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14 2/25/2021 3:19:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Change Victory Points -2: from 19 to 17
13 2/25/2021 3:19:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message And it seems that Moravia falls under Protestant control
12 2/25/2021 1:25:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Operations #5: 2 / Gregory XV Becomes Pope
Playable only if Paul V is Pope. Death of Paul V. No Papal Aid to Catholic player this turn. Papal Aid resumes next turn, until Urban VIII Becomes Pope event (P-15).

Message from Protestant:
Activate Gabor Betlen an 3 Mil. Move to Levie, Olmuts, Brunn, convering Olmutz and Brunn to Protestant control
11 2/25/2021 3:47:00 AM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Event #8: 1 / New Leaders
Charles of Loraine, Gallas. Place with any Imperial units.

Message from Catholic:
To Wien
10 2/24/2021 4:32:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Change Victory Points -2: from 21 to 19
9 2/24/2021 4:20:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Event #3: 2 / New Leader
Deploy Christian of Brunswick and 3 Protestant Militia in Brunswick-Luneberg. Brunswick-Luneberg enters game as Protestant area.

Message from Protestant:
8 2/24/2021 5:39:00 AM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Have loaded both logs into the DB. Over to you for the PROT 2nd action.
7 2/24/2021 5:34:00 AM 1620-1621 Catholic Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 2


Message from Catholic:
2 x Recruit attempts BAV Mercs with Tilly +1 drm
6 2/24/2021 5:32:00 AM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Recruitment #4: 2 / Spinola Besieges Breda
Spinola Recalled to Netherlands card must have been played previously. Must be first Catholic card play of turn if played as Event. +1 to Dutch War Track. If no Protestant army enters United Provinces this turn, +1 to Dutch War Track at end of turn.

Message from Catholic:
2 x Recruit BAV Mercs with Tilly
5 2/23/2021 3:21:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Event #10: 1 / Swedish Aid
Sweden give money to Protestants. Protestant player receives 6 additional Aid Points this turn.

Message from Protestant:
4 2/23/2021 3:20:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Totally accept all
3 2/23/2021 3:44:00 AM 1620-1621 Catholic Message OK ready to roll
Looking through the TYW files on BGG. I think the following optional rules should be adopted.
Grateful for your views.
19.2a Stronger Imperial Setup
Add the 4th Imperial VET unit to Wien in the at-start
setup of the Campaign and Early War scenarios.
19.3 LoC Established During Action Phase
EACH player establishes his PAY/LOOT status at the
end of their 6th round. The armies are still paid
during the normal Pay/Loot phase but their ‘supply
status’ vis-à-vis their supply centers is established
and marked (LoC est. or NO LoC) at the end of their
respective 6th round.
Design Note: This abrogates the systemic Catholic
advantage of moving last & cutting Protestant LoC’s
w/o the Protestant player being able to respond.
19.7 Tilly as Dynamic Leader
Tilly operates as a TWO star dynamic leader. Until
Wallenstein is brought into play Tilly is allowed to
lead Bavarian and Imperial units as a stack, as long as
there is an Imperial sub-commander in the stack.
Once Wallenstein is on the map, the Catholic player
has until the end of the current turn to separate any
Bavarian and Imperial forces stacked together. Failing
this, the Imperial combat units are removed from
play (and are available for recruiting). In addition, if
Wallenstein is not brought into play by the beginning
of Turn 6, the Catholic player loses 3 VPs.
NOTE: Under this optional rule Imperial units/Leaders
are limited to the Kingdom of Bohemia [Bohemia,
Moravia, Silesia], the Palatinate [Upper and Lower],
Austria, Bavaria, Tyrol and Hungary until the arrival of
Wallenstein. They cannot move or attack outside of
these areas.**

2 2/23/2021 3:37:00 AM 1620-1621 Catholic Draw Strategy cards
1 2/22/2021 3:30:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Draw Strategy cards

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