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10 1/1/2021 1:57:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message I've found the extra cards in CB, however, there's 34 cards there. I just found a card manifest that may help me distinguish which cards are part of which optional sets.

I see the option to switch sides, but we're past the point to add the extra cards, so I'll set up a new game.
9 1/1/2021 8:23:00 AM August 1914 Allies Message Re extra cards - ye, its the extra 20 cards (I'm using the Vassal PoG module v9.7, and they are in there as the "Optional Cards" tab at the top ...
8 1/1/2021 8:21:00 AM August 1914 Allies Message OK, back to you to change the Axis player over to me
7 1/1/2021 8:20:00 AM August 1914 Allies Change Allies player Allies player changed from Trevor Sturmy to Mike Pacheco
6 1/1/2021 8:15:00 AM August 1914 Allies Message If you look in Game Info then there is an option to change the player - I will switch the Allied player from me to you in a second - after that you will be playing both sides (and therefore won't get any messages), so then you will need to switch the Central Powers over to me ...
5 12/31/2020 2:00:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message Let me see how I can switch sides.

Which set of extra cards? Is that the 20 extra cards or the enlarged 34 card set? I need to make sure it's in my CB module.
4 12/31/2020 8:58:00 AM August 1914 Allies Message I'm happy with the Historical scenario - shall we play with the extra cards?
3 12/31/2020 8:57:00 AM August 1914 Allies Message OK, I'm happy to let you have the AP for 0

Will let you switch around the sides, and we can get going!
2 12/30/2020 10:42:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message first bid to me.

I'll open with a bid of zero (0) for the AP.
1 12/30/2020 10:39:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Central Powers:
I prefer the Historical Scenario.

First bid?


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