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5 2/6/2019 6:00:00 PM 1297 England Message Sounds like a plan
4 2/6/2019 5:29:00 PM 1297 Scotland Message I'm good to jump back into EotS. Enough time has passed that I'm recharging a bit. Since you're swamped why dont we just plan on kick off being early March?
3 2/6/2019 12:17:00 PM 1297 England Message Work is pretty crazy for me right now. I've figured out that though the rules look easy, I probably don't have the bandwidth to learn a new game at the moment. I could probably play something I already know, though. PoG or PuG, for example. Or maybe Barbarossa to Berlin.
2 1/22/2019 12:37:00 AM 1297 Scotland Play Card Message from Scotland:
1 1/21/2019 10:21:00 PM 1297 Scotland Message I'll take Scotland out of the gate. England is a bit more straightforward.

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