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11 2/2/2020 2:31:00 PM Master ID = 23341 Game Deleted
10 2/1/2020 7:39:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Message Hmm, I thought the Japanese only got two cards plus Savo Island on T3 (first turn of scenario) for a total of 3 cards. Did I miss something?
9 2/1/2020 7:36:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Japanese Message Japanese cards - 2, 4, 9, 10.
8 2/1/2020 7:27:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Message Do you want me to do Operation Watchtower or should we wait?

I read the Reaction Flow Chart (RFC) to have the JB (Japanese Bot) roll to see if it plays the Savo Island reaction card. It is a 50/50 chance since there is a -4 DRM because it calls for drawing another card. I calculate that the Japanese can get a total of 1:1 in naval/air factors thus allowing the play of the reaction card (I may be confused on this bit). If the Japanese fail this roll the Watchtower card cannot be reacted to as it is "Surprise" intel condition.

What say you to all this "thinking out loud"?
7 2/1/2020 7:17:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Japanese Draw Strategy cards Drew 3 cards.

6 2/1/2020 6:26:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Message Correction to US cards in hand. Don't know why or how I could get this messed up but here is what we have:

#2 Operation Watchtower (FO card)
#9 Operation Chronicle
#12 Operation Reno II

5 2/1/2020 3:26:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Message You will have to actually "draw" the Japanese cards by clicking on the button.
4 2/1/2020 3:25:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Message By our preliminary agreement on cards, #12 Operation Reno II belongs to you as it is a SW HQ event. That gives me card #13 (Op Cherry Blossom).

So far, so good. Cards divided without controversy on T3 and there is no reinforcements/replacements phase on T3.
3 2/1/2020 3:21:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Message The US cards are cards #12 Operation Reno II and #13 Operation Cherry Blossom.

The card numbers (#12 and #13) are in the upper right corners and probably a better way to refer to cards in general. Note that these numbers are different from those in the complete EotS deck. The ACTS system is using the complete EotS numbers so there may be a bit of confusion here - look for the title of the Japanese cards first then get the # from the upper right corner.

2 2/1/2020 3:14:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Draw Strategy cards Drew 2 cards.

1 2/1/2020 3:14:00 PM May-Aug 1942 Allies Message Game set up. We have Operation Watchtower in hand and will draw two random cards for T3 (first turn). The JB (Japanese Bot, Erasmus) will have the Savo Island card in hand plus two random. After drawing cards I will let you know our two cards and you will need to let us know the two JB cards. Then I will plan and execute Watchtower and the JB (we with you making final decision in case we disagree) gets to react.

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