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859 5/18/2022 2:15:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Change Allies player Allies player changed from Jukka H to '
858 4/11/2022 7:04:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message >> "totally panicked" probably comes closer.

Its one of those moments playing AP when you just lean back and enjoy the ride as the inflicted casualties just start to pile up. Even I was feeling that snapping the German defence line was soooo close. But like always, everything is eventually just one more round away.
857 4/11/2022 6:20:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message Some comments on the final third.

I was aware of the possibility that you could deny the AH(IT) MO in turn 12, but between the cost of activating the multinational stack in Bologna, losing the trench there, the opportunity to hit a bunch of flipped German armies in the west, and the risk in leaving RP to AP6, I didn't think it would be worth your while. As it panned out, the best way I could come up with the capitalise on you not having RPs yet was to set up the 1 in 6 overstacking threat in Ismail, which then sadly didn't come off.

Was I "seriously worried" about the western front around turn 13-14? No, I don't think that would be the right term, "totally panicked" probably comes closer. I was trying to focus on the fact that I needed just a few more VPs on the board for the win, but my mind could only envisage imminent western front collapse. The 7 LF from the final French attack in turn 13 was really painful, as it eliminated a fourth west front army, meaning I couldn't rebuild them all in Essen, and had to go into turn 14 with only nine in the west.

In the middle of turn 14 I was in such a panic about whether I'd manage to play a second RP card that I considered leaving Brussels defended by just (GE3) and (GEc) for an action round and hoping for the best. Playing Michael for a second SR that turn stung, but on the other hand I was in a really annoying position where there weren't that much I wanted to do on the board, I just wished I could have taken consecutive RP actions.

In turn 15 I was worried it would be weak to play Lloyd George on a non-BR MO turn, but in hindsight I guess it was the obvious right move with the Brits at full strength while the French were thankfully beaten up, and it broke what felt like a western death spiral. It still took me a while after that to regain any sort of initiative, but at least you hadn't been able to rebuild those two OOSed Russian armies while the German attention was elsewhere.

My general panic is part of the reason I played H-L and FotT for RPs, but also I'm always worried about doing my opponents' job for them in terms of driving CWS. Since my one draw from the reshuffled deck in turn 15 was Place of Execution (and I had a GE MO anyway) I would have had a chance to play FotT then, but it seemed like a stretch. Maybe I should have been bolder in terms of driving for Treaty, but I was figuring that I'd topple the Tsar early enough that even if you entered Romania just before, I'd still have time to take the Romanian spaces. I'm not sure that was the right calculation, although it did sort of work out. It felt like the safer option, but maybe going for the slam-dunk of Treaty would actually had fewer things that could go wrong?

I did wonder whether your move into Kiev at the end of turn 16 was intended to lure me into capturing Kiev to make BR harder, but I decided to gobble down the bait. While those armies in Kharkov couldn't achieve much as you say, their presence did still keep some of my armies in check. Even if getting rid of them came at the cost of making BR less likely, it freed up my armies to threaten the supply lines to Romania which was my main priority.

Having more or less given up pushing the revolution, it was painful to see you blitz from CWS 26 to playing a US army in two turns. But the fact that you had the US reinforcement to play then did give me the chance to take out Romania (and set up the chance of the knock-out blow to Odessa, but maybe that was less important than the 2 VP lead).

At the end of turn 17 I considered having a go at Ostend. The most likely outcome would be to force you to choose between holding on to it, or playing Greece (and in the worst case, at least it would hamper BR offense in turn 18). But I was a bit worried that even if I got into Ostend, holding it would be a drain on resources, so again focussing on the south east seemed like the safe option (once I'd confirmed that my VP calculation was correct).
856 4/10/2022 7:46:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message Clearly I dont know how BGG works anymore. Trying to add a session report but nothing seems to happen by adding a new post.

Turn 17 (Spring 1918)
CP began operating in Romania and Russians left with too little manpower couldnt resist and at the end of turn both Ploesti and Bucharest were taken. Russian armies sent to help MEF were forced to return because of OOS threat. Other than that, CP brought 2x GE armies to threaten Odessa and its single defending Russian army as his last action

AP had both Over there and 1st US army played. OPS were used in WF without much success and for a lone Italian army advancing into Tirana. Last action was a decision between reinforcing Odessa or playing Greece to get a slightly increased chance to get Sofia and/or Turkish VP-spaces with help from rebuilt Serbian armies and possible Army of the Orient which would be drawn later turns.

With loss of Romanian VP-spaces, VP-count was at 15 before Fall of the Tsar. AP would still get 2VPs from 14 points and last Blockade but would still need 2 VPs to bring final score to 12. That would be enough if the Bolshevik Revolution didnt happen and CP would need to capture Odessa to make it playable. As the situation seemed pretty grim you can't play safe so Greece was brought with a hope that Germans wouldnt succeed on their 1/6 attack against Odessa or 1/4 with single CC or 1/3 with 2xCC.

Turn 18 (Summer 1918)
Long story short. Germans attacked Odessa with single CC. 5/4 result was enough to force Russians away. AP got a single counter-attack chance against Odessa but German held tight. With Odessa taken, 3 more Russian armies OOS, no hope to recapture it and giving CP possibility to play both Bolshevik Revolution and Treaty of Brest Litovsk, AP would have needed 5 more VPs instead of 2. AP conceded.
855 4/10/2022 7:17:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message Turn 13 I was a bit surprised you didnt raise WS with H-L take command. After you'd taken Riga, you'd be able to activate FoTT and get Russia out of the game. Playing H-L also would have forced me to play Romania immediately. That turn I was able to play it as RPs once more as my reshuffle was coming next turn while yours was coming turn 15. After that I started toying with an idea that maybe there's even a chance that Treaty of B-L isnt happening if you happen to draw cards in wrong order.

Turns 13+14 Germans really started to bleed and it would be interesting to know if you felt seriously worried. My last attack of turn 14 probably should have been with Brits as I knew Lloyd George as coming next turn. If only I had one extra 4OP card so that I could have attacked with both. Was extremely satisfied though that you had to make SR-action twice. Not so happy that French took 4x 7LF losses though.

Turn 13 I lost my second Russian army to OOS after I retreated to Minsk. I'll guess I could have saved that reduced army by retreating to other space and putting only (RUc) to Minsk. But I felt I was going to need every single OPS and just couldnt spare even one to move just one army say Orsha -> Petrograd so I wanted to make both with same OPS ie move army to safety and swing (RUc) forward to create OOS threat. Well at least it made you spend some OPS to trap it.

Turn 15 just after reshuffle you used FoTT for RPs. Then I really started aiming for the idea that Treaty of B-L wouldnt happen with help from bad draw or Russians preventing Bolshevik Revolution from happening. Then the plan was basically to get Kiev entrenched or lure you taking it before FoTT happens.

Turn 16 I was eyeing where I might be able to catch those VP-spaces. Probably was a overoptimistic thinking that I could have used those 3x Russian armies to clear Gallipoli for MEF so it could advance and get a chance on Constantinople. But at least they were able to crush those 2 armies you had sitting in Belgrade for quite some time as they could have been used against Romania I suppose. But anyway, maybe it would have been better to say attack in WF with those OPS instead.
854 4/8/2022 4:57:00 PM Summer 1918 Allies Message Turn 13 (Spring 1917)
CP went on to put pressure on Riga with 5 German armies. Austrians poked Russians around Kiev and Odessa with little success. Russians probably out of despair dug T1 in Ismail to give Romanians a chance to enter game without immediately being OOS.

Hell broke out in WF as Allied struck Germans heavily. While last turn not much success was found on attacks it was repaid now as both British and French rolled big and even won 3 battles for that little extra damage. Russians too joined the offensive launching small counter-attack against Germans in Dvinsk and in the end 5 German armies in total had been destroyed. CP did his best to repair the damage and took RPs with 3 cards. In NE-map, Lawrence of Arabia led his forces to besiege Aqaba but the for proved out to be too strong.

Turn 14 (Summer 1917)
AP continued his offence in WF. French launched a total of 4 big attacks and suffered 7LF losses on each one. Brits put pressure against Brussels twice. In the meantime Yudenitch tried to sneak through more lightle defended area. Thanks to it and German RB running low and CP had to use 2 actions on SR. First to build road blocks in front of Yudenitch and then to bring some GEc back to RB to replenish it. No action on EF.

Turn 15 (Fall 1917)
CP opened with Lloyd George and with French still licking their wounds from last turn, WF was shut down for a turn though French got a nice blow against Sedan. CP then proceeded to capture Riga as Von Hutier had found new shiny planes for his 4 armies. Most of the action was seen in Italy where AP managed to recapture a bit of ground lost earlier. Last action AP placed MEF to threaten Gallipoli.
(Fall of the Tsar Played)

Turn 16 (Winter 1918)
At the last possible moment, AP began to advance WS to get Zimmerman triggered. With a nice string of plays Romania was brought into the game, Brusilov increased WS to 30 and then Zimmerman sent his telegram. Other than that the turn was a bit more quiet than the previous. Not many attacks on WF. Both fulfilled their MOs in Italy and CP blocked the routes of MEF and Romanian corps. Before that happened, MEF had its once in a lifetime chance to be a hero against a lone TUc commanded by Kemal. Low rolls and nothing happened. AP then decided to lend Russian help to MEF and sent 3 armies walking through Romania all to way to Varna. They were halted by 2 Austrian armies defending Kazanlik so no relief force for MEF.

853 4/7/2022 1:43:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message Hoh I love the nickname "late spring special" for British poking attacks against Beersheba. But like you mentioned that I should at least given it a thought that I could advance with 2x BRc while leaving Sinai empty to have a 2/3 chance to pop the fort. Was pondering it myself too in my wall of text.
852 4/6/2022 5:53:00 PM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message I think you mislabelled turn 9-12 as 8-11...

I'll need to catch up with the turn 5-12 discussion more properly later, some quick comments about the Beersheba attack. I must confess I had just completely forgotten that it was susceptible to a "late spring special". I did have in mind that it was a spring turn, and was happy that Allenby wasn't around yet to have a go at advancing just before summer, but then just didn't think about the fact that with just two corps in Beersheba, a stack of BRc also had a chance to pull it off. I was mighty relieved when they didn't!

Anyway, what you're saying you should have considered would have been to at the same time move a BRc or two from Cairo to Port Said (or have ensured previously that Port Said and Cairo are both covered) to give yourself the option to leave Sinai empty and advance two BRc to Beersheba? Then hope for a successful siege before Beersheba is put OOS, so that Allenby has an easier path once he shows up? That's worth bearing in mind.
851 4/6/2022 4:41:00 PM Summer 1918 Allies Message Turn 8 (Spring 1916)
First turn out of three consecutive French Mutiny turns. CP brought fourth German army to EF and took Kovno + Vilna by the end of turn pacing way for Tsar takes command. Other than that CP completed Turkish defence with 1 army staring Sinai and other staring Yudenitch.

AP cancelled Walther Rathenau. Allenby was nowhere to be seen. On final action the first Hail Mary attempt was made when 3x BRc hoped for 3/1 result against Beersheba. Only 3/2 was got and AP didnt advance as they'd be cut OOS.

Turn 9 (Summer 1916)
Allenby arrived to enjoy hot summer weather. AP tried to cause some damage with 3 attacks against Brussels but most of it was repaired. Rebuilt Italians marched forward to reclaim their home turf.

Most action happened in EF where AP had due to some brain fart positioned Russian armies in a neat tightly packed line with no room for retreat. CP went heavy OPS to take advantage out of it and it resulted in permanent elimination of first Russian army and some damage on others. CP managed to advance as far as Rovno-Dubnp-KP line already.

Turn 10 (Fall 1916)
Last turn of French mutinies. Tsar took command and CP advanced to Kiev. Other than that it was mostly reacting to NE-threats. AP went crazy in NE-map but it resulted pretty much only in NE and CAU getting flipped and no damage was done on Turk-armies. And Turkish defence line was almost as strong as ever. In WF AP continued his hammering against Brussels using BE and BEF as meat shields but no real damage was done and both BE1 + BEF went poof to Machine gun fire. Out of desperation of needing every single RP being used well, AP brought flipped BE1 back to Antwerp facing threat of immediate permanent elimination.

Turn 11 (Winter 1917)
French finally found their courage and with OPS-filled hand launched 3 attacks which didnt produce 7LF losses this turn. Brits also whiffed their single attack and now both BEF and BE1 were forever gone as Germans had assaulted Antwerp. In EF CP took Kiev and attritioned Russians. Russian counter-attack sent single German army to grave. CP was too busy assuring that enough RPs are played and left his MO for last action. AP didnt give a chance for it and took one step back with Italians for -1VP.

Turn 8 now that I think of it I probably should have made my Beersheba attack as such to be able to advance despite losing single BRc. Probably would have been worth to sacrifice 2x BRc if it meant Gaza fort went down. But it would have been 2/3 chance anyway. Now rest of my corps were sitting in Cairo with Port Said empty which would have meant a lot of sad British troops.

Turn 9 was covered as a turn I killed my offensive potential on NE-map in an attempt to keep you busy. At least that one worked out. Now that I got a relook of the EF situation can't know for sure what I was thinking. I could say that it was one of the major reasons for game loss. Not even sure why I had previously withdrawn 3 armies from K-P to Zhitomir exactly to form that column of no retreat.

In WF I had decided that no matter what Turn 9 I'd make attacks with Brits and keep up the attacks Turn 10 at the expense of BEF + BE. Sadly didnt accomplish much with it. And even the French continued the poor performance Turn 11. Dont know if better results would have helped to get back into game though.

What did however grant me a glimpse of hope was that free VP from missed MO. Later after you didnt go hard to trigger FoTT I made a fast calculation that even if I held nothing but Odessa and 2 spaces in Romania, the VPs would be at 12 at the end of game with every VP-event being played and Lloyd George not giving a VP. Of course I'd need that you couldnt trigger Treaty of B-L.

One thing I probably should have done with last Russian RPs was to rebuild 2x army to either Petrograd or Caucasus (probably better) instead of Kharkov. My intention was of course put pressure on AH from Uman and Kie
850 4/5/2022 3:51:00 PM Summer 1918 Allies Message Turn 5 (Spring 1915)
Both were able to advance into TW. CP brought first of the next two GE reinforcements to Breslau. AP brought more Russian and British to play. CP tried to make quick work of last Serbian army and Italian army in Verona but miserably failed both attacks. AP had to sacrifice Italian army for MO and moved Russians (10 armies in total) towards Uzhgorod-Munkacs line.

Turn 6 (Summer 1915)
Second GE army was brought to Breslau. With those and help from Wireless interceptions CP counter-attacked succesfully in Prezemysl. Austrians forced Italians back from Verona and cleared Serbs. Lastly CP almost completed his T2 defence-line in WF. AP brought ANZAC in play and sent them to Port Said. With OPS AP tried to cause some damage in WF but those went pretty much to waste.

Turn 7 (Fall 1915)
AP had a boon of 5's and 4's and launched conjoined offensives with FR+BR+RU against Germans eliminating 3 full armies and some corps. Alas, CP played RPs and with +2 extra each turn he was able to repair most of the damage. Canadians and British corps were sent to help wavering Italians which froze that front for quite some time.

Turn 8 (Winter 1916)
CP was able to draw and play his second Turk-reinforcement and the German Bomb (GE17+18) which were sent to WF. AP brought last BR-army in play and played Sinai Pipeline. Other than that not much happened as OPS-counts were a bit low. CP started to work on his NE-defence with Turk-armies marching forward and Bulgarians being railed to hot spots. AP used his big card on 2 attacks in WF with sad results.

Turn 5 was nothing special and I got lucky you didnt whack Italians with a good roll. Regardless, I felt really shaky on that front. I could have attacked with French as you were still weak in WF yet chose to move that massive Russian army forwards as I thought that would help Italy more.

We already covered turn 6 somewhat that I may have been a bit too slowish. But now that I went through it again I remember some of my thinking behind playing ANZAC + SR as AP1-2. I knew Italians needed help, and I prefer British corps. I wanted to get CANc and AUSc out asap as then I could send them down to Italy if need arises. But that foiled the Russian threat of course as you launched that cute offensive. I did make an error in trying to inflict damage in WF with my OPS-card. Those definitely could have been used in a better way. Well lesson learned, one must not always try going for low-odds attacks to have a chance forcing a play.

Turns 7 to 8 were when I felt that NE-map was going to dumpster. Both Turk-armies immediately in play and Allenby nowhere to be seen. And as I've learned two times already you really like to bolster that front by tons of SR and OPS (or are you doing it against me only hoh?) which makes it extremely difficult to get those Turkish VP-spaces. I'll guess I have to come up with something different already as the siege warfare (T2 in Sinai and then start poking) isnt working.

849 4/4/2022 4:02:00 PM Summer 1918 Allies Message Started the long streinous task of going to the logs turn by turn. Making a Vassal file in the process.

Turn 1:
CP whiffed GoA and took a flip but advanced into Sedan. Then they followd by attacking and advancing into Brussels destroying BE1 in the process. However this left Sedan with GE2 and (GEc) alone. French made their first lucky strike and with 2 consecutive attacks totally cleared Sedan and advanced with an army. This was also due to CP deciding not to reinforce Sedan with CP6 but play Sud army as event instead. AP also made some attacks with Russians against AH but lots of 1's were rolled.

Then both took RPs and made some basic SR-moves.

Turn 2:
CP was forced to massively react to Sedan threat. Alas they whiffed once again! However French made a forced retreat thanks to Withdrawal and returned to Verdun.

Then the basic Turn2-actions happened with both sides playing bucket loads of events. Sedan got T1. AP attacked Sedan again from Verdun with last card. And won once again! This left Sedan with GEc only at the start of turn 3.

Turn 3:
CP was forced to plug both Sedan and Beersheba. AP continued with lucky draw and immediately brought Italy. Then followed by FR+BR+RU reinforcements. The only OPS was used to walk Russians from Petrograd towards now empty Kovno + Grodno and occupy CT.

CP was able to mitigate some damage with a few 4OP cards + early Walther Rathenau. German reinforcements didnt quite yet appear.

Turn 4:
Turn 4 saw the start of 5-turn streak of IT-MOs. Other than bringing RU + IT armies to play, AP dug T1 in CT and started to move 6 Russian armies towards Austrians all the way to Tarnopol-Czernowitz line to put pressure on 2 lone Austrian armies defending the mountain region. CP made short work of Serbians in Belgrade, moved Austrians to threaten Italy and made trenches in WF. Then both played some WS-cards.

In hindsight I could have been a bit more bloodthirsty on turn 2 and immediately attack Sedan as you advanced with single army only. I went against it as I had 4 events to play and took safe approach saving OPS for possible reacting moves too. Of course if they had continued their nice streak of wins, it would have forced you not to play events/RPs as well. Which you did pretty much CP2-CP6.

Turn 3 I was lucky enough to draw Italy immediately and got to play it. You didnt draw German reinforcements but was fortunate enough to get 2x 4OP to make some moves and get RPs. You can always argue if I should have played OPS instead of bringing new armies but not sure what I could have done with those as I lacked muscle.

Turn 4 I used OPS to move Russians forward. I placed reinforcements to Caucasus + Kharkov as I'm always worried about Italy if left alone against AH. Of course the other possibility was to bring armies to Petrograd and put more pressure on Germans as they were still weak. But it feels like wrong approach to me.

Probably the first error was how I let Serbs go down without a fight. But it was once again a choice beetween doing something now or playing those damn events and keeping the OPS-card for possible reaction-moves. And of course you cant do everything and I went for T1 in CT + pushing Russians forward.

But I would lie if I told I didnt feel great after first 4 turns. WF was pretty much secured (other than Brussels + Sedan), I had advanced WS to 10, brought many armies to play, Italy was in the game and I knew Russians looking at Uzhgorod-Munkacs would force you to react T5CP1
848 4/4/2022 9:13:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message Hmm, I'll guess it was a choice between building up for late or putting up pressure immediately. That is, maybe I should have used those AP1 and AP2 to attack with Russians or make another attack in WF with them.

That's something that I should definitely try getting better at. As most of the time I like slower pace and steadily building up for late game war schemes. I should try figuring out moments when I should just forgo playing the deck and WS-status and instead push hard.

But I'll guess that would also require that I play more looking at the map and currently I make most of my moves off the map hoh. I probably enjoy the faster pace more than playing a bit better who knows.
847 4/4/2022 7:07:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message As the dice rolled, the Germans had an RP to spare that turn despite absorbing some losses in the east and in Italy, so with hindsight you might as well have let those BR and FR RPs go to waste. But of course you couldn't know at the start of the turn that I would manage to dig level 2 trenches in the west, or that I had a 5 op for RPs, or that I was keen to set up an attack to use up wireless intercepts...

Still, the prospect that scared me most was a 15 vs 9 attack on Munkacs scoring 7 LF, which then immediately creates a threat of permanent elimination if I don't retreat. But then I think I tend to worry too much about holding ground with the Austrians.

Anyway, it's a small detail in the grand scheme of things, just one that stuck in my memory as a point where you had some options which way to go, and the one you took didn't really pay off.
846 4/4/2022 6:19:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message >> Looking back at turn 6, you actually had a decent amount of ops when you opted against attacking the Austrians

Had to check what on earth I was doing that turn (Summer 1915). Yup, my 2 first actions were ANZAC and SR. Then you were a bit faster and launched that Wireless + Von Francois attack against Russian stack and inflicted 7LF losses + some more later.

But yeah maybe should have just used those first two actions for some OPS instead of building up. But anyway, attacking with Russians AFTER you had attacked seemed weak as then they would be hurt even more and my FR + BR RPs wouldnt have anything useful to do. And attacking with them felt a bit harder anyway as you had those AH + GE dual stacks and GE-armies looking at them.
845 4/4/2022 6:10:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message Oh yeah, I totally forgot to include Gallipoli in my list of pivots, even though it should have been close to the top of the list! Mostly I think I was hoping that the possibility that I might have both Kemal and severe weather would make you hesitate to pull the trigger even on a single TUc, but failing that I was feeling sufficiently pressured that allowing you to spend 3 ops on a 1 in 4 chance of advancing seemed acceptable. But if the attack had come off it would have totally shafted me. To be honest, I think that I may have forgotten that Gallipoli is not affected by AP SR by sea restrictions at the time (even though I remembered it at some other times).

Yep, the mid-game MOs were a huge boon for me. While the NE attacks in turn 11 had me sweating a bit, the fact that the mutinies kind of forced you to launch them before you were really ready (and gave me the ops to spare to e.g. counterattack in Sinai) then permanently reduced the threat on that front.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't manage to take better advantage of the Italian mass-suicides. I contemplated moving into Venice at the end of turn 6, but decided against it. I didn't recognise that doing so could have potentially stopped you playing a second RP card, which might have allowed me to keep the pressure up despite the trench in Bologna.

Looking back at turn 6, you actually had a decent amount of ops when you opted against attacking the Austrians. That turn you played ANZACs, and then two 4s, two 3s and one 2, but you prioritised some SRs and western front attacks. I was worried I'd need to do some really inefficient reshuffling and SRing of AHc to RB to avoid permanent elimination, not exactly game-breaking but might have been more distracting than the WF attacks. But I'm only mentioning it because it's the only point that springs to mind now where I felt "I'm glad he didn't do that" at the time.
844 4/4/2022 5:13:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message I blame MEF. MEF ruined everything! Had it succeeded taking Gallipoli, I think you would have been sweating. I was ready of sending 2x corps with it and then launching 5OP attack against Constantinople that very turn.

But yeah, got to look up the AAR a bit in a while and think what went wrong. But like always between our 3 games, its just those tiny almost 50/50 chances that go either way and secure the othewise extremely tight game.

But one thing is certain. 5x IT-MO sucked (wasted me 5+ important OPS in OPS-tight middle war and a lot of Italian RPs to boot) and then when I was ready to push in WF there was those 3x French mutinies. Though cant complain too much about that as then we didnt see any of them.

I think those French mutinies gave you like you said opportunity to really push Russia. And when I saw 5 GE-armies + 5 (or was it 6?) AH armies in EF, I knew Russia was toast. I tried to make you look elsewhere which meant launching NE-attack which crippled me there beyond repair. Would have preferred to have NE dig that T2 before trying to make YLD flip at least once.

Not quite sure how those turns went when I pushed 10-12 RU armies to Prezemysl-Stanislau-Czernowitz region. I'll guess that attacking with them felt pointless as I got a reaction I had hoped already and you had those extra GE-armies and AH-armies there which maybe eased the pressure on Italy a bit. Most likely reason was, like I said before, that I just didnt have OPS and more than just attacking I wanted to have something to use my Russian RPs.
843 4/4/2022 4:40:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message Yes, given that our previous games were won by CP by one point I thought that bidding 0VP for CP with the first bid would have been an obvious winning move ;)

I can't say I remember anything I would definitely have done differently in your position (though I guess I'm usually more squeamish about leaving the Serbs and Russians to suffer). I was a bit relieved in turn 6 when you didn't follow through and actually attack the Austrians after having moved the Russians forward. Since I had been a bit careless and left just 2 AHc in the RB that would have been a bit scary. But I guess maybe you considered the Russians to have accomplished their mission by sucking both my post-mobilisation GE reinforcements to Breslau.

After the tricky opening with the French punching above their weight and German LW reinforcements being a bit delayed, the middle part of the game with its long sequence of awkward IT MOs followed by French mutinies was more enjoyable. It got a lot more painful on turn 13 when your western front attacks finally started hitting home.

I had felt that the eastern front had stagnated a bit after my less than successful gambles in Ukraine, and since I expected your hand not to be too strong I thought it would be reasonably safe to leave 10 armies in the west for a turn or two. After you eliminated 5 GE armies that turn, I really struggled to regain the initiative, and even though I knew that taking Riga, Kiev and Romania would probably be enough I couldn't feel very optimistic. But when the west eventually stabilised again, the absence of the couple of permanently eliminated Russian armies maybe told a bit.

The late game still felt very volatile though. E.g. if just one or two more of your western front attacks in turn 14 had come off, or that Italian flank attack on Verona in turn 15 had gone just slightly better and forced me to choose between RPs and covering Trent, or if my flank attack on Kiev on turn 17 hadn't come off to free up a bunch of my armies to threaten the supply lines to the Balkans... I feel very lucky to have come up on top! Thanks again for a good game!
842 4/3/2022 11:46:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message So painful and agonizing. Really wanted to get both this and FtP in a row hoh. I'll guess that between our games AP always loses. Must start bidding extra VP for Germans and co.

Ive been writing a AAR whole time, must look at it to figure out what all things I should have done differently.

But I agree you on that its relieving its over. Lost my night sleep for something like three nights in a row hoh!
841 4/3/2022 11:39:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message Thanks for the game! A great relief to have it finished. Playing against you is incredibly stressful ;)

Busy afternoon/evening, but keen to discuss the game more later.
840 4/3/2022 11:36:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message I guess!
Well GG, I concede, pretty sure I cant come up with 5 extra points as now you can trigger Treaty of BL too.

Always a pleasure to play against you. I just got outplayed thats all hoh!
839 4/3/2022 11:33:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message Germans with the momentum now...


Flip GE10
I think your effectively only option is RU10 -> (RUc)
838 4/3/2022 11:32:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:

AP on 5A
CP on 5A
837 4/3/2022 11:30:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Operations #38: 2 / USA Reinforcements (1 corps)
May only be played after "Over There". 1 corps.

Message from Allies:
AA Caucasus: attack Odessa. 5 v 5
836 4/3/2022 11:27:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message Yee haw! Russians saved their best efforts for the wrong battle.

Yep, Flip GE12 and advance GE10 to besiege!
835 4/3/2022 11:25:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message Ahh shit, it costs just too much. Retreat (RUc) to Ismail instead.
834 4/3/2022 11:24:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message Fudge! Well too bad thats the game then I think.
I get to try one more attack to drive you off.

Odessa 5/4. Retreat (RUc) to Caucasus
Pretty sure you advance?
833 4/3/2022 11:22:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Allies:
And lets see now if Greece was as yolo as I thought

CP 6+
AP 9
832 4/3/2022 11:21:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message Russians apparently not as demoralised as I had hoped.

AH7 -> AHc in Barlad, RB(1,0)
831 4/3/2022 11:15:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Allies:
4LF. RU6 -> RUc [4,0]

Hit back on 4-table
830 4/3/2022 11:15:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Allies:
CP 12
829 4/3/2022 11:13:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Combat #3: 2 / Von Francois
A GE attack vs. RU units adds a +1 drm. May be used against spaces with RU and other nationalities.

Message from Central Powers:
Beerheba trench remains level 1.

Galatz flank succeeds, CP fire first on 12A.

Use this CC at Odessa.

Re MOs: And still I contrived to miss one of those 6!
828 4/3/2022 11:11:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:
Hope I get these in the right order...

Beersheba T2 attempt
Galatz flank attempt
827 4/3/2022 11:09:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Event #52: 5 / Fall of the Tsar
May only be played if Russian Capitulation marker is in the "Fall of Tsar Allowed" box. Add 1 VP plus an additional 2 VP if RO is still neutral. Activation for combat of spaces containing RU units costs an extra OPS per RU unit beyond the first, regardless of whether these units participate in combat. RU corps may no longer move (can still SR) between the To Caucasus Box and the Near East.

Message from Central Powers:
Time to nobble to the Russians

T18 CP1 is event + 5 ops

M Nis
M Beersheba
C Bucharest
C Barlad
C Uman

AH5 from Nis to Skopje

One TUc from Beersheba to Medina
AoI digs

AH3 and AH4 in Bucharest and AH2 and AH7 in Barlad attack RU6, RU7 and (RUc) in Galatz
Attempting flank
12A vs 6A pre-flank

GE10 and GE12 in Uman attack RU2 in Odessa
6A+1 vs 9A
826 4/3/2022 11:06:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Message If I counted it right, only 6 MOs for you whole game. Strange.
825 4/3/2022 11:02:00 AM Summer 1918 Allies Draw Strategy cards
824 4/3/2022 10:57:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Message None and BR. Pity Lloyd George isn't around any more ;)
823 4/3/2022 10:57:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:
822 4/3/2022 10:56:00 AM Summer 1918 Central Powers Draw Strategy cards
821 4/3/2022 10:56:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers End Turn
820 4/3/2022 10:56:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Discard Strategy card #4: 2 / Severe Weather

Message from Central Powers:
Discarding my last card


5 GE: Flip GE9 in Metz and GE5 and GEc in Sedan. Rebuild 2xGEc and flip one in RB(3,2)
3 AH: Flip AH11 in Trent, rebuild AH6 in Budapest
2 TU: Full
1 BU: Rebuild BUc in RB(1,0)
819 4/2/2022 8:05:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Discard Strategy card #39: 2 / They Shall Not Pass

Message from Allies:
Attrition: Gomel and some Russian spaces. Romania other than Constanta. Sofia and spaces in Bulgaria

RU3: RU10 and (RU8) to Caucasus
FR2: Rebuild FR6
BR2: Rebuild BR4
IT1: Flip IT3 in Bologna
Allied1: Rebuild (SB1) in Salonika

Hold 0
818 4/2/2022 8:02:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Event #44: 3 / Greece
Greece joins the Allies. Play of Greece does not prevent play of MEF or Salonika.

War Status increased to 20

Message from Allies:
AP6: Neutral entry
817 4/2/2022 8:02:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Bucharest 3/1. Retreat (ROc) to Constanta
816 4/2/2022 8:00:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Allies:
CP 6
AP 2c
815 4/2/2022 8:00:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Yup, VP-analysis seems right.
814 4/2/2022 6:09:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Operations #27: 4 / Zeppelin Raids
Subtract 4 BR RPs from the BR RP total during the Replacement Phase of this turn.

Message from Central Powers:
Assuming I didn't miss anything in my VP analysis, T17 CP6 is 4 ops

M Zhmerinka
M Adrianople
C Vinnitsa
C Ploesti

AH2 and AH7 from Zhmerinka to Barlad

AHc from Adrianople to Varna, via Philippoli and Kazanlik

GE10 and GE12 in Vinnitsa autokill RUc in Uman and advance

AH3 and AH4 in Ploesti attack 2xROc in Bucharest
6A vs 2C
Advance both armies to Bucharest to put most of Romania OOS
813 4/2/2022 5:50:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message Actually I think I'll make my move now, but it depends a little bit on my understanding of the VP situation being correct. Could you please check that you agree with the projection below (for game end scoring) before rolling.

1 AP gain: Sofia
8 AP cards: RoB, Lusitania, ZT, Blockade (5)
1 missed CP MO: Turn 12
2 VP for FotT not yet played

10 CP gains: Brussels, Sedan, Belgrade, Kovno, Vilna, Warsaw, Lodz, Riga, Kiev, Ploesti
2 CP cards: RT, HSF
1 VP for US army not yet played

So if no further changes until end of turn 20 the score would be 11. Do you agree?

812 4/2/2022 5:20:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message Advance AH3 and AH4 to Ploesti.

At the start of last turn, the appearance of a US army before the end of this turn was not among the many bad things I was imagining!

I'm suffering another bout of analysis paralysis, hope it will be cured by some sleep.
811 4/2/2022 3:19:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Event #43: 3 / USA Reinforcements (1st Army)
May only be played after "Over There". 1st Army, 2 corps.

Message from Allies:
Going to sleep. Got to play this out regardless.

AP5: US reinforcements. Calais
810 4/2/2022 3:01:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Or actually:
Elim ROc and flip Russian corp. Retreat (RUc) to Galatz.
809 4/2/2022 2:58:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Ploesti 3/1. Elim RUc and flip ROc.
(ROc) retreats to Varna. Advance?
808 4/2/2022 2:57:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Allies:
CP 5
AP 2c
807 4/2/2022 2:51:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Operations #36: 2 / U-Boats Unleashed
May only be played after "H-L Take Command". Subtract 1 BR RP during the Replacement Phase of each turn and prevent play of "US Reinforcements" until "Convoy" is played.

Message from Central Powers:
T17 CP5 is 2 ops

M Przemysl
C Barlad

GEc in Przemysl to Hermannstadt

AH3 and AH4 in Barlad attack RUc and ROc in Ploesti
5A vs 2C
806 4/2/2022 10:44:00 AM Spring 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Replacement Points #35: 4 / Yanks and Tanks
Allied player conducts operations using this card and all Combats involving a US unit during this Action Round get a +2 drm.

Replacement points: A: 1, BR: 2, FR: 2, IT: 1, RU: 3

Message from Allies:
AP4: RPs
805 4/2/2022 10:43:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Replacement Points #54: 5 / H-L Take Command
Allows play of "Michael", "Blucher", "Peace Offensive", "Hoffmann", and "U-Boats Unleashed". Prevents play of "Place of Execution". Current and future German MOs become "None".

Replacement points: AH: 3, BU: 1, GE: 4, TU: 2

Message from Central Powers:
Air planes grounded. Must say I'm happier with those combat rolls than with your card draws...

T17 CP4 is RPs
804 4/2/2022 10:04:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message 5/7

Flip GE9
FR6 -> (FRc) in Verdun, RB(5,0)
803 4/2/2022 10:03:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:

AP on 12A
CP on 16A
802 4/2/2022 10:03:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message 4/7

Flip GE5 and GEc

BR4 -> (BRc), RB(3,0)

FMGs stay in play
801 4/2/2022 10:00:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:

AP on 6A
CP on 15A+1
800 4/2/2022 10:00:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Combat #18: 2 / Fortified Machine Guns
A GE entrenched defender adds a +1 drm.

Message from Central Powers:
At Sedan
799 4/2/2022 10:00:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message 2/1

BUc eliminated
ITc flips, IT4 advances
798 4/2/2022 9:59:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:

AP on 2A
CP on 2C
797 4/2/2022 9:57:00 AM Spring 1918 Allies Message Take losses to Verdun
796 4/2/2022 9:39:00 AM Spring 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Combat #19: 2 / Air Superiority
A BR or FR attack adds +1 drm. ANA, AUS, CND, or PT do not qualify as BR for this purpose.

Message from Allies:
Against Metz

A Valona: attack Tirana. MO. 2 v 2c. Advance all able
A Cambrai: attack Sedan: 6 v 15
AA Verdun + Nancy: attack Metz with CC. 12+ v 16
795 4/2/2022 9:38:00 AM Spring 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Event #55: 5 / Over There
May be played on any turn after "Zimmermann Telegram". Allows play of "US Reinforcements". ALL Allied RP cards played now include 1 US RP.

Message from Allies:
AP3: Event
M Varna: RU6+7 -> Galatz // RUc -> Ploesti
A Valona: attack Tirana. MO. 2 v 2c. Advance all able
A Cambrai: attack Sedan: 6 v 15
AA Verdun + Nancy: attack Metz with CC. 12+ v 16
794 4/2/2022 9:29:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Operations #43: 3 / Von Below
Cancels all trench effects for 1 GE attack against only IT unit(s).

Message from Central Powers:
T17 CP3 is 3 ops

M Vinnitsa
M Mozyr
C Kishinev

AH7 from Vinnitsa to Zhemrinka, via Jassy (remembering to specify control grabbing seems important this time!)

GE11 from Mozyr to Orsha
GE10 and GE12 to Vinnitsa (via B-T)

AH3 and AH4 in Kishinev autokill ROc in Barlad and advance

Supply threat to Romania and Varna
793 4/2/2022 9:25:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message Oops, I had complete misread #440.

I flagged my confusion about RU RB in #766. I've tracked it down to having forgotten to record the rebuilt (RUc) in #712 in my map. Anyway, I'm agreed that RU RB shoudl now be (5,0).
792 4/2/2022 1:08:00 AM Spring 1918 Allies Message Our boards are pretty even:

1. In Sinai-region, AUSc should be at Port Said and 2xBRc in Sinai as per logs 439 and 440.

2. Our RBs however were a bit off. On your save Russian RB is at [4,0] currently.

As per log 765 it was at [7,0] after RBs. And now I've lost 2 armies so should be at [5,0].

I think thats that. But you got it right, its getting puzzled hoh.
791 4/1/2022 1:46:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Hoh, I think its not the end of the world if BUc gets to live another day.

So CP-control in Monastir
790 4/1/2022 1:34:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message Hmmm, I had labelled Monastir as CP controlled on my map, but forgot to include it in the move to Skopje. Technically we're both in the wrong since you didn't issue a supply warning...
789 4/1/2022 1:26:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Not quite
788 4/1/2022 1:26:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Allies:
dig Odessa
787 4/1/2022 1:25:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Operations #7: 2 / Severe Weather
Defending units in a mountain space in Fall/Winter or a swamp space in Spring/Fall get a +2 drm.

Message from Allies:
M Odessa: RUc -> Uman via B-T. // RU2 digs
M Kazanlik: RU6+7 -> Varna via Sofia and Philippoli

Strumitsa OOS I think
786 4/1/2022 11:27:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Operations #8: 3 / Race to the Sea
CP units may now end movement in Ostend, Calais, and Amiens. Card may also be played as an event after CP WS is at 4.

Message from Central Powers:
That's an ominous "yet"...

OK, RU6 and RU7 in Kazanlik.

T17 CP2 is 3 ops

M Sofia
M Minsk

AH5 from Sofia to Nis, one (AHc) to Skopje, other to Sarajevo

GE10, GE11 and GE12 from Minks to Mozyr

AH3 and AH4 from B-T to Kishinev
785 3/31/2022 10:55:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Advance 2 armies. I think theres no OOS threat yet
784 3/31/2022 5:07:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message OK, I did RU10 -> RUc, RB(4,0) on my map.

Retreat AH5 and 2x(AHc) to Sofia. Advance?
783 3/31/2022 1:54:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message One army to RUc
782 3/31/2022 1:33:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message AH6 -> (AHc), RB(2,0)

Your losses?
781 3/31/2022 8:55:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message 5/4

I was really hoping for a roll that wouldn't leave me with any decisions... Might not be back until tonight.
780 3/31/2022 8:52:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:
OK, IT4 to Valona, and on my map I moved FR5 to Nancy and FR10 to C-T.


AP on 6A
CP on 6A
779 3/31/2022 6:29:00 AM Spring 1918 Allies Play Strategy card as Operations #9: 3 / Moltke
May only be played in August or September 1914. CP Activation in Belgium or France costs 1 OPS per unit (not space) until the "Falkenhayn" card is played. All units must be activated in a space. Supersedes Sud Army and Eleventh army card effects.

Message from Allies:
A Varna: attack Kazanlik. 6 v 6
M Taranto: IT-army -> Valona
M Paris: 1 army to CT // 1 army to Nancy
778 3/31/2022 5:38:00 AM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message Flip AH10 and GEc in Zhitomir, advance GEc to Kiev to put Gomel OOS
777 3/30/2022 11:17:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Message Many sixes.
Kiev 7/3. RU8 -> (RUc) and flip RU9. Retreat to Komel.

Losses and advance?
776 3/30/2022 11:16:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Allies:
7LF. Hitting back at 2-table
775 3/30/2022 11:16:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Allies:
CP 12
774 3/30/2022 11:13:00 PM Spring 1918 Allies Draw Strategy cards NOTE: The deck was reshuffled on this deal.
773 3/30/2022 4:14:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message CP fire first on 12A
772 3/30/2022 4:14:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Central Powers:
Kiev flank attempt
771 3/30/2022 4:14:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Play Strategy card as Operations #51: 4 / Peace Offensive
May only be played after "H-L Take Command". Cancels all trench effects for 1 GE attack. If attacker does not advance into the space, subtract 1 VP. Play prior to Attempt Flank Attack Step. A trench does not need to be present.

Message from Central Powers:
T17 CP1 is 4 ops

M Essen
M Dvinsk
C Zhitomir

GE7 from Essen to Brussels

GE11 from Dvinsk to Minsk, one AHc to Riga via Opochka, other AHc to Smolensk via Vitebsk

AH3 and AH4 in B-T and AH10 and 2xGEc in Zhitomir attack RU8 and RU9 in Kiev
Attempting flank
12A vs 6A pre-flank
770 3/30/2022 3:58:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Message None and IT
769 3/30/2022 3:58:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:
768 3/30/2022 3:57:00 PM Spring 1918 Central Powers Draw Strategy cards NOTE: The deck was reshuffled on this deal.
767 3/30/2022 3:57:00 PM Winter 1918 Central Powers End Turn
766 3/30/2022 3:56:00 PM Winter 1918 Central Powers Message I didn't have any reduced RUc in your RB, I think you may have flipped it a couple of turn ago. So maybe you still have a 0.5 RU RP to spend?

No cards left in hand.


5 GE: Flip GE1 and GE3 in Brussels, one GEc in Trent and one GEc in Zhitomir. Rebuild GE7 in Essen.
3 AH: Flip AH5 and AH6 in Kazanlik. Rebuild (AH1) in Budapest.
2 TU: Full
1 BU: Full
765 3/30/2022 2:29:00 PM Winter 1918 Allies Message RPs
RU4: Flip RU10. Flip RUc in Erivan and RB. Rebuild 2x RUc [7,0]
BR3: Flip BR1 in Ostend. Rebuild BR5
FR3: Rebuild FR10 and FRc [6,0]
IT2: Flip IT2 in Taranto and IT3 in Bologna
Allied 1: Full

Hold 1

Hoping I wont immediately draw Grand fleet after reshuffle hoh. Was hoping that you drew it in the last 7 cards of the deck.
764 3/30/2022 2:26:00 PM Winter 1918 Allies Discard Strategy card #39: 2 / They Shall Not Pass

Message from Allies:
763 3/30/2022 2:26:00 PM Winter 1918 Allies Message All is good between our maps.
762 3/30/2022 2:19:00 PM Winter 1918 Central Powers Message Flip AH5 and AH6, flip RU10.

Flip AHc to cancel retreat.

I'll send my save now.
761 3/30/2022 2:01:00 PM Winter 1918 Allies Message After deciding losses, could you send me your save so I'll make a quick comparison.
760 3/30/2022 1:31:00 PM Winter 1918 Central Powers Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 2


Message from Central Powers:

AP on 6A
CP on 6A

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