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Thirty Years War: Hapsburgs vs Protestants (& Friends) Journal

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6 5/6/2019 5:44:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Hi Jeff
No problem at all, still no rush from my end
5 5/6/2019 5:01:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Przemek,

My apologies for taking so long to respond. I departed on a two-week vacation to Portugal on Saturday, 4\27, from which I will be returning on Saturday, 5\11. Things were crazy getting work squared away the last ten days or so before I left. I will get a move out on 5\12!

4 4/21/2019 4:49:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message I've drawn my cards, didn't press "End Turn" as warning message came up saying only 1 player should press it. Your turn :)
3 4/21/2019 4:39:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Draw Strategy cards
2 4/21/2019 12:19:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Draw Strategy cards
1 4/21/2019 12:19:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Message As for Optional Rules, I suggest the following:

19.1 - Victory Determination (because otherwise, it's too easy for the outcome to wind up a draw)

19.2a - Stronger Imperial set-up: this gives you an extra Veteran unit at Wien, which is more consistent with the relative balance of forces at the start of the war; VASSAL doesn't have a 4th Veteran unit, so we'll just have to treat a Merc unit as a Veteran

19.3 - LOC established during Action Phase (as previously discussed)

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