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5 9/21/2020 5:28:00 PM Jan-Apr 1942 Japanese Play Strategy card as Operations #61: 2 / Kamikaze Attack
Play prior to one battle of the Offensive that is within 11 hexes of Tokyo (3706) and within extended range of a Japanese air unit. The Japanese player eliminates two Allied naval steps (Japanese player's choice, may not eliminate a unit unless there is no other option), while reducing the Japanese air unit whose range was used one step (even if this would eliminate the air unit). No more than one Kamikaze per battle, but more than one Kamikaze per offensive is allowed. Draw One Strategy Card. Remove from play if used as an event.

OC: 4 EC: 0

Message from Japanese:
Activate with Comb Fleet HQ
4 9/15/2020 5:41:00 PM Jan-Apr 1942 Japanese Draw Strategy cards Drew 7 cards.

3 9/15/2020 3:07:00 AM Jan-Apr 1942 Allies Draw Strategy cards Drew 5 cards.

NOTE: Using 'Arcadia Conference' option.

2 9/15/2020 3:04:00 AM Jan-Apr 1942 Allies Message ENM FOR THE ALLIES

CA Exeter Colombo-Rangoon
(US Asia)Seymar Leyte-Biak
Dutch CL Tjilatjap-Soerabaja
US Asia Tarakan-Batavia
CA Kent Townsville-Gili Gili
1 9/15/2020 2:52:00 AM Jan-Apr 1942 Allies Change Japanese Divisions Available in China From 12 to 11

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