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6 4/8/2019 12:28:00 AM Master ID = 944 Game Deleted
5 4/8/2019 12:27:00 AM Spring 1861 Moderator Message looks like Don dropped out and has not answered his emails... so will delete this game and reassign you to play Tim Miller since he is also paired with Don in his other game.

sorry for the inconvenience.
4 4/3/2019 2:05:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Play Strategy card as Event #86: 3 / Minor Campaign
Conduct up to two moves or conduct one special army-size naval move. No SP, general, or army marker may be moved twice with the same campaign card. You must move a different force each move.

Message from Confederate:
I start with a campaign

- 1SP sails from Little Rock to Fort P-J

- J. Johnston and 1SP activated in Winchester: Beau and 3SP picked up from Manassas and all the stack ends in Richmond : JJ, Beau and 5SP in Richmond
3 4/3/2019 2:03:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Draw Strategy cards 4 cards drawn.

2 4/3/2019 2:03:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Message Hi Don,
Good luck!
1 4/2/2019 8:45:00 PM Spring 1861 Moderator Message you may start.

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