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5 9/26/2019 9:57:00 PM Master ID = 25014 Game Deleted
4 9/24/2019 2:35:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate (Longstreet) Message 2 x 2 vp locations (Not Redoubts)
Williamsburg (S4407)
Eltham Landing (N3926),
8 x 1 vp locations (Redoubts 1.5 X)
"Western" on-map REDOUBTS (S4806-S4508)
Piggott's Mill, (S4202)
College Ck (S4409)
Academy (S3801)
Barhamsville (N3931)
3 9/24/2019 2:00:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate (Longstreet) Message Hi Alberto,

Basically the confederates have to exit at least half their army from the northwestmap edge (N3030) and hold the redoubts with the other half.

Rules C-G are really optional, but they fit in with the campaign rule of ending tirns on an initiative die roll double - the second one. (Why not make the first one a combat phase!)

Precipitous movement also speeds up play.

STRATEGIC movement litle rigid at 8 so why not 1d6+2?

The Union have to seize the redoubts and try and get units into Kent county or within 5 hexes of Barhamsville (N3931) either overland or amphibiously.

(According to printed scenario, Franklin boards on a "6" on T1, a "5" on T2 and *4* on T3+.
Eltham Landing is worth 2 vps (both if occupied) and New Kent worth 3 vps for Union only, but Confederates can stay within one hex of New Kent Courthouse and be counted as having exited.)

Confederates either hold or are near all redoubts but are losing 1D6 vps if Johnston, Smith and one div not in Kent..

Rest is just exact details about number of troops and wagons and ending game earlier than seven turns.

Should be a challenge!
2 9/24/2019 1:10:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate (Longstreet) Message =====VICTORY POINT SCHEDULE=====

(Conditions 1-5 at END of EACH Turn. HIGHEST PLAYER only)
(1) ( Friendly unit must have last OCCUPIED or PLACED them in ZOC.)
TWO fixed NON-REDOUBTs Williamsburg (s4407), Eltham Landing (N3926), 2 VP each.
FOUR fixed "Western" REDOUBTS (S4806-S4508) worth 1 vp each..
TWO WARWICK Cy REDOUBTS, Piggott's Mill, (S4202) & College Ck (S4409) 1vp each.
(Can be moved to any NAMED county location or double any existing REDOUBT value.)
TWO JAMES Cy redoubts Barhamsville (N3931) and Academy (S3801) 1 vp each.
(Can be moved to any NAMED county location as REDOUBTS.)

=============== (KENT COUNTY condition - HIGHEST ONE only.)
1D6 vp if Johnston, Smith and at least one unit are NOT yet in Kent County .OR.
1 vp for EACH CONFEDERATE supply train unit NOT yet in Kent County. BUT.
0 vp if at least 40 CONFEDERATE sp AND TWO supply train units are WITHIN Kent County.

=============== (BARHAMSVILLE condition - HIGHEST ONE only.)
(3) UNION ACTION, VPS:: (Per Turn)
1 vp if 20sp of UNION manpower is WITHIN Kent County or 5 hexes of Barhamsville.
2 vp if 40sp of UNION manpower is WITHIN Kent County or 5 hexes of Barhamsville.
3vp if 20sp of UNION manpower is WITHIN 3 hexes of New Kent CourtHouse.
1D6 vp if 20sp of UNION manpower OCCUPY New Kent Courthouse House.

=============== (EXIT MAP / NEW KENT COURTHOUSE TWO conditions.)
1 vp Each 10 sp of manpower which exit north of N3030 or within one hex of New Kent CH..
3 vp Each supply Train unit which exit north of N3030 or within one hex of New Kent CH..

=============== (FOUR LOSS conditions.)
1 vp for each sp of stragglers.
2 vp for each sp loss.
2 vps for each hex a Supply train unit retreats due to combat.
3 vp for each D/1 result by a Supply Train unit when rolling on extended march table.

======================== (END GAME - THREE conditions.)
UNION: 5vp for EACH of the THREE units in the Confederate supply train which have neither exited the map nor arrived at New Kent Courthouse. (10 vp per supply train unit if they have NOT reached New Kent county or are eliminated.)

CONFEDERATE: 10 vp if no Union infantry units are in Kent County.

BOTH: 5vp for each unit which cannot trace a supply line free of enemy units and zocs to the Army Commander. Union can trace to a landing hex. Exited Confederate units have supply.

0: Stalemate.
+5: Tactical
+15: Operational
+25: Strategic

1 9/24/2019 1:09:00 AM Turn 1 Confederate (Longstreet) Message

MAY 4-10, 7 day maximum length.(See B & C)
If 50 Confederate strength points have entered the northern 30xx hex row OR exited OR within one hex of NEW KENT CH (N3127) CONFEDERATE player may end game.
If 50 Union strength points are in New Kent County or within five hexes of BARHAMSVILLE (N3931) the UNION player may end game.
D) USE "On To Richmond" SCENARIO #2 SET-UP and rules #4-7. (Rules 1-3 changed).
Bridges may be blown. NO entrenchment.
E) BOTH Longstreet and Sumner may activate any one additional unit - inf or cav - up until a friendly unit is forced to retreat or is routed. No Grand Assaults.

B) GAME TURN LENGTH & WEATHER: Rain (Current) is in effect on a roll of 5+, rolling each Turn. Each turn ENDS immediately on SECOND roll of DOUBLES of the INITIATIVE dice.
Confederates get ONE free initiative MOVE at start (not two).
(NOTE: Random Events Chart normally gives 10/36 chance of rain, increased to 12/36.)

C) COMBAT / ASSAULT PHASE: First roll of INITIATIVE DOUBLES causes an immediate assault "inter-phase", the initiative player activates units but for ASSAULT ONLY.
Units may "ASSAULT MANOEUVRE", which is an assault action into or out of an enemy ZOC which will either be empty or friendly occupied.
Units can use an assault action to move from ZOC to ZOC during this phase.
(NOTE: Still disorganised if no road and may no longer use a normal march action to do this.)
SUCCESSIVE assault actions continue, limited by fatigue OR until a failed command roll OR a CRT result worse than +2. Opposing player then has a SAME counter-assault phase.
(NOTE: Greatly increased chance for a set piece battle.)

D) PRECIPITOUS MOVEMENT (PM): Non-cavalry units at F0 or F1 may use precipitous (doubled) movement. Supply Train units at Fatigue 0 MUST use this PM..
A unit raises fatigue TWO levels, rolls TWO dice and using the HIGHEST only.
However such movement may not exit AND enter a ZOC in the same movement "bound" and any march attack MUST be hasty at -3 modifier. Fatigue is rolled at higher level.
(NOTE: Greater variation and accelerates scenario timeline, links with sudden turn ending.)

E) SUPPLY TRAIN: Wagons and Reserve artillery are collectively known as "supply train" units and apart from SM activate separately, but on a roll of 1, there is a BOTTLENECK.
Raise fatigue by 1 level but ZERO movement this time and this one initiative ends.
When at Fatigue 0, Wagons and reserve artillery MUST attempt to use PRECIPITOUS (doubled roll) NOT UNION strategic movement. (If EITHER die is a "1" there is a BOTTLENECK , but fatigue raised by just ONE level in this case.)
(NOTE: Greater realism as wagon movement is more continuous and out of player control.)

F) STRATEGIC MOVEMENT (SM): INFANTRY only during this scenario . Units in a command may activate together ONLY when using strategic movement, but see optional rule about distance .No unit may STACK or move THROUGH any other type of unit.
(OPTIONAL: ONLY as many bounds available as the difference in the initiative die roll. In addition as with PM, roll TWO dice and use the HIGHEST.
OPTIONAL: Instead of a set "8 hexes" they must remain 1D6 +2 from enemy units.
EXAMPLE: Union win initiative 5/2 and roll a 4 and a 1, they may move an entire command either 4/8/12 mps - one "bound", raising fatigue by the appropriate level, to within 1D6 of enemy units.
NOTE: Activated units must use the same type of movement.- MM/ PM /SM.)
OPTIONAL: MCLELLAN' and JOHNSTON may use PM or SM only or lose 1vp!

G) Wilcox (Longstreet), Early (DH Hill) and Smith (IVth) & Hooker (IIIrd) are assault units for both sides and automatically gain an additional +1 on their very first assault attempt or march activation in a zoc, when attacking INTO or OUT OF any one

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