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5 9/24/2019 12:41:00 AM Master ID = 25014 Game Deleted
4 9/19/2019 10:17:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate Edit names of Custom values
3 9/19/2019 9:37:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate Message (Victory grades should be about +5 / +15 / +25 for either side with +-5 an operational stalemate.)

F) Each Confederate Wagon gains *5 vps* for each turn it ends in New Kent County. *10 vps* lost for each which does not end in the county...Art reserve gains *3 vp* each turn, loses *6 vp* if not in New Kent.

Union Automatic Victory
Johnston, Smith and Whiting's demi division must end either in Barhamsville or in New Kent county.
In addition undemoralised confederate units of at least 10sp total must end the scenario in New Kent Courthouse otherwise an automatic Union Decisive Victory.

J) ...*Wilcox (Longstreet) & *Early (DH Hill) and, Smith (IVth) & *Hooker (IIIrd) are assault units and automatically gain a one time +1 on their very first assault attempt or march activation in a zoc, when attacking into or from any one redoubt vp hex.
2 9/19/2019 7:50:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate Message Special Rules & Conditions
A) Confederates get one free initiative at start (not two).
B) Rain (Current) is in effect on a roll of 5+, rolling each Turn.
C) Rainy turns end immediately on first roll of doubles, normal weather turns on second roll of doubles on the initiative dice. (Each player must have made at least one move.)
D) Due to caution, Units may not march directly from zoc to zoc, but must use an assault action.
E) All loss vps exactly as per written scenario,
F) Each Confederate Wagons gains 2vps for each turn it ends in New Kent County. Wagons only move on a roll of 1-4. A movement roll of 5-6 is +1 fatigue only. Activate seperately or with one single inf.
G) All 5 "Western" redoubts (s4806-S4508, s4212), Williamsburg (s4407), Half Way House (s5009), Centreville (S3906), Elham (S3926) and Barhamsville (S3931) are worth 1 vp per turn.
H) Each assault action into a vp hex raises its value by 1 vp for that turn.
I) Confederates lose 1 vp (2vp if Magruder units) for each SP <40 which do not end in New Kent. They gain 1vp for each 2 Sp > 40 which exit. (Max +10vp)
J) Longstreet's two demi-divisions, Union IV corps divisions, Smith and Casey are assault units and gain a one time +1 on their first attack into or from a redoubt vp hex.

Scenario ends after at least 50 sp & both Wagons have arrived in New Kent County or after Seven days.

1 9/19/2019 6:03:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate Message Will post the changes in a few hours.

Looking forward to the playtest!

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