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98 5/21/2022 12:11:00 AM 1622-1623 Protestant Message A siege roll is successful on a roll of 5+, so the Protestant assault on Wien results in the fall of the city and the capture or destruction of the remaining three Imperial (Vets), as well as the loss of the leaders Charles of Lorraine, Gallas, and the Replacement Leader.

97 5/20/2022 11:59:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 1


Message from Protestant:
Siege Roll at Wien:

96 5/20/2022 11:52:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Play Strategy card as Operations #6: 3 / England Intervenes
Deploy English Veteran unit in any Protestant-controlled city in Lower Palatinate.

Message from Protestant:
Activate Bethlen Gabor, who will move with his 3 Hungarian Mils (6 CFs) as follows:

MP 1: Wien
MP 2-3: Graz; convert it to Protestant; place a P1
MP 4: return to Wien and commence making preparations for a siege assault. The Protestant forces at Wien now total 21 CFs.

95 5/20/2022 11:45:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message With 15 Protestant CFs remaining in the besieging army, they just barely have what they need to keep the siege of Wien in place, because the Imperials still have 9 CFs + 5 for Wien's fortress strength = 14 points, and the besieger must have a number of CFs greater than or equal to the defender's total fortress strength.

94 5/13/2022 10:50:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message Wow! In the kind of turn-about that makes this such a tense game, both Bucquoy and Mansfeld are slain in the combat!

This makes the Second Battle of Wien very much a Pyrrhic victory for the Protestants, unless they are able to take Wien on a siege roll in their coming impulse.

93 5/13/2022 10:45:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 3


Message from Protestant:
Leader Losses:


92 5/13/2022 10:44:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message It is a very near run-thing, but this time the Protestants prevail.

Imperials: Roll of 4 +2 DRMs = 6 = inflict 8 LFs on the 11-14 Fire Column
Protestants: Roll of 3 +2 DRMs = 5 = inflict 9 LFs on the 15-19 Fire Column

The Imperials choose to reduce both of their remaining full-strength Vets and to eliminate one of their under-strength Vets to make up the requisite 9 LFs, leaving them with 3 (Vets) = 9 CFs to retreat back into the city.

The Protestants choose to eliminate both of their Mil units to generate the required 8 LFs, leaving them with 5 Mercs/15 CFs to continue to pursue the siege of the Imperial capital.

91 5/13/2022 10:34:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 2


Message from Protestant:
So we proceed to the Second Battle of Wien, in which the Protestants hope for a better performance than occurred in the First Battle, back as Post # 40.

Imperials: 14 CFs (11-14 Column) +1 DRM for Bucquoy & + 1 DRM for CC
Protestants: 19 CFs (15-19 Column) +1 DRM for Mansfeld & 1 DRM for CC

90 5/13/2022 10:31:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Play Strategy card as Combat #12: 1 / Surprise Attack
+1 to Protestant combat die roll.

Message from Protestant:
The Protestants respond by playing a Combat Card of their own, apparently ambushing and catching the Imperial troops unawares as they were moving out into their attack positions.
89 5/13/2022 10:29:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Play Strategy card as Combat #33: 1 / Croats
Catholic army must include an Imperial unit. +1 to Catholic combat die roll.

Message from Catholic:
Because the Catholics are attacking, they elect to use a Combat Card in an attempt to even the odds a bit, since they are rolling on the 11-14 fire column, versus the Protestants rolling on the 15-19 column.
88 5/13/2022 10:27:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message Rather than advance Tilly with most of his army to the relief of Wien, In in my role as the new Catholic generalissimo will opt to use the same 2 Ops card to sortie with Bucquoy and the 4 Imperial units in Wien -- 2 Vets + 2 (Vets), totaling 14 CFs -- against Mansfeld's Protestant army with 5 Mercs and 2 (Mercs), for a total of 19 CFs.

87 5/13/2022 10:18:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Change Catholic player Catholic player changed from Jefferson Gray to Jefferson Gray
86 5/13/2022 10:17:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message My opponent having been obliged to withdraw due to other pressing circumstances, I am going to try continuing the game on a solitaire basis. Normally, it could be assumed that would work very poorly with a CDG, but TYW actually has relatively few of the "surprise/ruin your opponent's day" cards that characterize many other CDGs like POG, WW, or HRC, so I think it will be interesting to see how this game works in a solitaire mode.

85 5/13/2022 10:00:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Change Catholic player Catholic player changed from Jan Spoor to Jefferson Gray
84 4/10/2022 11:48:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message Yes, that does enable me to establish a siege. I will send you a move log and an updated game file as of the end of my move.

Note the following, however, with regard to your move. You already have 4 units inside Wien. The maximum number of units that can be in the sane city hex per side is 8. Rule 10.21. This also applies to relieving armies attempting to lift a siege where the besieged city has a friendly garrison. Rules 10.24.

Thus, Tilly can march with 5 Mercs as far as Linz, but he would have to drop off 1 Merc in Linz and then continue on with only 4 Mercs to Wien.

And if he does so, he will then run afoul of Rule 17.A.2, which does not allow Imperial and Bavarian leaders and combat units to stack together until after the Catholic player has played Card C19 (Elector Maximilian) as an event, which I do not believe you have yet done (you have laid all the prerequisites for that, however).

Thus, under the current circumstances, your choices would be whether to continue with Tilly to attack Mansfeld with no more than 12 CFs, which would require you to use the next lower fire column (11-14).

Or, you could have Bucquoy sortie with his 14 CFs, and fight on the same fire column, with with a 1 less Leader Battle Rating.

Or: you might wish, in light of this, to reconsider Bucquoy's decision to retreat within the walls originally, and fight outside the city ion the Kahlenberg heights during my 1st impulse. I'm fine with rewinding things if you'd like to do that.

If you do decide to fight with either Tilly's or Bucquoy's forces as part of your first impulse, however, you should advise me whether you will play any combat cards.

Thus, in light of that, you may wish to reconsider your decision to have Bucquoy's army retreat within the walls.
83 4/10/2022 9:38:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Play Strategy card as Operations #10: 2 / New Leaders
Deploy Aldringer and Holk with and Bavarian units.

Message from Catholic:
Playing this to activate Tilly, who marches east through Landshut and Passau with his five intact mercenary units, pausing in Linz to reclaim it for the emperor (and forage, taking it to P2), and arriving at Vienna where he orders Mansfeld to surrender.
82 4/10/2022 8:36:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message And that allows you to establish a siege, I believe.
81 4/10/2022 8:35:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message Sorry for the delay! The Imperial army will retire within the walls of the city.
80 4/6/2022 12:43:00 AM 1622-1623 Protestant Message So, let's rework that move along the following lines. Let me know if you see anything to object to here.

I'll play this to activate Mansfeld, who will move as follows:

MP 1-2: He moves with Anhalt (per Rule 10.12: to get the benefit of another Leader's Leadership Rating, he must be activated with the activated leader at the start of the move) and his (Merc) unit to Salzburg, converts it (-1 VP), and pillages the area thoroughly (place P2) in preparation for the campaign to come.

MP 3: Back with Anhalt and his (Merc) and many head of cattle and much grain to Linz.

MP4-5: Mansfeld rides with his staff, Anhalt, and his (Merc) unit as his bodyguard through Budweis to Prague, where he drops off his (Merc) unit. His staff officers and the soldiers of the battered Merc unit enjoy visits with girlfriends or brothels (or, perhaps, both), as their individual circumstances dictate. Mansfeld pays his respects to Frederick of the Palatinate and his Winter Queen.

MPs 6-7: Mansfeld picks up 2 Mil units in Prague, and then along with Anhalt and his very happy staff officers, returns through Budweis to Linz.

MP 8: There, Mansfeld picks up his 5 Mercs and advances with them, Anhalt, and his 2 Mils (a total of 19 CFs) to Wien.

Will Bucquoy fight outside the walls, or retreat within their protective embrace?

79 4/6/2022 12:39:00 AM 1622-1623 Protestant Message Actually, that's a good catch, Jan.

You are right, I believe, that I cannot leave the (Merc) behind in Linz and then pick it up again when Mansfeld & Co. come back through. I was thinking that I could pick up, move, drop off, and then later pick up units against as long as I did not exceed their maximum movement allowance (here, 6). I think some other CDGs may work this way, but not TYW. Rule 11.14, second paragraph says that once a unit is dropped off from a moving army, "the unit's movement is done for the activation."

78 4/5/2022 11:46:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message Correction, *5* x Merc + 1-2 x Mil. I moved the wrong Merc piece when I was fiddling around and forgot you have five full ones there plus the (guy). With 5 full strength Mercs, you don't need the second Mil, just one would do. And Schlick would do as well as Thurn or Anhalt. You just need one more Leadership than Mansfeld has, because those tired mercs just can't run quite as long and far as Mansfeld's staff riders can.
77 4/5/2022 11:39:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message I'm glad you made it there and back in once piece, even if it took some crazy arrangements to do it. I've heard some frightful travel stories in the past six months.

Speaking of travel stories, that's quite a journey Mansfeld went on! A very full itinerary, which he and his staff can certainly do, but I think there's a problem with the (Merc) unit. As I understand it, once you move and drop off a unit (as Mansfeld does with the (Merc) in Linz to Salzburg and back to Linz), you can't pick that unit up again. Nothing stopping him from stealing two of Thurn's Mil units instead of just one, but I don't think the (Merc) can tag along on the trip to Wien. He can still get enough SP to potentially start a siege, but he'll have to bring Anhalt (or Thurn himself) along to help manage the 4 x Merc + 2 x Mil.
76 4/4/2022 11:54:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message Hi, Jan. I'm back in town after inadvertently getting plunged headlong into the Great Southwest Airlines April Fools Day Computer Server Meltdown. This was the first journey-by-plane I've ever made where I wound up taking five different plane flights (where I'd only planned to take two) and still never even managed to reach my intended destination! Definitely a travel disaster for the ages.

Mirabile dictu, however -- I have apparently managed to avoid contracting any variant of Covid-19 despite spending two full days in a succession of jammed airplanes and mobbed airports!

So, back to the game. Mansfeld has again approached the outskirts of Wien, and Bucquoy must once more decide: retreat within the walls, or stand outside and fight, perhaps on the Kahlenberg Heights to the northwest of the city?

Tense and watchful, the European world awaits his decision.

75 3/31/2022 8:26:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message Enjoy your trip! Travel safely and return. :-)
74 3/31/2022 12:09:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message Jan, I'm heading out of town today for a four-day trip down to Florida. If I can stay abreast of the game while I'm away, I will do so; otherwise, my next move probably won't come until Tuesday night.

73 3/29/2022 11:31:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Play Strategy card as Operations #4: 2 / New Leader
Deploy Frederick of Baden and 2 Protestant Militia in Baden. Baden enters game as Protestant area.

Message from Protestant:
I'll play this to activate Mansfeld, who will move as follows:

MP 1-2: He moves with his (Merc) unit to Salzburg, converts it (-1 VP), and pillages the area thoroughly (place P2) in preparation for the campaign to come.

MP 3: Back with his (Merc) and many head of cattle and much grain to Linz.

MP4-5: Mansfeld rides with his staff through Budweis to Prague, where he picks up 1 Mil unit. His staff officers enjoy visit girlfriends or brothels (or, perhaps, both), as their individual circumstances dictate. Mansfeld pays his respects to Frederick of the Palatinate and his Winter Queen.

MPs 6-7: Mansfeld and his 1 Mil (and, we suspect, some very happy staff officers) return to Linz.

MP 8: Mansfeld and his army (Anhalt, 5 Mercs, 1 (Merc) and 1 Mil = 19 CFs) advance to Wien.

Will Bucquoy fight outside the walls, or retreat within their protective embrace?

72 3/27/2022 11:30:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message It's late now, so I will to bed, but I'll try to get our next turn rolling tomorrow night.

P.S. Have you been playing any other interesting games lately? I'm enjoying trying out "Imperial Struggle," the relatively new game on the Franco-British rivalry from 1689-1783.

71 3/27/2022 11:28:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Draw Strategy cards
70 3/27/2022 11:27:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message Yes, you've got the working of the Pillage Recovery phase exactly right. And wow -- I hadn't even registered that you couldn't do a pillage recovery in Wien owing to the Hungarian troops downriver. Not that I'm complaining, mind you . . . .

Ideally, if this game ever went into a second edition, I think something should be done to tinker with the pillage recovery rules. Ideally, I think one pillage recovery step should automatically be removed at the beginning of each new turn, so that even the most heavily-pillaged area would completely recover after four years. But that would require additional record-keeping, which is never a plus in the eyes of many gamers.

69 3/27/2022 3:14:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Draw Strategy cards
68 3/27/2022 3:14:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message So that takes us to card draw.
67 3/27/2022 3:13:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message In that case, I believe the Catholics cannot reduce Wien from P2 to P1 because of the adjacent Hungarians? So all we can do is remove the P1 in Mannheim.
66 3/27/2022 3:10:00 PM 1622-1623 Catholic Message And you can't remove the P1 in Linz because while you control the city, the Austria area is still Imperial? Got it.
65 3/22/2022 11:50:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message The only Pillage Level I can remove is the P1 in Budweis, I believe. Over to you.

64 3/22/2022 11:47:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message Pretty good results for us both -- probably more than we can fully take advantage of at the moment.

The Catholics can remove 4 Pillage levels, and the Protestants 3, albeit only one level per space/city. The cities must be in friendly or neutral areas, and may not be occupied or adjacent to enemy units.

63 3/22/2022 11:44:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 2


Message from Protestant:
So that gets us to the Pillage Recovery die roll:


62 3/13/2022 11:46:00 PM 1622-1623 Protestant Message OK. At this point, you either retain or discard your last card, and then we can move along to (A) the Pillage Recovery Phase and (B) the Card Draw Phase.

The Wallenstein Phase, of course, is still inapplicable as of this now.

61 3/13/2022 11:43:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant End Turn
60 3/13/2022 11:37:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Also, I'm not sure whether you've still got a card remaining, but if you do and you don't want to keep it, you can just discard it.

59 3/13/2022 11:35:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message And to confirm, VPs stand at 21 as of the end of Turn 1.
58 3/13/2022 11:34:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message My apologies for my nearly two-week absence, Jan. Things have been very hectic at work, but the good news (from a gaming standpoint) is that my April 4th trial has now been postponed to the end of the summer, so things should be more manageable for the next six weeks.

With regard to my pay phase, I had 18 FAPs available. I needed 12 FAPs to fully pay Mansfeld's Mercs at Linz, so write those off the ledger book. I needed 5 more APs to fully pay Thurn's army of 5 Mils at Prague, so that's a total of 17, and the one remaining FAP, alas, is forfeited. I thus escape any Looting rolls.

There are no Siege rolls. I will retain my one remaining card. I'll send you an end-of-Turn 1 game file to check. And then we'll move on to Turn 2 (1622-23).

57 2/26/2022 12:11:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message 7 becomes a 6, but still P1 and one step loss. :(
56 2/26/2022 12:10:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 1


Message from Catholic:
Loot Table, -1
55 2/26/2022 12:10:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message In the Pay Segment, the Catholics use their 16 FAP to pay the Imperial Army (8 FAP) and four of Spinola's 5 units. That leaves one of his unpaid, which then rolls on the Loot Table. The unit is Veteran and only one unit is looting, so -1 on the die roll.
54 2/26/2022 12:03:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Two more mouths to feed...
53 2/26/2022 12:02:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Event #8: 1 / New Leaders
Charles of Loraine, Gallas. Place with any Imperial units.

Message from Catholic:
52 2/23/2022 11:49:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Event #9: 3 / Richelieu Becomes Chief Minister of France
Begin French Aid to Protestant player. Allows play of Sweden Enters War event (P-18).

Message from Protestant:
I'll play this for the Event/Foreign Aid. Pursuant to the Optional Rule, that generates a total of 18 FAPs for the Protestants.

And over to you for the final impulse of Turn 1.
51 2/21/2022 12:57:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message So that's 16 AP, which should almost pay everyone.
50 2/21/2022 12:46:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Bloody Turks! Now we'll have to beg the bloody Pope for money.
49 2/21/2022 12:45:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Foreign Aid #22: 3 / Electoral Meeting
If Catholic player controls at least 4, but not all Electors, +1 VP. If all Electors, +3 VPs.

Message from Catholic:
48 2/19/2022 10:47:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Event #8: 1 / Ottoman Turks Raid Imperial Border
Imperial units in Austria are not automatically paid this turn.

Message from Protestant:
I'll play this for the event. Bethlen Gabor successfully encourages the Turks to raid the Austrian frontier.

47 2/15/2022 12:01:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Well, so much for going after Tilly next. I have a crazy week going on, working till all hours, but will try and get my next move out in a day or so.

46 2/11/2022 11:37:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message I am getting all the lucks! Tilly gets three steps of mercs. He and Pappenheim now have 5.5 mercs or 17CF.
45 2/11/2022 11:34:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 1


Message from Catholic:
Recruiting mercenaries with Tilly. +1 for dynamic leader.
44 2/11/2022 11:33:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Recruitment #13: 1 / Discretion Over Valor
If Catholic VP total is higher than 21, remove Anhalt permanently from the game.

Message from Catholic:
I'd love to eliminate Anhalt, but we really need more troops. Playing this so Tilly can recruit.
43 2/9/2022 12:55:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Message No Leader Losses.
42 2/9/2022 12:55:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 3


Message from Protestant:
But first, there must be leader loss rolls.


41 2/9/2022 12:53:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Message While that was about as an extreme a result as was possible from the dice, the results on the CRT suggests a hard-fought battle that results in a narrow but crucial win for the Imperials, as they successfully frustrate Mansfeld's attempt top establish a siege of Wien.

Protestants roll a modified 2 = 8 Loss Factors (LFs) inflicted
Imperials roll a modified 9 = 10 Loss Factors inflicted

Remember that under Rule 12.31, the loss number must be matched as closely as possible without exceeding the Loss Number. Given the units present here, the Prots will need to eliminate 3 steps, and the Imperials 2.

Thus: for the Protestants, I will eliminate my two u/s (Mercs) and reduce 1 f/s Merc to equal 9 LFs. The Protestant army still musters 5 Mercs and 1 (Merc) for a total of 17 CFs.

For the Imperials, you will need to reduce two of your Vets, thereby equaling 6 LFs. My failure to roll high enough to get 9 LFs cost me the chance to reduce a third Veteran unit. Your army now consists of 2 Vets and 2 (Vets) for a total of 14 CFs.

The victory goes to the Imperials, and the Protestants will retreat back up the Danube to Linz.

40 2/9/2022 12:37:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 2


Message from Protestant:
And so to the Battle of Wien.

Protestants: 22 CFs (20+ Column) +1 DRM for Mansfeld
Imperials: 16 CFs (15-19 Column) +1 DRM for Bucquoy

Neither side is playing any Combat Cards.

39 2/9/2022 12:28:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Message My apologies, Jan. Now I'm the one holding up the game's progress. I was hit in close succession by a surprise filing in one of my cases; a deadline to get four alumni interview reports done for my alma mater; and a lengthy prep session for the high school mock trial team I help advise, with the county quarterfinals coming up tomorrow! Now, back to our game.

As for Mansfeld's movement, you're misreading the rules here. I think you may believe that since Mansfeld first moved 5 units to Prague and then picked up 1 more in Budweis on his way back to Wien, that = 6 units total, and his Leadership Rating is a 5, so he would need Anhalt to come along and lend his Leadership Rating as well to carry off that move. But that's not how it works.

The better rule to consult here is 10.12 ("Activation"). Take a look at the third paragraph and the example in italics after it, which actually uses Mansfeld's counter as an example. It shows that he could conceivably successively pick up and move as many as 15 units in a single impulse while not exceeding his 8 MP allowance. So the 6 he picked up and moved in the course of my move this impulse wouldn't present a problem. Let me know if, on a review of Rule 10.12, there's anything about this that still confuses you. The interplay of Rules 10.12 and 11.15 will prove pretty important as the game progresses.

38 2/4/2022 7:02:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message So, the one proviso about your move is that I think Mansfeld has to take Anhalt with him in order to be able to move the militia, since per 11.15, a picked-up leader cannot be used to add units to a moving stack. The two leaders (Thurn and Schlick) can be carried along, but they cannot boost the LR of the activated leader(s). Mansfeld+ Anhalt would be enough to move the militia, though, and then pick up the troops on the way back.

With 22 Combat Factors, you do then have enough to create a siege over our 16 CF + the 5 siege value of Wien. However, with 16 CF, I would roll for losses only one table less than you, and with both of us having a 1 Battle Rating leader, I think I stand a decent chance of doing some serious damage to you army, and maybe even winning a battle. Better than leaving that whole army inside to get captured. So we're going to fight. Since I've kept you waiting, only fair to let you roll the dice.
37 1/27/2022 11:39:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Operations #15: 3 / Urban VIII Becomes Pope
Playable only if Gregory XV is Pope. Death of Gregory XV. End Papal Aid to Catholic Player.

Message from Protestant:
Jan: I have been distracted by other professional and personal obligations and did not realize how much time had gone by. My apologies! I did not mean to keep you waiting so long.

I'll use this card to activate Mansfeld, who will move (initially on his own) as follows:

MP 1: Linz.

MP 2: Budweis.

MP 3: Then, after ordering foraging (place a P1 marker on Budweis), Mansfeld picks up 5 Mils and 2 Leaders; leaves the 1 (Merc) in Budweis; and moves with the rest of the army to Prague.

MP 4: Leaving behind the two leaders and the 5 Mils in Prague, Mansfeld then returns to Budweis and picks up the 1 (Merc).

MP 5: Mansfeld marches with the 1 (Merc) to Linz, where further foraging occurs (place a P1 marker).

MP 6: Then, Mansfeld and the 1 (Merc) march down the Danube to Wien. With these additional troops in his army, he now has sufficient strength to seal off the Imperial army under Bucquoy in the city and initiate a siege, pursuant to Rule 13.13.

Thus, a Siege Marker is placed on Wien.

36 1/19/2022 10:27:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Event #12: 1 / Frederick of Palatine Deposed as Elector
Catholic player must control Lower Palatine. Transfer Electorate marker from Palatine to Bavaria. Bavaria is an electorate for the rest of the game.

Message from Catholic:
Perhaps the obvious next step...
35 1/17/2022 12:13:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Message He successfully adds another f/s Militia unit at Budweis. Now 5 Mils, one (Merc) = 12 CFs.

34 1/17/2022 12:11:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 1


Message from Protestant:
Recruiting Roll by Thurn at Budweis.
33 1/17/2022 12:10:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Recruitment #2: 1 / Three Musketeers
French Huegenots Revolt card must have been played previously. Negates French Huegenots Revolt event.

Message from Protestant:
I'll play this for Recruiting. Thurn will attempt to recruit additional militia at Budweis.
32 1/16/2022 1:22:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message That changes the elector count, but not enough to change VPs.
31 1/16/2022 1:21:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Siege is successful, making Mannheim and thus the Lower Palatinate Catholic-controlled.
30 1/16/2022 1:19:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 1


Message from Catholic:
Here's the roll for the siege, which is +1 with Spinola in charge.
29 1/16/2022 1:15:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Operations #1: 3 / Val Telline Passes Open
Val Telline Passes must be Closed to play this card. Spanish Aid to Catholic player resumes.

Message from Catholic:
OK, then I will play this card for activation and move Spinola and one unit to Landau, take control of it, and return to Mannheim.
28 1/13/2022 12:11:00 AM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Yes, that is correct. See Rule 13.21, second bullet point, p. 20 of the Rulebook ("To perform a siege combat roll during an ACTION PHASE, an activated leader must be present at the end of the movement in the besieged space."

Since each game turn covers 24 months, the 6 respective impulses in each turn should approximate 4 months. That would be plenty of time for a leader to take some time to lead another small campaign or foraging expedition, and still be able to plan and launch a siege assault afterwards.

27 1/11/2022 11:37:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message So, again, checking to see if I'm correct in thinking this: if I activate Spinola again and move him with just one unit to Landau (taking control of it) and back, I need only pillage 1 and I can still resolve a round of siege?
26 1/11/2022 11:27:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message That being so, Bucquoy will refuse battle and enter the defenses.
25 1/11/2022 11:26:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message So the only end-state difference is the P2 is in Wien instead of Passau? Yes, that's fine.
24 1/10/2022 2:12:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Darn! You are absolutely correct. Very good catch. If I'd had a f/s Merc unit with Thurn in Budweis that I could have picked up, I could have addressed that. But I don't.

Had I recalled that, I would have still proceeded with the move, but would have eliminated the detour upriver to Passau, and instead, placed the P2 at Wien.

Would you object to proceeding on that basis?

23 1/9/2022 8:30:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Check me on this: Mansfeld and his merry band have 20 SPs, so I believe that if Bucquouy and his 16 SP of veterans move inside the 5-point fortifications, Mansfeld will not be able to begin a siege until Schlick and/or Thurn bring up some more troops, yes?
22 1/9/2022 2:13:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Operations #5: 2 / Gregory XV Becomes Pope
Playable only if Paul V is Pope. Death of Paul V. No Papal Aid to Catholic player this turn. Papal Aid resumes next turn, until Urban VIII Becomes Pope event (P-15).

Message from Protestant:
I'll use this to activate Mansfeld, along with Anhalt and his entire army of 6 Mercs and 1 (Merc) at Pilsen, who will then march as follows:

MP 1: To Budweis. Commanders' conference with Thurn and Schlick while the troops of their respective armies fraternize, with the militiamen showing great curiosity about the mercenary life-style.

MP 2-3: Mansfeld and Anhalt continue with their army to Linz, which they convert to the Protestant cause after the local archbishop flees to Vienna.

MP 4: Mansfeld and his army march to Passau, pillaging as they go. Place a P2 marker on Passau.

MP 5: Mansfeld and his army return to Linz, having taken care of their provisioning needs.

MP 6: Mansfeld, Anhalt and all their troops march down the Danube for Wien/Vienna and take up positions outside the city.

You may now choose whether to stand and fight outside the city, or to retreat within its defenses. If you do the former, you may choose whether to use a Combat Card (CC). I will not play a CC.

You may resolve the combat, if there is one.
21 1/9/2022 1:46:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Glad to hear it all seems to be working out now! My apologies for being a little late responding -- my son and his girlfriend are visiting us this weekend.

Also, thanks for telling me about the updated TYW game module with the 4th Imperial Veteran unit. Can't say I like the black boxes with white numerals on the reduced counters, though -- kinda like New Coke, in my book. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

20 1/7/2022 5:16:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message And now I'm getting emails from the system for my messages. Go figure. :-)
19 1/7/2022 5:15:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message So, skip the side trip to Landau. Brussels to Aachen to Mainz to Oppenheim, subdue and pillage Oppenheim, march to Mannheim, establish siege. 5 MPs.
18 1/7/2022 5:11:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Only I only had 6 MPs!!! Whoops. Recalculating.
17 1/7/2022 5:02:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Spinola moves with his forces to Aachen (1), to Mainz (2), to Oppenheim (3), subdues Oppenheim (4), moves to Mannheim (5), to Landau (6), subdues Landau (7), and returns to Mannheim (8). We pillage Landau, as an object lesson to rebels. Spinola establishes a siege of Mannheim.

I think I can pass through Mannheim without stopping, as there are no Protestant units there.
16 1/7/2022 4:46:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Play Strategy card as Operations #3: 2 / Spinola Besieges Bergen
Spinola Recalled to Netherlands card must have been played previously. Must be first Catholic card play of turn if played as Event. +1 to Dutch War Track. If no Protestant army enters United Provinces this turn, +1 to Dutch War Track at end of turn.

Message from Catholic:
Playing this as an activation, to send Spinola into the Lower Palatinate.
15 1/7/2022 4:45:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message Always tough choices in these games.
14 1/7/2022 4:32:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message OK, added the 4th vet in my VASSAL record and added the units you recruited, matching the SP totals you mention.
13 1/7/2022 4:27:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Message FWIW, there is a fourth Imperial Veteran unit in the countermix. No need to use a Mercenary piece.
12 12/31/2021 2:15:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Also, don't forget that you will need to add a Merc to your stack at Vienna to make up for the fact that the module doesn't provide you with a fourth Imperial Veteran unit, which you are receiving per the optional rule. We'll just have to remember than this one is actually a Vet, not a Merc.

11 12/31/2021 2:13:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message And so over to you now. I can't recall whether we had decided to exchange game files or not, or each just keep track of our own boards. I'm OK either way. I find the former definitely easier on an ongoing basis, but potentially troublesome down the road if someone doesn't record their opponent's move correctly. My first impulse here is certainly pretty easy to record, however.

10 12/31/2021 2:10:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Pretty good rolls, obviously, with the following results:

Mansfeld @ Pilsen: successfully recruits 1 under-strength (u/s) Merc (Merc) and 1 full-strength (f/s) Merc, so he now has 7 Merc units with a total of 20 Combat Factors (CFs) at Pilsen.

Thurn @ Budweis: He successfully recruits 1 u/s Merc, bringing his CFs at Pilsen to 10.

9 12/31/2021 2:05:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Die roll request Request: 10-sided die x 3


Message from Protestant:
I'll do the following recruitment rolls, for Mercenaries (Mercs) in each case:

Mansfeld (Pilsen) = +1 DRM as a Dynamic Leader
Thurn (Budweis)

8 12/31/2021 2:04:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Play Strategy card as Recruitment #1: 3 / Val Telline Passes Closed
Val Telline Passes must be Open to play this event. Duke of Savoy closes Val Telline passes. No Spanish Aid to Catholic player until Val Telline Passes Open Card is played.

Message from Protestant:
I'll play this for recruitment. I get three rolls, because it's a 3 Ops card. No single leader can recruit more than once.

7 12/31/2021 2:00:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message I'm afraid that was a far longer delay than I intended! Unfortunately, I had something very time-consuming come up at work, and we had guests visiting over the holidays . . . and before you know it, a week has passed. So let's get things rolling.

6 12/22/2021 10:14:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Jan, I just saw that you had deferred to my choice of which optional rules to use by email. So we'll go woith the ones I proposed.

I'm a little too tired to think tonight, so I will get my first move off tomorrow.

BTW, you might also enjoy a thread I started on BGG's TYW page quoting Wedgwood's take on various generals and other leaders from the conflict:


I need to get back to work on that.

5 12/22/2021 10:01:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Thanks for drawing your cards, Jan. The final pre-war step is for you to let me know what your position is on the use of the optional rules I identified in Post # 3 of the game log.

4 12/20/2021 7:49:00 PM 1620-1621 Catholic Draw Strategy cards
3 12/11/2021 11:22:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Message Jan:

I have created and named the game (in honor of the great British historian whose book about the war first prompted my interest in the subject) and have drawn my cards as the Protestant player. You will need to draw your cards now.

In terms of the optional rules, I propose using the following:

19.1 Victory Determination
19.2a & 2b Extra counters
19.3 LoC Established During Action Phase
19.6 Wallenstein's Ambition
19.9 Old Corps French Infantry Regiment Combat Card
19.10 Richelieu Sends Massive Aid to Protestants
19.11 Wallenstein's Enemies

Let me know if you do not wish to use any of these, or if there are other rules I haven't included that you would like to use.

2 12/11/2021 10:51:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Draw Strategy cards
1 12/11/2021 10:50:00 PM 1620-1621 Protestant Change Protestant player Protestant player changed from Jefferson Gray to Jefferson Gray

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