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Generic Module: Battle of Williamsburg (May 4-10 1862) Journal

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3 10/1/2019 9:28:00 PM Master ID = 25014 Game Deleted
2 9/27/2019 7:34:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Victory Points.

(1) Union Units (Each 20 sp)
Kent County or Barhamsville.

(2) Confederate units (Each 10sp)
Kent County or Kent Court House or 30xx or Exit map.

(3) Losses (Same in Scenario)
+ or -1 Stragglers
+ or -2 Combat Losses

(4) Fixed Geographical Conditions
2 x 2 vp locations.
8 x 1 vp redoubts.

(5) Extra possible 6 x 1 vp locations. 8 York landings, 4 close ones are paired.

An assault into (4) (5)increases by +1 for that turn. (into or out of)


Further comments about last entry.

1) Maybe no Rain Turn 1.

(2 & 5)Precipitous/Doubled Movement, Use highest roll and half the lowest roll (round up).

(3) Random End to Turn from 2nd - 4th doubles. Doubles 1st-3rd the initiaive player decides.

(4) Assault Inter-phase encourages a player to be little more careful and bring more units.

In GCACW, I actually think any assault or assault attempt should immediately give the opponent one free chance to counterattack.

The interphase turns this into a larger scale "phase" rather than a move.
However units must then be allowed to "assault manoeuvre" into an enemy zone of control. (I think in GCACW movement from zoc to zoc should be an assault action.)

I would REALLY like to try this!!
I see many comments about "No big battles"!....why?

There is no "Combat Phase"!

1 9/27/2019 6:38:00 AM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Scenario #2, basically the same..

1) Rain 5+ (simpler, tougher for both of us!).
2) Wagons and Reserve Art don't move on a "1". "Bottleneck" (realistic and tougher for Confederates! )

3) Game Turn ends on 2nd - 4th doubles.(similar to campaign rules).

4) Possible Assault Inter-phase. One player activates for assault until a failed Command roll or bad CRT result, then opponent does same. (Many criticise GCACW for not having enough big battles!)

5) Precipitous Movement where 2 die are rolled, +1 to the highest and fatigue raised twice, hasty attacks only - not zoc to zoc. (This speeds up play, compressing two moves into one! Goes well with random end to turn.)

6) suggestion to make strategic movement initiative dependent and vary th8 hexes, we can forget this.

7) Special assault units also can try later.

That just leaves the changed geographical and vicyory conditions, lets discuss that last!

As mentioned, the aim is to make 0 vp the average result!

Thats it!

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