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314 3/23/2019 5:16:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Thanks guys, nice not to come second for once :)

I think Space Corp is better as an online-live or live-live game - not terrible as PBEM but once everyone knows how to play I think it's pretty quick.
313 3/23/2019 10:05:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Edit Trillion Credits Purple: from 54 to 65
Yellow: from 65 to 74
Green: from 31 to 32
Blue: from 77 to 84
312 3/23/2019 10:03:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message Logged my final 2 turns.....a colony and an exploration. I would have petered out there anyway because the tile had a Base +4 and I didn't have the Build capacity to get a base there for the colony and final contract :(.

Congratulations Michael. Well played. You actually lapped Shaun!

Thanks for the game, everyone. Really enjoyed it. My verdict on Spacecorp for PBEM? Okay but I probably wouldn't have it at the top of the list. Great for its simplicity and minimal interrupts but too many small turns. Even when we logged regularly, it takes a lot of time.

So let's aim for Falling Sky on Sunday week.
311 3/23/2019 9:06:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message Next Sunday sounds like a goer. My last 2 turns in one were to perform my last couple Produces so 8T for me and minus 2 for Michael, unfortunately I have 1 Colony and Mike has many so there will be a big gap between us. Totally deserved win to Mike well played.
310 3/23/2019 3:51:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Sounds like a plan.

Just remember you can always fall back on Murray's magic excuse of being old and needing sleep.
309 3/23/2019 3:32:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Edit Trillion Credits Purple: from 39 to 54
Yellow: from 51 to 65
Green: from 27 to 31
Blue: from 72 to 77
308 3/23/2019 3:30:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message All done, will be passing from now on.

307 3/23/2019 2:06:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message So we'll be done before the weekend's over.

We'd pencilled in a possible live session next Sunday evening. Did we want to start Falling Sky then? That will give Shaun a little more time to look at the rules and it might be easier to ease him in live. Also gives us a brief break to recharge.

I probably shouldn't be starting a new game until next weekend anyway. I have a 5 day conference until Friday. In Sydney but long days and, if it goes according to the usual plan, bad behaviour at nights. Major health risk (the all night party at Luna Park has me seriously concerned). Hopefully I'll be alive and recovered by Sunday.
306 3/23/2019 1:50:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Yes, that's the problem inherent to hogging all the good cards :)
305 3/23/2019 1:36:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 75_Purple logged. Produced again.

Michael up.

So if I read rightly, Michael has one more turn to complete, then Shaun and he will pass consecutively. This should mean 2 more turns for each of us, Murray. We could save time by just doing both of them when we next log. I had about 7 more turns of stuff to do! (which would have brought me closer to Murray but pretty sure I wouldn't have caught him).

304 3/22/2019 9:22:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Just took my final turn. Will be passing from now on

grats on the win to whomever is able to get up.
303 3/22/2019 3:08:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message well after one more 2T turn at the spur, just to make sure I'm in the clear.

If I had found something useful other than space dust on my last explore I would have been done last turn.

Still it was pretty good gazumping me with the spaceport, well done.
302 3/22/2019 2:27:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Well I'off to the great beyond next turn, then passing.

A lot depends on how many actions Shaun has left. But it pretty much sounds like you get 3 more actions at most Brent. Can you catch Murray in 3 moves?

Happy for you guys to play out the rest, but I really won't be involved much after next turn.
301 3/22/2019 1:54:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message Looks like you guys are heading for the exits.

I'm happy to do whatever everyone wants to do. Although I know the winner is decided I still have quite a bit to do personally, a lot of T still to collect and am happy to keep playing to see what total I can achieve (I even had vague hopes of catching Murray but that's unlikely).

If we're just going through the motions (particularly for Shaun) I'm happy to call it but am also happy to play it to a conclusion....can't be too many more turns to play.
300 3/21/2019 6:01:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message gave michael his money and then went beyond to spread the light. I have a potential to get 8 more points with production which will cost Michael 2 points leaving us on equal but Michael can get more and will get tons more from the end of game colony points award. Unless everyone wants to see if Michael can lap the last place position it could be time to call this?
299 3/21/2019 3:49:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Moved and upgraded infra

I forgot to collect my 1T royalty fee due to Murray colonising, could someone fix that for me please?
298 3/21/2019 8:38:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 71_Purple logged.

Michael up.

More producing for me. My personal goal is to cross the 50 mark. Almost there.
297 3/21/2019 5:42:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message I produced and Brent up
296 3/21/2019 5:40:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Nah, you can have them Murray. Those are just the late losers (and magic players)

All the cool kids joined my colonies early on.
295 3/21/2019 4:08:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message Sorry guys but I cant be held responsible if ALL the coloniest actually want to join me rather than shaun and mike
294 3/21/2019 1:29:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message Murray, you grabbed both those 6 point colonies. One needs to be returned to the Sideboard
293 3/20/2019 6:34:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message I did a colony so no doubt Michael the Unethical will be for some free money - I will have to have a word with my accounts.
292 3/20/2019 4:58:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Turn done.

Over to Murray
291 3/20/2019 6:09:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 67_Purple done.

Producing....and Reproducing like a fury in my new colonies.

Michael up.
290 3/20/2019 6:04:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Turn done.

I can stay up for a while tonight - sorry I was at a staff meeting putting my views forward tonight.

I see Mick is under the weather though, so we may need to call it till next opportunity.
289 3/20/2019 3:31:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message I built in Tau and got a huge 3T over to shaun
288 3/20/2019 3:08:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Don't want to seem overconfident, but I think I have this one.
287 3/20/2019 3:07:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Edit Trillion Credits Purple: from 27 to 39
Yellow: from 43 to 51
Green: from 17 to 27
Blue: from 53 to 72
286 3/20/2019 3:05:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Gave Shaun the 4 point good colony (the others are pretty rubbish).

Colonised for 5 points, collected on the colony, teh contract and the edge for the contract, my original colony and the colony tax.

Murray is up.
285 3/20/2019 2:05:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 63_Purple uploaded and Michael up

Shaun, you had 4 colony points (you forgot the 1 CP for 2+ bases). Can I suggest we let Shaun take the other 4 CP breakthrough, colony, Martin? (which I'm sure he would have had he known). Keep some tension in the game.
284 3/20/2019 1:15:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Colony built.

Brent up.
283 3/19/2019 8:43:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message I think its 5 regions and that would be Brent who can get that. The multi star is now impossible.

I am very close to the 15 points of colony though.
282 3/19/2019 8:24:00 PM Turn 3 Purple Message Just to check, did you give Michael the 3 bases in multistar regions contract? He hasn't qualified for that....in fact he has none.....there are only 4 multistar regions and you built in 2, Shaun in 1 and I in 1 (it's a very difficult contract to fill).
281 3/19/2019 7:58:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message Okay so michael finished another contract - only 1 to end the game and I moved his score.
I produced in two places and then taxed Michael 1 point but the end points for Colony is more than I think I can make up.
280 3/19/2019 2:02:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message BLue turn done - base building.

Incidentally, you have hybrids Shaun so you could build something else with that exploiter, if you wanted.

Over to Murray.
279 3/19/2019 7:29:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 59_Purple logged

Michael up
278 3/19/2019 5:08:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Am done
Brent up
277 3/19/2019 1:46:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message Built the universes finest brewery and noticed I had cheated earlier - accidentally took both copies of a breakthrough - put one back. Will blame the universes finest beer. also built a bio lab to find a cure for the hang over that other beers give people but not mine. That advanced the genetics and i took the Silent Partner Adaption.

276 3/19/2019 12:24:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Had my turn, researched all the remaining rubbish from the offers.

Over to Murray.
275 3/18/2019 9:38:00 PM Turn 3 Purple Message Saw you'd logged Shaun so racing right along

55_Purple logged

Michael up

274 3/18/2019 7:14:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message All done, little bit of infra structure and over to Shaun
273 3/18/2019 4:35:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Edit Trillion Credits Purple: from 27 to 27
Yellow: from 43 to 43
Green: from 11 to 17
Blue: from 48 to 53
272 3/18/2019 4:35:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Explored and found abundant life and, unfortunately, also precious dust that rather messes up my building plans. Still, I'm sure I will manage.

Also diverted some of Shaun's production.

back to Murray.
271 3/18/2019 7:35:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 51_Purple logged.

Terraforming and making babies.

Michael up.
270 3/18/2019 6:27:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Turn done, Brent up.

Happy to go as a beer swilling belgie with a falling sky.

Will have a look at gameplay tomorrow and try to be ready for the onslaught

269 3/18/2019 2:54:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Don't be too hard on yourself Murray - without access to Shaun's build infra I think most of us will struggle with 20 build. - at this stage of the game Shaun might too.

268 3/18/2019 12:40:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message Dude, I don't want to question your tactical genius in trying to gazzump me at Groombridge 34, being the clear threat as the game's frontrunner that I am, but did you realise that you can't build bases at a star system without a team there (and although you don't need a team present, can't build a colony without bases there?)...or am I guessing that 20 Build is beyond your capacity?
267 3/17/2019 10:31:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message moved and over to shaun
266 3/17/2019 9:16:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Edit Trillion Credits Purple: from 0 to 27
Yellow: from 7 to 43
Green: from 11 to 11
Blue: from 10 to 48
265 3/17/2019 9:01:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message I also did some research and we are now all out of deck.

I get the feeling the last 3 completable contracts might get done before there is passing anyway.

Over to Murray.
264 3/17/2019 8:46:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message I'm fine with either Brent. If Murray wants Rome I'm happy to take the lessons I learned last time and put them into practice.

Keen for a go as the ancient superpower too. You won't find me dilly dallying around worrying about supply lines and such (well probably not anyway :))
263 3/17/2019 7:54:00 PM Turn 3 Purple Message Re - Falling Sky.

Awesome Shaun.

On first read, the rules won't make much sense. They're exceptionally tight with very little room for error, so a great reference, but not great at teaching the game. There are two options for getting a feel of how the game flows....reading through the Playbook example (it's also in the folder) or looking through a number of the logged turns of our last game, to see a real game in action (and to see some amazingly skilled play by Rome if you were ever to take that faction).

One problem is that the factions are very asymmetrical, all with different Commands and Special Abilities, different strategic imperatives and different Victory Conditions. While you eventually need to understand what other powers can do and what they're aiming at to effectively counter them, I think it's easiest to concentrate on the faction you're playing when learning. I think I might suggest you take the Belgae, as they're probably the easiest faction to understand. They start in a pretty terrible position in the Great Revolt scenario but that's also an advantage....you're out of the thick of things and not a target, meaning you have time to ease yourself into the game (I'm playing them in this scenario in other game and just came within a whisker of victory at the end of the second year).

If I take Aedui, that would mean Michael as Rome and Murray as the Arverni (assuming you'd both like to try different factions this time?)
262 3/17/2019 7:43:00 PM Turn 3 Purple Message 47_Purple logged. Yet more Research. Michael up.
261 3/17/2019 2:53:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message More than happy to start up on falling skies. Will look at the rules tomorrow.

My research is do done in spacecorp.
I agree the live game was fun - The only thing the game is missing to me is the ability to steal breakthroughs / Adaptions. There is nothing better than taking someones hard earned effort and using it to feather your own nest.

Brent up.

260 3/17/2019 3:49:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message I think the end of this game is nigh. Might be a couple of weeks to go, depending on what happens.

Thought we could plan for the next game. Would you like to do Falling Sky again? Shaun, if you're interested I've sent you an invitation to the Dropbox, Falling Sky in Oz. There's a folder there with the rules. I've packed all the logs from the previous game into another folder titled Caesar's Triumph, to archive the glorious victory for the edification of future generations (although viewing some of the logs might actually be a good way to get a handle on game play....not Murray's, obviously).

I'd think of playing the 3 turn Great Revolt scenario. Wouldn't mind playing the Aedui, as they're the only faction I've never played. I would think that Murray or Michael should probably take Rome, as it's not a good one for first time players.

NO rush and we'd obviously wait for Spacecorp to finish but thought I'd start the ball rolling.

259 3/16/2019 7:58:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message and I drew my card already as the deck is getting thin. Bakc to Shaun
258 3/16/2019 7:57:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message I had to check the log first, as I am the space hippy taxman this time instead of the Michael the Unethical in the reboot.

I have to admit though, I a not a patch on Shaun in the live game on Thursday - he didn't even have infra until almost the last turn of the game, just kept sponging off other people (mostly me). It was awesome to watch.
257 3/16/2019 7:02:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message Used the unethical ones infra (no need to name him as he is unethical and will take a card anyway) did some exploring which led to a break through all my bases etc are secure now.
Over to Shaun
256 3/15/2019 3:38:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Added a second colony - It's the one that gives me 1T when anyone else colonizes.

I love to share in your successes, way to go Bro's.

I also (belated) claim the contract for 6 progress cards from last turn.

Over to Murray.
255 3/15/2019 7:35:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 43_Purple logged

Over to Michael
254 3/15/2019 5:04:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message Yellow realised that Shaun hasn't paid any taxes for quite a while (about 2 centuries by last count) so I have taken all the cards he played - 3 in total). Brent if you want to follow on from 42a.
253 3/15/2019 4:50:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Turn taken
brent up
252 3/15/2019 3:29:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message explored and found water - was hoping for beer but water is a good start
251 3/14/2019 8:41:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Blue logged.

Star children appeared.

Back to Murray.
250 3/14/2019 6:42:00 PM Turn 3 Purple Message 39_Purple logged. Researched.

Over to Michael.

Shaun, you probably know after our game yesterday but you get simultaneous build on all discoveries when you build in a system....so you have 2 more bases to pop down in Epsilon Indi.
249 3/13/2019 7:38:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Green built onto brent
248 3/13/2019 6:30:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message little bit of research and then over to shaun, Michael is running away with it boo I say boo
247 3/13/2019 12:39:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Borrowed my space bro Shaun's infra to help build a few bases.

Had a breakthrough, drew a card too since I'm card poor.

No card for Shamus though, sorry bro.
246 3/13/2019 8:39:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message drew the card - 35a now for Mick to use

245 3/13/2019 3:25:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message I used your Infra Shaun, so draw a card

244 3/13/2019 3:18:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 35_Purple logged.

Over to Michael.
243 3/13/2019 3:06:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message What a man does with his monkeys is his own business.

Upgraded infra

242 3/12/2019 6:21:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message well I can't do anything so research it was
241 3/12/2019 2:38:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Flipping cars certainly sounds more difficult than flipping those blasted earbands!

Always up for a run of a new game but a revisit of Falling Skies would be welcome too.
240 3/12/2019 6:51:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message Have some free time this week so I'm going to get Pendragon on the table and run through the Example of Play. Tried a dry run of the rules a couple of times but it's complex and didn't gel. Need to flip cars and push cubes around to get it.

Will think about a PBEM later in the year but I'd run Shaun through Falling Sky first if he's interested in playing. Maybe after this game of Spacecorp?
239 3/12/2019 5:37:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message Genetics played. Hybridised. Murray up.
238 3/12/2019 5:04:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 31_Purple uploaded

Michael up.

Researched your ass out, Shaun? That sounds like some pretty unconventional lab work you're doing....not to mention painful and permanent disfiguring. Haven't you got chimps for that? I could lend (well....sell) you some if you're out.
237 3/12/2019 4:23:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Turn done - researched my backside out.

Brent up.

236 3/12/2019 3:04:00 AM Turn 3 Yellow Message After Michaels massive cheating I have decided to bring the light to new parts of the universe. Moved and used Time card to move 2 teams. Infinity and beyond bitches.
235 3/11/2019 11:51:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Double turn taken with intercept.

Build and colonise.

234 3/11/2019 9:50:00 PM Turn 3 Purple Message 27_Purple logged and over to Michael.

Bit of Infra upgrading
233 3/11/2019 8:36:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message Hybriding up, Brent's turn

232 3/11/2019 6:15:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message infra updated, all done, over to Shaun and I don't have a rear view mirror Michael, only looking forward to a bright shiny future
231 3/11/2019 4:59:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message Vomiting and lying down. Are you sure you’re not confusing radiation resistance with radiation poisoning?

Preempted my plans but made a hard decision much easier.....so thanks for that.
230 3/11/2019 2:58:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message I went exploring in the deep deep sea of stars and all I found was water...

...and fish...

...talking fish...

I should lay off those drugs.

But apparently I am now radiation resistant as a side effect.

Over to Murray. I think I need to lie down, or throw up.
229 3/11/2019 1:10:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message Logged 23_Purple and over to Michael

Showing you wannabes how research is really done.
228 3/10/2019 4:15:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message research done, over to Brent
227 3/10/2019 3:46:00 PM Turn 3 Purple Message Lost track. Who's up? Shaun?
226 3/9/2019 8:46:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message I think you have had enough awesome and special turns. You should let the less fortunate have a few too.

By that I mostly mean me, but it would be ok if Shaun and Brent had a few as well.
225 3/9/2019 8:09:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message Okay so nothing special or awesome just some research.
224 3/9/2019 2:53:00 AM Turn 3 Blue Message 20_Blue logged.

That was the best card I have drawn yet - I also upgraded my infra to e7.
223 3/9/2019 2:36:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 19_Purple logged and Michael up.

Used your Infra, Michael, so have a card.
222 3/9/2019 1:43:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Green gone, brent up
221 3/8/2019 9:23:00 PM Turn 3 Green Message No yellow turn in dropbox

220 3/8/2019 7:11:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message I used Green Infra so draw an extra card at the start of your turn Shaun. I changed my turn part way through. Used Shauns infra plus my adaption plus card for shielded build. Research station which allowed Rev +1 which allowed a Breakthrough which allowed an Adaption all for 3 T profit. All my builds and Moves are radiation free.
219 3/8/2019 5:18:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message more research, over to Murray.
218 3/8/2019 6:13:00 AM Turn 3 Purple Message 15_Purple logged and over to Michael.

Bit of exploration. I used you Infra Shaun so you get a card draw.

Laying people off...sounds like Spacecorp has been giving you some pointers for the real world.

217 3/8/2019 4:15:00 AM Turn 3 Green Message Sorry for the delay, some fun stuff at work where I was involved in laying off some people.

I reckon I deserved my turn too, an explore where I just found rocks and rings for a lousy 1t profit. Over to Brent.

216 3/6/2019 7:29:00 PM Turn 3 Blue Message Drew my card and gave Murray his money, since I am waiting (with baited breath) to move some furniture with the missus, I had time.

Though from what I have drawn I am suspecting that someone has rigged the deck so I don't draw the really useful stuff.

back to Shaun
215 3/6/2019 6:44:00 PM Turn 3 Yellow Message Okay so had to use Michaels infra, if you want to draw a card. I explored and not sure I got the 2 trill for the second exploration. Over to Shaun (if I didn't could you be so kind as to move it).

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