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9 7/29/2021 5:09:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Message No problem at all. I will go in vacations soon as well, hopefully :)
I read about sekighara, you must be proud of her wanted to learn. Make her my compliments!
No worry, take all your time. I am up for BtB of PoG, I let you choose. Probably slow play but we are not in hurry I guess. I recently learnt EotS..very complex game and that has sucked up a most of my gaming time, but I think it was worth.

BTW did you have some Chinese equity education exposure? Rollercoaster time in China market these days...
8 7/29/2021 4:19:00 AM Spring 1861 Union Message Sorry Daniel. I fully apologise. I have been terrible with contact. Sorry.

I went on holiday about two weeks ago to Queenstown again with some friends and had the best intentions of reading the rules while away. It never happened and then my daughter wanted me to teach her sekigahara as a game and that seemed to tie up my gaming time.

I am still really keen to play you at For the People and even Pursuit of Glory, I just need to put the time in and read the rules. Sorry.

Do you want a game of Barbarossa to Berlin again or even paths of glory? I havenít used acts since our last game and I am itching to play something again.

I absolutely promise to read the rules of For the people and loosely commit them to memory by the end of august!
7 7/29/2021 3:06:00 AM Spring 1861 Confederate Message Sorry for being a bit pressing, but are you interested in playing? Otherwise we can simply go back to BtB or just delete this game and waiting for a better moment when you are less busy.
6 7/19/2021 5:34:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Message Just finished the book. It was really really great! I think I'll buy another one from the same author soon.
5 7/12/2021 6:59:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Message How is the holiday. I am really loving the book, already suggested to others friends and they are enthusiastic as well
4 7/9/2021 5:32:00 PM Spring 1861 Union Message Let me know what you think of it? I am currently on holiday in Queenstown again. -4 degrees but amazing snow
3 7/9/2021 4:25:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Message I just bought the book you suggested. I really forward to reading it!
2 7/8/2021 6:58:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Draw Strategy cards 4 cards drawn.

1 7/8/2021 6:58:00 PM Spring 1861 Confederate Message I started the game, step in whenever u feel ready!

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