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64 8/19/2019 7:01:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message 16a_Cartels logged. I passed so over to the Government.

That was a hard choice. The problem is that in this game all of the Cartels first activation cards, while attractive, have very ugly unshaded, Cartel punishing actions. Two in a row and it's a matter of weighing up the lesser of very bad evils. Good stuff :)

The AUC will win when propaganda hits. FARC....you need more bases. Murray, deal with your bully boys. I'll keep doing what I do best.

63 8/18/2019 4:23:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Intrigued.

I'll have to have a look at that when I get home tonight.
62 8/18/2019 3:53:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message UNruly (with shiny jackboots) rabble passed then took a turn all on my own - thanks Brent and DoD!

Narco Subs is up, all 3 of you are eligible - Brent first. Tough choices for you Brent either way the shaftage potential of those events is high.
61 8/18/2019 6:21:00 AM Turn 1 Government Message Have returned three troops to office, over to the unruly rabble.
60 8/17/2019 4:20:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Nudge, Murray.

You need to remove 3 dark blue cubes from anywhere on the map, then the murder squads are up.
59 8/15/2019 9:26:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message A copy of Andean Abyss, Murray?

I think it's probably more accessible than Falling Sky or Pendragon so you're more likely to get it sold and start a COIN revolution in Echuca!

14a_Cartels uploaded.

Impossible to choose an ideal path here without handing initiative to the fascists.....delicioulsy difficult. Took the shaded DoD Contractors Event.....the DDT just blew back in your face, El Presidente. You need to remove 3 dark blue cubes from somewhere on the board, then the AUC are up. The Government and FARC will remain ineligible through next card (wasn't targeting you Shaun but collateral damage is what we do and the life of a Marxist guerrilla is FARCed anyway, so how much worse can it get?).
58 8/15/2019 8:58:00 PM Turn 1 Government Message Copy of the game arrived in store on Tuesday.
Turn done, over to Brent and Michael.
57 8/15/2019 1:02:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message Can part of that post. The Capabilities are dual use.....you just flip the token for the shaded one, but as they all affect the government only (either positively or negatively), the markers all go to the government box.
56 8/15/2019 12:54:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message Murray, I'd missed the bit where you took a Capability (obviously a case of cognitive bias....mental shock that you made a constructive play).

I've had a play around and the right click / place a marker bit doesn't seem to work. The markers for your Capabilities are in the Pieces window.....the button is close to the left of the toolbar.....I know, I didn't bother checking before because who'd have thought you'd actually need it? Because the Capabilities for this game are single text and only for the government (apparently only they had the stability to have any lasting development, which doesn't say much about the rest of us, who only get short term momentums), there aren't shaded/unshaded capability markers like there are in the other games we've played.......you don't take the card, just the reminder marker. Tapias (I like BBQed octopus and grilled haloumi myself, although not sure what that has to do with counterinsurgency) is the bottom right marker in the window......just drag it onto your Government box on the board as your reminder when you take your turn.
55 8/15/2019 12:28:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message Hugo Chavez, socialist (thus the stupid red beret), militant revolutionary (thus the naff salute), El Presidente of Venezuela from 1999-2013, and constitutional and economic reformer (which is probably why Venezuela is so FARCEd up now). What is it with tinpot dictators and their obsession with military show? Lots of oil money, zero sense. Great ally there, FARC!
54 8/14/2019 10:55:00 PM Turn 1 FARC Message Farcing life getting in the way of gaming. Typical.

Gov up after eventing on my part.
53 8/14/2019 7:02:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Sorry, iPhone sausage fingers....hit Submit too early. All three seasons continue the Colombian story (I think there’s a separate Narcos Mexico series). First two seasons are about Escobar and the Medellín cartel but after his demise third season shifts to the Cali cartel and the timeframe of this game.

The Medellín cartel were vicious, murderous brutes with zero conscience......Escobar just had a Colombian Air 727 bombed in an attempt to take out presidential candidate Gaviria, missing him because he got warning from US DEA agents, but killing over 200 innocent passengers......a real peach was Escobar. This and indiscriminate bombing all over Colombia to kill police, judges, politicians and hundreds of innocent bystanders, lost him any Robin Hood status he had with the Colombian people, and was why he eventually had no refuge despite his ridiculous financial reserves. The other problem for him was that as soon as he became vulnerable, his competitors moved in for the kill. Among them was the Cali cartel, who were probably behind the Los Pepes hit squads that went for Escobar’s friends and family, even though on the surface these were supposed to be peoples’ vigilantes getting revenge for Escobar’s terror campaign.

In contrast to the Medellín cartel’s overt brutality, the Cali cartel were meant to be sophisticates. Instead of trashy Miami, their allotted distribution market was classy New York, and instead of wholesale slaughter, they tended to achieve political manipulation through an army of mercenary lawyers (with a sprinkling of bribery, assassination and kidnapping, just to keep their hand in). That’s us....Renaissance Men.

So you going to take your FARCing turn, Shaun, or what? No wonder FARC were around for 50 years and never got anywhere.

Excuse typos...on phone, can’t edit.
52 8/14/2019 6:39:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Still watching Season 1 of Narcos but I’ve realised that all three seasons continue the
51 8/14/2019 6:39:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Still watching Season 1 of Narcos but I’ve realised that all three seasons continue the
50 8/14/2019 5:03:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message fixed the accounting problem, nothing to see here.
49 8/13/2019 9:02:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message I've been watching the first season of Narcos.......on Netflix for those of you have a subscription. This season is about the Colombian drug cartels. It's a dramatisation from the view of a US DEA agent and focuses on Pablo Escobar, so is a bit earlier than the period of this game, but is very interesting for an on the ground view of the situation. It touches on the police and government but it's mostly about the rise (and presumably fall) of the Medellin Cartel and not so much on political insurrection, so not a lot in there for the FARCers and fAUCers.

I think it's mentioned somewhere in the AA design notes that FARC and AUC were the main insurgent groups, but that there were dozens of different bands of nutters of all political and revolutionary persuasions roaming the jungle, and the game lumps them together for convenience. One that is featured briefly in Narcos is M-19, who were either Marxists or democratic reformists or both, who made the mistake of kidnapping the sister of of one of Escobar's Medellin Cartel associates....I'll leave it up to your imaginations to work out what happened to M-19 (and let that be a warning to you extremist whackjobs).

I'm only four episodes in but finding it very interesting. Highly recommended.
48 8/13/2019 6:24:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message May be wrong, Hitler Hernandez, but I didn't see you pay for that Limp Op March you just did.

47 8/12/2019 5:52:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message Took my limited.

FARC up, your up.
46 8/12/2019 8:59:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message That's nice, Murray, but I've actually finished the Propaganda Phase after you "finished" it. You had a homeless Troop skulking up north....I've sent it packing back to a base (you can Redeploy it somewhere else if you want). Also removed all the Terror and Sabotage markers.....the Reset Button does it automatically and probably also hides all the guerillas but it was amusing clicking through 5 minutes of you doing it by hand.

12b_Cartels logged. Making the country greener. Did I mention that in addition to being philanthropists and saviours of the poor, we're also environmentalists?

Over to the AUC.....no specials for you, Fascist Felipe.
45 8/12/2019 6:14:00 AM Turn 1 Government Message So okay sorry it took so long. blaming work and the flu. I believe I finished the propganda phase and it is over to you guys.
44 8/10/2019 6:26:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Actually, no, it's Murray up in MoV too.
43 8/10/2019 5:32:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message Update 11b with my Rally - Murray you need to move some troops in the Jungle to a base or a city you control.

Brent I assume you know that you are up in MoV?
42 8/10/2019 9:03:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message Oh yes, I thought I'd highlighted that possibility early on. Was worried you crack fiends were going to jump my couriers and steal my stash.

The bonus LimOp is interesting but I was holding out for the Resources. Saw pretty early that the Cartels have to spend money to make money. Had to spend all my Resources and was down to nothing which meant I couldn't perform any Command for the last couple of cards........huge payoff when Propaganda hit, though. Think that first phase has to be set up for the Cartels. Be interesting to see how it plays for them now that they're rolling in pesos, mansions, hookers and Rolls Royces. Will probably be more prepared to snort the coke for the extra LimOp boost. Prepare to be bribed, too.
41 8/10/2019 4:01:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message Also I didn't see the bit about burning a shipment for a free limited if you manage to get one.
40 8/10/2019 4:00:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message You also have to watch those farmers who are 2 bases from victory, and they pop those out pretty fast.
39 8/9/2019 6:25:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message also Murray's capability seems to have disappeared

38 8/9/2019 6:20:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message actually el Pres has to relocate his forces in Putumayo-Caqueta as there is no base there and it isn't a city (he also doesn't control it for the full 3 strikes)

I will free rally in my stronghold Antioquia - Bolivar for 4 guerillas. so Murray can move his troops and place my guys.
37 8/9/2019 3:35:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message 11b_Propaganda uploaded.

Michael, how can you say we don't know we're supposed to make money? The Colombian Robin Hoods are doing their job.....taking from the rich and giving to the corrupt. All that coke is now on its way to Miami where it's most needed.

I made a mistake with the Sabotage markers from that last event. They were supposed to go on the highest value unoccupied LOCs (not optional) and I missed that there was a 3 value on the border of Venezuela. I moved the marker there and subtracted 1 Resource from the government (will make all the difference).

I've been able to skip ahead through a number of Propaganda steps because there were no options for the government, so we didn't have to suffer through yet more administrative incompetence. I've read that the the government and FARC control markers are optional and were planned to be used only during Propaganda, because they're otherwise obvious......but we can certainly keep track of them, so might as well leave them where they are (the government and FARC can take Civic Actions and Agitate by Command, as well as during Propaganda).

New Presidente with a bad moustache (Señor Pastrami) and a FARC Zone placed in Meta West (again, no option).

We're up to Elite Backing so Michael's up next for a free AUC Rally.

The AUC are obviously the Aedui of Andean Abyss....suddenly win when nobody has realised they were even there. Reading the government strategy pointers in the playbook (you did read them of course, Murray) the government has to keep an eye on them because while they are aligned to some extent in their goals, they're also an international embarrassment (extortion, murder, rape, MtG players and a political position that would make Hitler cringe) which doesn't look good in front your US friends. You're supposed to take care of them when they get too big for their jackboots. Grandma Coca isn't equipped to deal with them and they seem to be all throughout our jungles now scaring the shit out of our innocent farmers. So could we humbly request that you and the Marxists do your FARCIng jobs and control them? Propaganda can come very quickly and unexpectedly in this game (possibly 3 cards away) so time to get off your asses.
36 8/8/2019 11:17:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message Uploaded my turn and started the propaganda.

I missed by one base - I should have rallied in Santander - Boyaca when I did the big rally earlier - cest la vie

Brent you need to decide what you are doing with your shipments.
35 8/8/2019 6:53:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message 10a_Cartels logged.

Took the Event....hope you weren't planning on getting any Resources this turn El Presidente.....which is relevant because Propaganda has just flipped.

The restriction to a LimOp only applies to the card before the 4th and final Propaganda so you're good for a full OP + Special, Michael....just no March.
34 8/8/2019 5:52:00 AM Turn 1 FARC Message FARC just gone. Cartel up. Sorry, just realised didn't do end turn actions - please press the buttons.
33 8/6/2019 4:25:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message Took a limited, over to El Pres.
32 8/6/2019 7:46:00 AM Turn 1 FARC Message Hmm - just trolling GMT games and found the following

Looks like we may be seeing mobile device versions of COIN games....

Bring it on
31 8/5/2019 7:17:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message 08a_Cartels logged.

AUC up

Fixed some cheating, Murray. For your Sweep into Cesar-Guajira you moved through 2 LOCs and you can only move through one. Also, only Troops can Sweep (dark blue cubes, not your light blue police). I've returned your dark and light blue cubes to Hula-Tolima. Your only possible source of sweeping troops into Cesar-Guajira is from adjacent Santander-Boyaca. I've take the liberty of moving one of your Troops from there for the sweep......you can move both if you want to but it will leave your base exposed. Your call.
30 8/5/2019 4:15:00 PM Turn 1 FARC Message fixed it - body and mind not too crash hot yesterday.
29 8/5/2019 4:09:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message Shaun, a limited Operation (LimOp) is only one space (department or city)

Choice was a LimOp or event.
28 8/5/2019 8:16:00 AM Turn 1 FARC Message FARCed up and did some attacks.

Cartel up
27 8/5/2019 7:26:00 AM Turn 1 Government Message The government does what it does and sadly the people aren't entirely happy but that is good government.
Swept two provinces and found criminals everywhere. Destroyed two cartel bases, more good government.
Some people requiring the cartel jobs to pay for food have got a little upset and Government support has slipped. This is only a temporary set back.
Aid was gained and resources have been spent.

26 8/5/2019 4:53:00 AM Turn 1 FARC Message Updates and fixed. Bitch bitch bitch, anyone would think you want me to play properly or something. FARC me
25 8/5/2019 4:33:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message THat's the job of those FARCers in the forest.

I'm an authoritarian - like the Man, who just isn't doing his job yet so I don't want to rob him when he can't do it with what he has.

24 8/5/2019 3:54:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message My Falling Sky game just hit second winter with both the Belgae and my Aedui one point short of Victory.....so close. I was one Suborn short of removing a Belgic ally and nicking it. The Arverni are out of it except for spoiling and the Roman player has no idea what he's doing.....I think Caesar's been on the vino.

So back to Andean Abyss...I have two 14 year old sicarios (hit "men") and an 80 year old grandma cooking the coca paste, so I don't think I'm the man......but aren't you hard types supposed to be getting into the LOCs and interfering with government resources? Don't know that much about the politics of insurgency. Just curious.
23 8/5/2019 3:46:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message Need a card flip for next card
22 8/5/2019 2:57:00 AM Turn 1 FARC Message I just passed, el pres up
21 8/4/2019 12:56:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message ...actually, Shaun, the Narco War event would harm you more than the Government, as it wouldn't affect his support in any of the regions I have guerrillas but would decrease Opposition Support in two Regions......Putumayo-Caqueta and Guaviare. Placing Terror markers would make it harder for El Presidente to conduct Civic Actions, though, but also make it harder for you to Agitate. Terror is a 2 edged sword (pretty cool).

I checked and none of it's optional....if it's triggered, all regions with 1 Cartel guerrilla left (and not just regions where guerrillas were removed) are terrorised.
20 8/4/2019 12:31:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message So Murray, your Train Op was Free (per Event) so you didn't have to pay the 3 Resources.....but it says in the rules that you pay for the Civic Action if you choose to take it, even if the Train was free. You shifted Support up by 2 levels so it cost 6 Resources.
19 8/4/2019 12:23:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message 06a_Cartels logged.

Fixed up the government mess, including ensuring he paid the shortfall in Resources that he spent (we may be criminals but we know how to keep track of the pesos.....it seems there's a bit of creative accounting in certain government departments).

Lots of cash crops planted. Thank god for the civic minded cartels holding up the struggling Colombian economy and keeping the poor in employment, instead of FARCing them. The real justice warriors, that's us.

FARC up.....LimOp or Event. Please feel free to trigger the Narco War, Shaun. We're ready.

18 8/3/2019 9:10:00 PM Turn 1 Government Message Government continues to bring rule of law to the people. Took the event and used the Ops (was it free? I paid for it) to train and then as part of train get a civic action in. People flock to the peoples champion
17 8/3/2019 12:15:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message WEnt ahead and had a turn, can be adjusted if Shaun actually wanted to do something (or he did and I ddin't see it.

Over to El Presidente
16 8/3/2019 12:03:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message Did you do anything on that limited op Shaun?

The file has you select limited op then end play which could be legit...
15 8/2/2019 11:12:00 PM Turn 1 FARC Message Taken the turn. Cartel Up
14 8/2/2019 7:10:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Tingo Maria is apparently a triple yield coca plant developed by the cartels. Couldn't make use of it right now......would have been great later.

So are we a go for tomorrow night? Time?
13 8/2/2019 6:55:00 PM Turn 1 Government Message typical don't let the duly elected representative of the people have a turn...your all FARCers
12 8/2/2019 4:10:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message Jumped in on the end of Brent's turn as advised earlier and fixed up a few things I forgot on my turn (lowering aid and flipping pieces)

seems to have worked and a lot less messy than what we have been doing in the past.

Back to Shaun
11 8/2/2019 8:40:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message 04a logged....passed on card 3 and then took a stroll in the jungle.

FARC up (that's what the government propaganda calls you)
10 8/2/2019 6:32:00 AM Turn 1 AUC Message Well I convinced some people that those FARCing marxists were up to no good, by blowing up a few shacks

over to teh Cartel
9 8/2/2019 3:25:00 AM Turn 1 FARC Message So some Farcing brilliant rallying done along with a bit of associated extorting. El presidentie can posture all he wants - the real money's in roughing up people taking their cash and trying to find out when the shipments are due.
AUC will be up next I think

8 8/1/2019 9:25:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Looking at the explanation of Tres Esquinas it was an essential combined government-US base in the southeast to counter FARC dominance in Vaupes when the guerrillas were at their height of military aggression.....so you're not doing the history and are therefore doomed to failure (again).

Did a bit more Wikipedia and youtube documentarising and found that after 50+ years FARC actually signed a peace agreement with the government in 2016-2017 and have formally demobilised......which apparently means the right wing paramilitaries (fAUCers?) and cartels have moved into the power vacuum left by them. Despite their ideology of fighting for social justice, during their time FARC funded themselves with coca production, kidnapping and terror and grew to be hated and feared by the people they were meant to be fighting for (almost as much as the right wing paramilitaries, who were even worse). FARC were particularly fond of DIY landmines and Colombia has the second highest rate of civilian landmine victims in the world after Afghanistan. Hope you're feeling thick skinned there, Shaun!

There are a bunch of fascinating on the ground videos with FARC units in the jungles while they were active. There's one particularly chilling video by a journalist who was with a government special coca lab destruction unit which was isolated and surrounded by the FARC. He was shot filming while the government sergeant next to him was killed, he hid his film before being captured by the FARC, then retrieved it later when he was ransomed. Video is here for those who aren't squeamish:

7 8/1/2019 8:12:00 PM Turn 1 Government Message Just had a look at the Gov first cards and I do believe that the free base and troops is my best card, so woot on getting that early. Second best appears to be 6 free police but that depends on just how much I need resources as a number of the cards seem to either get the Gov resources or lower the cost of doing things. So I assume that is important.

Over to the evil commies
6 8/1/2019 7:56:00 PM Turn 1 Government Message This is your government speaking, stay calm and go to work. Willing to bet that was a choice between my best two events in the game.
5 8/1/2019 3:57:00 AM Turn 1 Cartels Message So I've read the design notes and realised I was a decade behind. Andean Abyss takes place from the mid-90s to the mid-nougties, after Pablo Escobar was a dead fat man (1993). All these factions were represented during the previous decade of Escobar and the Medellin cartel's dominance but their focus and modus operandi had changed buy the period this game represents. FARC had become much more directly militant, the dominant narcos were the Cali cartel and the government forces were getting their act together.......this game actually depicts how the Colombian authorities developed their counterinsurgency strategies and freed Colombia of its insurgents, major organised drug syndicates and civil strife (that won't happen in our game, of course, but that's the idea).

Apparently Colombia is now a model of effective counterinsurgency and the deep shit has moved to Mexico, Bolivia and Peru. Volko Rhunke was a high level political and military analyst (I believe) in his day job so his notes make interesting reading.
4 7/31/2019 9:59:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message 01b logged and over to the Government.

Just recruiting the poor in to good paying work and farming for the health of the Colombian economy.

The Playbook has a good guide to strategy from pages 15 to 17, particularly for the government (you're going to need it, El Presidente). The Design Notes cover the history from page 27. The individual card explanations are after that. The defectors apparently simulates a movement of guerrillas from FARC to AUC because of the harsh discipline imposed by the FARCers and the protection given to the defectors by AUC against their ex-comrades (and the women, obviously). Doesn't explain the bad moustaches, though. So well played, Michael, you're doing the history, señor.
3 7/31/2019 8:51:00 PM Turn 1 AUC Message Well the ball is rolling.

Went with the event so we politely asked a few FARCers if they would kindly change their Marxist ideology for something more wholesome - through threats, torture, the usual.

Over to the Cartel.
2 7/31/2019 5:46:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Okay, the start file is in the folder and ready to go when you guys are.

AUC up first, Michael, on Deserters & Defectors......and if the guerrilla second from left is deserting I'm all ready to defect, too.

Going to follow the historical info on the cards in the playbook. I did watch a quick doco on SBS on Demand last night abut the legacy of Pablo Escobar. Apparently a lot of the narco action and murder has now just moved on to Bolivia and Peru, which was the main source for the Medellin cartel's raw coca paste at the time (they would process it to cocaine and ship from Colombia). The experts say it will never end....its just too lucrative.
1 7/30/2019 11:48:00 PM Turn 1 Cartels Message Welcome amigos.

Dropbox folder made and you've all been sent an invite. I've put the rules, playbook, errata and map in there.

Did my first read of the rules. This is some heavy stuff them-wise. Trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, terrorism, assassination, factions named after the F-bomb (and I bet they really were complete and utter motherFARCers). I guess that's the nature of modern counterinsurgency.....I'll bet the Afghanistan and Vietnam games are no prettier. Still, not a problem for someone with a strong stomach and shady morality so I'm good to go.

Jesting aside, there are some players out there who find these games objectionable. I'm not a terrorist or coke peddler and playing one of them in a game doesn't make me one.......and I think if you're going to learn something about the history and really understand it, you have to get in the shoes of the parties and not ignore the dirt. These aren't glorifying game designs, either, they're done with serious simulation in mind....which doesn't mean they can't be fun and challenging o play. Perfectly legit for others to feel differently, though, so if any of you have a conscientious objection, or for any of you with strong morals (Shaun and Michael) don't hesitate to drop out.

My only exposure to the subject was from watching the Two Escobars documentary on SBS, and I came to that from a football interest. That isn't available anywhere (that I can find) but looking for more I watched the National Geographic channel documentary, which I recall was pretty good (it's been few years, though). It's here if you're interested:


As the first of the COIN games, I thought it might be a bit vanilla.....after all, the mechanisms were new so pretty challenging in themselves, I guess, to the original players. It does have only one game scenario (additional scenarios must have been a later development in the series) and the boxed status gizmo that all games seem to have in some form (the Senate in FS, Imperium in Pendragon) is a pretty basic presidential succession thing......but otherwise it's actually surprisingly intricate with some novel systems in it. Just at first glance it has Lines of Communication which actually form the borders between land zones and can be occupied by certain units. It has drug shipments which can be used ('sold") to give you an additional Limited Operation when you're performing a Full Operation, or you can use them in other players' turns to let them get a Limited Operation (maybe if you're about to reach victory check and they have the opportunity to stop somebody else nicking it, or maybe as part of a deal). It has an interesting shifting level of support in each region for either the Government or the filthy FARCers (still not getting old :) which does limit some Operations. (On a side note, one of the guys I'm playing FS with now kept referring to taking a LimOp......had no idea what he was talking about but now I know.....Limited Operation).

A couple of interesting wrinkles we have to watch out for. The Propaganda cards (this game's version of Winter or Epoch cards) are shuffled into each stack of 12 cards that make up the deck, not toward the end of each stack like the game we've played, so they can come right on top of each other. On the last card before the final Propaganda, factions are only allowed to perform LimOps (see, I know the lingo now like a true COIN vet). If nobody wins an auto victory at find Propaganda, you still complete the Propaganda phase before checking who wins on score. Fighting is simple but different......the government can only take out active ("unhidden") guerrillas and guerrillas can only take out a couple of units max. I'm sure there were more to watch out for.

Just coming to the end of my hell week (if you can call 9 days straight a week). I'll set up the start tonight and am good to go when others are......no rush, though, if you haven't had a chance to read

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