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Generic Module: Battle of Williamsburg (May 4-10 1862) Journal

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16 10/2/2019 7:44:00 PM Master ID = 25014 Game Deleted
15 10/2/2019 1:16:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Ok, maybe try next week! Al
14 10/2/2019 1:16:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Oh i see, yes i misunderstood, am not using Vassal...
13 10/2/2019 1:15:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Im happy to try Scenaro #2 as written too.
5 turns, maximum 2 rain.
12 10/2/2019 1:13:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Yes probably need Vassal or Skype.

No system changes are fine..

What about the vp and geographical changes?

And just end the day on the third doubles.
11 10/2/2019 1:11:00 PM Turn 1 Union Forces (Sumner) Message Al, Really I am lost in this game.... I am conected, but don't see you. I see your modification,m but I can not understand some of this...
You hgave send me 6 o7 messages with changes.
I am not very conformtable....

And in adition I tell you I am not interested in playt By Email, Sorry, but I don't know if you understand me correctly.

If you can try to play in real time we can play with vassal, but I would like to have a complet changes of the rules.... but well detailed, becouse now I have points #13 I don't know what you want to say... rate 0 for example.

I await your comments,
10 10/2/2019 1:11:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Edit Weather / Initiative / VP Total Union Forces (Sumner): from to RAIN / DOUBLE - 1
Confederates (Longstreet): from to VP = 0
9 10/2/2019 1:09:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Edit names of Custom values
8 10/2/2019 1:08:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message (8*-15)
7 10/2/2019 1:07:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Yes, connected..Good morning / evening..

How are you with the special rule?
1-3 a few changes
4-7 same as scenario.

5-15: ok to try?

If so you get to assault my cav line!
6 10/2/2019 1:04:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message Our First roll of Doubles.. Due to the Bottleneck nobody had initiative advantage so this is a "Morning Assault" Interphase.

Since Confederates lost initiative, Union go first, do you want to try against the Cav?

(All great examples!)
5 10/2/2019 1:00:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Confederates (Longstreet):
Wagon B F1 - 0 movement (Bottleneck)

4 10/2/2019 12:59:00 PM Turn 1 Union Forces (Sumner) Message Are you connected???
3 10/2/2019 12:58:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Confederates (Longstreet):
Wagon B - using Precipitate(Doubled movement)
2 10/2/2019 12:51:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Confederates (Longstreet):
Rain 5+ on 1D6...

This scenario more challenging with Campaign-style rules...
1 10/1/2019 10:02:00 PM Turn 1 Confederates (Longstreet) Message OTR Scenario #2 variant with same set up.
Special Rules.

1. R.E.: Rain 5+ on 1D6.

2. INITIATIVE: Confederates first initiative.
On DOUBLES: May choose.
A) Move (1st-3rd roll).
B) Assault INTER-PHASE (1st-3rd roll)
C) End Turn 2nd or 3rd only (2nd-4th roll

3. WAGONS (Reserve Art). Any roll of one zero movement due to BOTTLENECK. Also must use PRECIPITOUS movement.

4-7 SAME as printed scenario #2.

New Rules and Conditions:

8. Assault Interphase may occur on doubles, during which a player may activate units only for assault pr assault manoeuvre into enwmy zoc. Continue until failed command roll or crt result of +1 or worse. Then opponent does same - counterasault.

9. PRECIPITOUS/ DOUBLED movement. Roll TWO dice and raise Fatigue 2 levels. Add highest and half of lowest (round up) for base movement allowance. Any formation may use, can move into or out of zoc but not both. Any attack hasty (-3).

10. Strategic movement allowed within 1d6+2 of enemy. Roll two dice and use highest only for movement multiplier. Raise fatigue accordingly.

11. Each side may name two assault units +2 on first attempted assault.

12. Sumner & Longstreet are Advance and Rearguard commanders, they may activate one extra unit until any unit gets retreat result on crt. No Grand Assaults.

13. Johnston and Mclellan are rated 0, at scenario end must trace loc to them or lose 5 vps per unit.

14. Combat and Straggler losses same as Scenario #2.

15. Completely New Geographical conditions.
A) Union Kent County and Barhamsville.
B) Confederate Kent County, Courthouse, and exit requirements.
C) 2 x 2vp Locations and 8 x 1vp redoubts.
D) Controlled Retreat or Rout possibility which may cause stricter Confederate conditions or add another 6 locations.

This is everything matched with the printed scenario so we can agree.

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