion - I make too many mistakes as it is!
148 1/26/2019 4:20:00 PM Turn 8 Blue Edit Legacy Blue: from 32 to 37
Green: from 27 to 30
Yellow: from 22 to 35
Red: from 33 to 38
147 1/26/2019 4:17:00 PM Turn 8 Blue Edit Emperors Turns Blue: from 3 to 3
Green: from 0 to 1
Yellow: from 0 to 0
Red: from 1 to 1
146 1/26/2019 4:17:00 PM Turn 8 Blue Edit Emperor / Pretender Blue: from EMPEROR to Should be
Green: from so close to EMPEROR
Red: from Has been to Has been
145 1/26/2019 4:17:00 PM Turn 7 Blue Change game turn Game turn changed to Turn 8
144 1/26/2019 4:16:00 PM Turn 7 Blue Message 29_Blue logged and Shaun/Green up.

I got the luck of my rolls reversed.....I know I should have sacrificed a bull instead of that gerbil.
143 1/26/2019 3:02:00 PM Turn 7 Red Message over to Brent - nothing to see here - no really!
142 1/26/2019 2:32:00 PM Turn 7 Yellow Message Oh and my strategy this game has turned out the same as the last time but by default not design. I fully intended to make an early run at the throne but Brent taking Africa and Barbarians turning up in Panonia put an end to that plan.
My lucky roll to take Syria before Michael meant I had side by side provinces. Combined with most of the crisis rolls seeing barbarian activity in the North rather than south and east meant I could build up support in Egypt and Syria (the later was to keep Michael out more than anything). Also being able to pinch Britain (again luck more than anything) meant I had access to a level 4 card - given Egy & Syr I had to take Pretender - it really wasn't the plan.
The Barbarians finally turning up in my kingdom and there being 2 Armies in Italia made me decide not to try and take it militarily last turn as was my plan when drawing the hand in the previous round.

Like in Falling Skies the events and other players actions means what you planed and what you do seldom are the same thing (this is good in both these games)
141 1/26/2019 2:19:00 PM Turn 7 Yellow Message Sorry guys, I have created a new file (same name - saved over it) which has fixed my mistake. So annoyed as I re-read that bit about spending red points to get rid of mobs a couple times and still got it wrong.

Did still make one error, forgot to put the casta back in Egypt, if you would be so kind Michael.

I looked at the new cards and it makes military stronger (not sure how I feel about that) and the 4 point yellow card (Demothingy) will be a pain in the game and worse for PBEM. Making the blue points more useful for card buying and trashing I like and delaying the cards you buy for a round so you can see the state of the table will be nice (but limited to when you aren't about to send the discard pile to available obviously - so needing to be even more strategic in card play).

The game is great but I agree Brent that not being able to sledge in solo does diminish the game.
Oh and just remember Brents constant cries of "oh I am so weak and cant win and am in a horrible position" during Falling Skies before he won. Don't fall for that again people - the Lesser Eastern Mammal Molester isn't defeated until he is annihilated (harsh but true).
140 1/26/2019 9:09:00 AM Turn 7 Blue Message You're right, Michael. What an botrum portassent irrumabo (clusterf*!k......probably never said by any Roman but amazing what an English-latin translator app will come up with)

Card draw is the one game state we can't patch up without a redo. Murray, I suggest you start again from the end of Shaun's log and:

1. Remove the 2 Nomads from Aegypt and 1 Goth from Syria, and the 1 Mob from Syria.

2. Reduce your Support to 2 in Aegypt and Syria.

3. Add 13 Legacy to yourself (7 battle, 2 Pretender, 4 provinces)

4. Discard your 5 red Military cards and draw

5. Play the Event card

6. Re-buy with 7 points.

7. Make sure you have 3 healthy legions in your Aegyptian army and 2 in your Syrian army.

I think that covers it all.
139 1/26/2019 8:24:00 AM Turn 7 Blue Message Agree. Didn't realise you used another military point to get back to Aegypt. Keystone Cops stuff there, Murray. Sorry you missed out on the fake Legacy there, Michael.....you'll just have to settle for the laugh you had watching the Egyptians blunder around the desert.

If you can fit in your turn, Michael, you could just buff Murray's 3 wounded legions and fix your Legacy.....think that's the best way to go.
138 1/26/2019 8:23:00 AM Turn 7 Red Message but you didn't lose a support for killing the mob in SYria - which leaves you one short of the two cards.

I'm way too tired to work this one out - I think you have to do a Shaun and redo your turn. I need to be up ridiculously early anyway - I'll try and have my turn (if you are finished) before my flight leaves.

Night all
137 1/26/2019 8:19:00 AM Turn 7 Red Message sorry murray misread that one
you did win the nomad one

136 1/26/2019 8:13:00 AM Turn 7 Red Message probably the best solution is to use those military points you wasted running around trying to hit me to heal your legions. You have to lose the legacy for the battle you thought you won - I also don't get 2 for kicking your yellow arse out of Africa either
135 1/26/2019 8:10:00 AM Turn 7 Red Message so by my calculations, you should have 3 left over military and I don't get 2 legacy for withstanding your fake attack (fake news attack?)

In addition you hit the Nomads twice and they hit you twice so you didn't win that one either and don't get the legacy as there was one left.

If we redid that turn you would have had a flanking ready for that battle (probably the optimal choice as the other was 2 on 1).

Given what you rolled on the next ataack against me regardless if you rerolled them or you it would have ended in 2 hits - so the same.

134 1/26/2019 8:05:00 AM Turn 7 Blue Message Michael beat me to it.

After battling with an army it's done..... can't move or battle again (except with one of the cards in the new expansion :).....even though what you did can hardly be called battling......cucumbers are for eating, not a useful substitute for galdiuses (gladii?), let alone the other disgusting uses you've been putting them to.

Just going to have to have a think about how to unpick this....I think the only solution will be for your Aegyptian army to remain in Aegypt (well, it had to anyway) and for you to use the 2 red points for something else, or lose them as a punishment for incompetence and vegetable abuse.

Just about to have to do some work (a bit rude for my bludging Saturday night shift) and I'll get back to look at it after.
133 1/26/2019 7:54:00 AM Turn 7 Red Message I think you struggle with military things because you are YELLOW. Stick to the politicing and intrigue - we all have to play to our strengths.

After initiating battle with the Nomads you can't move, nor initiate another battle and you certainly can't run away again after.

You are allowed to disperse the mob first then attack though (6.3.1)

132 1/26/2019 7:11:00 AM Turn 7 Yellow Message okay so had my turn and I have assumed Shaun's second file has all his fixes in it
I am still not emperor and lost a battle to micahel's troops with neither of us landing a hit - wtf?
131 1/26/2019 6:18:00 AM Turn 7 Blue Message So Shaun and Michael, you're probably getting a feel for the game. Hope you're enjoying it....one of my favourite new games from last year.

Murray knows this but there's an expansion coming and I've just had notification from GMT that they're charging my credit card on Monday, which means it's ready to ship. Really been looking forward to it because I think it's going to make the game much deeper and I probably won't go back to playing the basic game once it's here.

The main features are:

1. Additional cards for each of the 2,3,4 colour types. This is the big one. You notice there's only one action available for each card, but now there will be two to choose from. This means that players' choices, hands and strategic directions will become a lot more diverse and open up the the game dramatically. Murray might even change his strategy,

(They will also be changing the 4 blue card from this base game, Damnatio Memoriae, removing the clause that adds mobs.....makes it too unattractive and I've never seen anyone take it in the games I've played).

2. When you become emperor, you'll actually have to choose what style of emperor you will be......senate emperor (sitting in Rome like the current game), political emperor of the people (out in the provinces) or soldier emperor (with your armies). Each have advantages and disadvantages. More strategic options.

3. Solo rules with an AI. Not of as much interest to me....sledging myself is not nearly as much fun...but I'll try them.

If you're interested, the new rules are here:


and the new cards are here:


130 1/26/2019 5:59:00 AM Turn 7 Blue Message No problem, Michael. Thanks for letting us know. Kids....more disruptive than any barbarian tribe or mob. Have a safe trip.

So, advice you can take or leave, Shaun. You're now a target but your big army in the capital is your ace in the hole.....you can see how easy it made it to take the throne, which is why I left my best army there turn after turn, even when my position in the provinces was weak. Also makes it harder for anybody else to take the throne......although there is a way around that, which I'm sure some yellow, cucumber-wielding sociopaths are already considering. So, you'll be tempted to send it it elsewhere but I'd try to keep it in Rome as long as possible. Also, while we're on the topic of the Aegyptians, I'd advise not bending over to pick up the strigil in the communal bathhouse....that's what your slave is for.
129 1/26/2019 4:02:00 AM Turn 7 Red Message Just a quick heads up: Leaving for Thailand again tomorrow morning and arrive back Friday morning.

I'll have PC and internet but might be a bit slack attending to turns due to children.
128 1/26/2019 4:01:00 AM Turn 7 Blue Message Thanks guys. My preference is for you to have fixed it Shaun because Michaelís right, in normal circumstances at the table that would be picked up straight away. Actually puts you in a very strong position with your other strong provinces and makes the game a much more interesting contest. Itís me whoís likely to be the spectator now for this one but Iíll enjoy seeing you thrash it out and doing my part to kingmake.
127 1/26/2019 3:53:00 AM Turn 7 Green Message Thankyou, I am convinced to fix it up. Have done so and Murray please use the file "026_Green Schooled by Brent & Mick"
I have left the inital file there for reference purposes.
126 1/26/2019 3:34:00 AM Turn 7 Red Message The only real stuff up is that you need to pick which army you attacked, as you stated you wanted to replace the emperor that would be the one in the capital.

Remember that if we were sitting playing at the table I'm sure someone would have pointed out you can move immediately into the capital and as a side effect your vote would have succeeded.

To redo a turn you need to make a new log from scratch, I believe. just don't roll crisis or battle rolls (we know what the results are already) and spends and move exaclty as before.

Just a streamlined version of the last one.

so that would be :

- Activate 1 nomad, then move 3 to Aegyptus
- spend your cards as before
- do the rest of the turn the same - just don't roll the die for the battles/replace governor. Brent loses the legions in the capital, you lose your barbarian levy and move the army into the capital, then replace the emperor.

At this point you will need to gain legacy and draw haands differently due to the change in influence/legacy.

The major difference is that Brent still has an army in Italia and you are in the capital, are emperor and have trashed/bought different cards. Legacy will be higher too.

If you want to punish yourself then let us Know and Murray can just put Brent's external army back on the board before he does anything else.

125 1/26/2019 3:00:00 AM Turn 7 Green Message Oh, and stuffed if I know how to modify a turn
124 1/26/2019 2:58:00 AM Turn 7 Green Message Look to be honest I think i am out of the running, and a mistake is a mistake. If I have broken rules need to be smacked all the better for next time. And there will be a next time :)

No need to modify my turn unless it disadvantages Brent on troops, which I think it does not.

Thanks for the offer Brent, I appreciate it.
123 1/26/2019 2:14:00 AM Turn 7 Blue Message Cool, sunshine boy, but might get you to hold on your turn until Shaun has done his fix.

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