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3 9/16/2019 5:54:00 AM 386-374 BC Etruscan-Samnite Message Welcome to the Sword of Rome journal.

Michael, we had a quick look at this and a play with ACTS and Vassal last night.

This is different to the generic ACTS journals we've been using as this is a dedicated ACTS module for Sword of Rome. It has pregenerated counters for VPs and draw deck cards remaining. It also has an automated card draw and card play function which looks cool. You just choose to draw cards for the current turn and voila, they're there, along with your Desperate Times cards.

I've done a starting Vassal Save file. What I've done is manually draw the cards that ACTS gave me. Go to the general deck window (tab with all the card decks, about midway along the toolbar). Right click your faction's deck and choose each card you want to draw manually from the dropdown menu, then drag it to your own card window (which is to the right of that tab.....all the other factions should be greyed out).

So at this stage we'll play our cards from our hand in Vassal and in ACTS. If this becomes laborious, we can revert to just doing it in Vassal, but I think the clarity of the announcement function in ACTS will be useful....well see.

Don't create a log of your card draw in Vassal, otherwise people will be able to see....just follow on from mine (designated a) or whoever was last, draw your hand, then record it as a Save file.

Still want to get closer to the end of Andean Abyss before starting this but feel free to draw your cards in ACTS, then Vassal, and start on the rules.
2 9/16/2019 5:30:00 AM 386-374 BC Etruscan-Samnite Draw Strategy cards
1 9/15/2019 6:05:00 AM 386-374 BC Etruscan-Samnite Change Etruscan-Samnite player Etruscan-Samnite player changed from Brent Steeves to Brent Steeves

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