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15 6/13/2020 1:59:00 AM Turn 1 German Message Just checking in, Richard, as you're up for a decision on Ivan's trade and then your own turn. There's no urgency but I know you've been busy. We haven't gone too far in this game so I'm sure if it's too difficult to continue at the moment we'd all be happy can it and restart at a later time.
14 6/6/2020 7:48:00 PM Turn 1 German Message Apologies all, the parallel games are causing a bit of confusion. Murray keeps trying to save his logs to this game's folder. I'll move the Vassalboyz folder out to another location (I'll send you an Invitation, Scott....you're more than welcome to follow).

A very different game. We're into card 8 and the Aedui, Belgae and Germans have annihilated each other, leaving Rome in a potential winning position, with Caesar having done almost nothing. The panic set in because the Aedui went on a roll in the first three cards....a Capability that lets them place 4 pieces with their Suborn (Vergobret.....2 Allies per go!) plus an event that he triggered and left him eligible (Druids) that let him place multiple allies with a first activation third card. The Belgae and I overdid the retribution and now we're all crippled, without Resources, and Caesar is sitting pretty. The Arverni are also creating havoc, as the Belgae triggered an Event (Dumnorix) that let them place multiple Citadels, including a stacking rule override to replace the Aedui citadel at Aedui.

Amazing how differently the game can play depending on player actions and the fall of the cards. Good stuff :)
13 6/6/2020 7:29:00 PM Turn 1 German Message Thanks Ivan.

The River Commerce capability was confusing me a bit because the Tip in the Playbook references a First edition printing of the card (the rulebook was updated for 2nd Edition but confusingly the Playbook wasn't). The River Commerce card wording was completely changed for 2nd Edition so the Playbook tip is now misleading. You played it correctly....you don't have to get Roman permission to establish Supply Lines but to get the doubled Resources (and to get Resources from Roman allies at all....not relevant in this case) you still need Roman agreement.

This module has the corrected text for the updated 2nd Ed cards but this still doesn't match the original Falling Sky Playbook. There do seem to be updated tips, or notes explaining the reason for the changes, for some of these 2nd Ed cards in the Ariovistus Playbook. Just in case there is confusion between these revised cards and original wording in the base game Playbook, the revised cards are (there are only 5 of them):

11. Numidians
30. Vercingetorix's Elite
39. River Commerce
44. Dumnorix Loyalists
54. Joined Ranks (which just happens to be the current card in play!)....the change was a toning down, removing the "No Retreat" clause from the second faction's battle.
12 6/4/2020 6:39:00 PM Turn 1 German Message Sorry Ivan, just checking you knew that you were up next.
11 5/31/2020 10:01:00 PM Turn 1 German Message While it looks straight forward, I think there is some uncertainty about the details of how the Aedui-Roman cooperation rule functions in Ariovistus. I've started a BGG thread to ask about it if you're interested to follow. It may become a very important consideration in this game after the Cisalpina Disaster and a horde of smelly Germans poised to overrun Gaul. No official response yet but a few issues clarified. Link is here:

10 5/31/2020 9:21:00 PM Turn 1 German Message 3b logged and the Aedui are up.

Sorry Richard, a massacre, but the opportunity was there and I had to take it. The Varian Disaster 60 years early.....or more accurately a repeat of Arausio 60 years before as it was in the that vicinity.....I think Arausio may have actually been in Transalpine rather than Cisalpine Gaul (so Provincia on this map). Both catastrophic defeats changed Roman politics, policy and history dramatically, particularly Arausio, which led to the rise of Marius and pushed forward the Roman Revolution and the death of the Republic. I think happening so early it will also dramatically change the tone and direction of this scenario. Very interesting to see how Caesar responds :)

I've run through the Arverni activation in detail, which made for a long log, sorry, but was a demo for future activations, which the player completing triggering cards can do. I did miscalculate and lost my Settlement in Sequani....minor payback for my bloodthirstiness :(.

Scott, it looks like the Abatis Event automatically placed the Abatis marker in Mandubii. You cold leave it there or opt to move it to Nervii, which were your two eligible Regions.
9 5/31/2020 8:49:00 PM Turn 1 German Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from German:
Arverni target faction in Sequani
8 5/31/2020 8:14:00 PM Turn 1 German Message Good work, Scott.

I tend to hit End Faction play after my turn as it clears up movement trails and pawns.

End Card then Draw Card is right and will also set the Eligibility cylinders to the right place. The only one to watch out for is if someone has taken a Capability on the current card, as End Card will discard it when we actually want to keep it in play....in that case I move it to the side of the board, manually reset eligibility and hit Draw Card.

These automated toolbar functions are common to all COIN Vassal modules I've played. Note there's also a Reset button for the end of Winter. That should reset all eligibility, hide all Warbands and Auxilia , cycle Dispersed markers, etc, but I've found for some COIN modules the Reset button misses other steps, so we just have to keep an eye on that one.

Also watch out for Arverni activations, which happen at the end of the card play and need to be completed before moving to the next card. We have one coming up.
7 5/31/2020 7:21:00 PM Turn 1 Belgae Message Hi All. I'm very excited about my first COIN game on Vassal. Apologies in advance for errors in mechanics.

I've logged a file: 2b_3a. I passed on the 2 card. Adeui and Rome were ineligible and the Germans had played. Belgae were first up on the 3 card so I played it in the same file. Germans (again Eligible) are next.

I've tried to set everything out for this play. Please let me know if I've made errors.

I wasn't entirely sure how to transition between cards 2 and 3. I ended up clicking 'End Card [something]' and then 'Draw Card'.

All the best
6 5/31/2020 6:10:00 AM Turn 1 Roman Message Finally did my move. over to the Germns.
5 5/12/2020 4:32:00 AM Turn 1 Belgae Message Test message. Do I type it here, or do I cut and paste from the Vassal log file?
4 5/12/2020 3:48:00 AM Turn 1 German Message Instead of putting Resources in the Resources text counter, I've put the victory target for each faction, which is more useful.....I just can't rename the counter now that I've set up the journal. Most factions will stay fixed but of course the Aedui one will shift constantly.
3 5/12/2020 3:43:00 AM Turn 1 German Edit Resources Aedui: from 0 to 7
Belgae: from 0 to 16
German: from 0 to 7
Roman: from 0 to 16
2 5/12/2020 3:43:00 AM Turn 1 German Edit Victory Points Aedui: from 0 to 3
Belgae: from 0 to 5
German: from 0 to 2
Roman: from 0 to 15
1 5/12/2020 3:33:00 AM Turn 1 German Message Greetings all. Welcome to the Ariovistus journal.

Had a spare moment so I've set up but no rush....happy to start when people are ready.

I've done a boring setup log in the Ariovistus folder if you want to see how I randomised the factions (realised I couldn't do it in ACTS because I would have had to set up the journal first, and couldn't do that until I'd randomised factions, and that was too much of a logic loop for my simple barbarian brain). Factions are:

Aedui - Ivan
Belgae - Scott
German - Brent
Rome - Richard

I've also done the automated deck setup and drawn the first two cards. Ivan and the Aedui are first up (with a River Commerce Capability....nice to get so early if you want it). No Arverni activation so we have a breather before we have to deal with that. There's a Save file to start from, Ivan, if you don't want to navigate through the setup log.

For the journal, Scott, every time we send a message, you'll get it by email and there will be a link back to ACTS where you just log in and send a new message if you want (you can choose group or private messages). It's just an email house but I like it because I can dump the email notifications to declutter my mailbox and still have them journaled here. It also means that messages don't accumulate massive text tails and it does help with sorting traffic between multiple PBEM games..

I have set up the numerical counters for Victory Points and the Resources and the text counter for Eligibility. I'll type in our starting values and players are welcome to use them but I have found them a fiddle for COIN, and they each generate an email, which gets old very quickly. The Victory Point tracker is probably the most useful when approaching Winter.....so I might update it on the last card before the "Winter stack" (cards 10, 27 and 42) so people can see where we stand approaching crunch time.

ACTS does have a die roller which is more transparent than using the die roller in Vassal. I'm not fussed but if there's a critical roll and people want to make it as above board as possible, you're welcome to use it.

I'm a little OCD about log naming conventions in COIN to help us track game progress and the proximity of Winter. For example for these first two cards I'd suggest:

(1c_German (if Rome or Aedui passed))


....and so on.

I know everyone has some familiarity with Falling Sky. Just some observations from the extensive experience of our one and only play of Ariovistus:

- Ariovistus himself is a Teutonic beast, almost on par with Caesar. Not metagaming, just warning his enemies to be careful so that they don't get a surprise crippling early in the game. Forts and Citadels do neutralise him on the attack, increasing their value.
- German settlements impact negatively on the Aedui and Roman victory points, making them even more likeable :).
- German Intimidation is particularly unpleasant (again making them noxious neighbours)
- The Diviciacus leader is not a bonus for the Aedui, he's a liability, because he limits their choice of Special Ability targets....and he's almost impossible to get killed, even if the Aedui want him dead). His only advantage is the option for cooperation between Aedui and Roman forces.
- Unlike the German bot in the base game, the Arverni are defensive and reactive .....they only react to threats in their own regions and don't expand outside their four home provinces once (If) they are knocked out of Sequani (unless there's an Event that I'm not aware of).

Sorry, that's a wall of text longer than the rules.

We can start whenever you're all ready. No rush.

May the best German win.

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