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5 12/22/2020 5:09:00 PM Master ID = 9953 Game Deleted
4 12/20/2020 9:45:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message I noticed that we are using some of the optional cards, which is fine.

3 12/20/2020 9:36:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message Hello Doug.

Would you like to play the same scenario we use in the tournament?

Here are the rules:

5.7 Historical Scenario Rules

5.7.1 Set Up Changes
Add a CP level 1 trench in Strasbourg.
Remove the AP level 1 trench in Brussels.
Add AP level 1 trenches in Verona, Asiago, Maggiore, and Udine.

5.7.2 Victory Point Changes
Peace Terms (Rule 16.5) are not allowed. The AP wins all draws.
Ahwaz, Venice, Minsk, Jerusalem, and Kharput are NOT VP spaces.
Kovno, Sedan, Amiens, Koblenz, and Aachen are VP spaces.

5.7.3 Replacement Point Change
The CP receives 1 German RP each turn during Total War (i.e., after it has drawn TW cards) if it controls Sedan and two additional French or Belgian spaces during the RP interphase.

5.7.4 Scenario Specific Rules
1. Use Optional Rule 9.14 Eight card hands.
2. Use Optional Rule 11.2.10 Trench roll modifications.
3. The CP must open with Guns of August as an Event.
4. Entrench may not be played as an Event on Turn 1
5. t A British MO automatically becomes a French MO on Turn 1.
6. Until the AP War Commitment Level is Total War (i.e., after it has drawn TW cards), only Austrian and Italian armies may operate in Italy (move, attack, SR, or advance into or through any space in Italy). Additionally, until the AP War Commitment Level is Total War, no German armies may end their movement (by move or SR) in Trent, Villach or Trieste.
7. The following cards may double as OPS when played as Events: Landships, Zimmermann Telegram, Over
There, Tsar Takes Command, Fall of the Tsar,
Bolshevik Revolution. The yellow stripe on these cards is a reminder that the event also generates Ops.
8. If the game ends with an Armistice or at the end of Turn 20, add one VP for each US Army reinforcement card not played as an event.
9. If the game ends with an Armistice or at the end of Turn 20, subtract two VP if Fall of the Tsar Event has not been played as an event.

2 12/20/2020 9:29:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Draw Strategy cards
1 12/20/2020 5:57:00 PM August 1914 Allies Draw Strategy cards

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