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11 6/20/2020 10:55:00 AM Turn 3 Mike Message Results:

DR5 on the first 3-1. Your unit loses a step. Cdn1x is i/c and retreats to R59. No advances or retreats.

DR1 on the second 3-1. Your unit loses 3 steps and becomes i/c and retreats 2 hexes wherever you wish. No losses for me. My advance as specified. (As you can see, 3-1 can be bad for defenders and should be avoided if possible.)

DR3 on the 1-1. No losses for you. My loss as specified. No advances or retreats.

My turn complete - to you for your Sep IV turn.

10 6/20/2020 10:51:00 AM Turn 3 Mike Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 3


Message from Mike:
Allied rolls Sep IV

9 6/20/2020 10:50:00 AM Turn 3 Mike Message Allied Sep IV:
Started with 8 replacements accumulated, earned 2 more, used 1, so balance is now 9.
In Africa: 1p/ic (inverted counter), which takes a replacement (TR), leaving him at 1p/2.
Into Taranto: 8, 23, 6615, 325
Into Golfo di Salerno: 504, 505, Cdn1x, 4r (replacements)
N60 5, 45
P60 2SS, 2p, 201
R59 4, 56
U61 4r
S57 Cdn1x, 78, 505, 504
T57 34/3, 3
W55 36
X55 7, 325
Y54 8, 23, 6615
AA53 46, Cdn1xx

Attacks: (Because a couple of the attacks take place nearby each other, I am specifying in advance all losses, retreats, and advances, though some of course will not apply depending on the die roll. The alternative for multiple attacks is to roll each one at a time, then specify outcome, then go on to next attack. But I am lazy and expedient so prefer to do all in one ACTS message.)

#1. Adjacent units on T56. 15-5, 3-1. Losses Cdn1x (if i/c retreat to R59), 34. advance: 34, 505.

#2. Adjacent units on Z53. 15-5, 3-1. Losses 23 (if i/c retreats 2 hexes south), 46. Advance AA53.

#3. W55 and X55 on X54. 10-8, 1-1. Losses 325, 36. Retreat: 1 hex southwest. Advance: X55.

Rolls on the way!


8 6/20/2020 10:36:00 AM Turn 3 Mike Message Hi Tom.
You will see from my turn that I regard your strong units as unassailable on the mountains near Salerno. So I attacking generally weaker units not on mountains, whose defense factors are not doubled, and where my losses would not be doubled.
7 6/20/2020 10:34:00 AM Turn 2 Mike End Turn
6 6/20/2020 10:33:00 AM Turn 1 Mike End Turn
5 6/8/2020 12:57:00 PM Turn 1 Mike Message Results: DR2 on the 1-1. Both sides lose a step, no retreats or advances. Your loss obvious, mine a step from 34.
DR5 on the 2-1. You lose a step. I lose 2 steps and retreat 1 or 2 hexes. Both my losses are from 1p, which makes him i/c. As he is within 2 hexes of the coast, he can and does evacuate back to Africa. 7 retreats to Y55, and Cdn1xx to AA53. With that, my turn complete and back to you for your turn.
4 6/8/2020 12:48:00 PM Turn 1 Mike Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Mike:
Allied attacks on S57 and Z52 in that order.
3 6/8/2020 12:47:00 PM Turn 1 Mike Message Somehow I hit the send key in the middle of my turn - sorry. Continuing:
R66 56, 4
N60 5, 45
P60 78, 201, 2SS, 2p
S58 3, 34
Y55 46
V56 36
Z53 7, 1p
AA52 Cdn1xx

#1. S58 on S57. 9-6, 1-1.
#2. Z53 and AA52 on Z52. 13-6, 2-1.
2 6/8/2020 12:42:00 PM Turn 1 Mike Message Allies Sep III
Replacements: Started with 6 last turn, used none, added 2 more per the time record, so have 8 accumulated.

New units added to OOB this turn. Those not named below are in Sicily or Africa.
3 and 34 arrive at Salerno beachhhead. The total number of stacking points entering there now exceeds te supply capacity ("CAP"). But that is okay becuase I can trace supply lines free of your zones of control to both Taranto and Reggio di Calabria.
7 and 1p enter at Taranto.
1 6/8/2020 12:38:00 PM Turn 1 Mike Message Hi Tom. I created our Anzio game in ACTS, and I will plan to manage all my e-mails and die rolls within that system. Feel free to do the same, or you can continue to use e-mails outside the ACTS system if you prefer.

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