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3 4/26/2022 6:39:00 PM Turn 1 German Message After four days of agonizing I've finished my move.

I don't think there's much in the preliminary phases except for you to roll for fuel dumps.

I'll forward spreadsheet with a detailed breakdown of all my attacks. Let's complete attacks A-F first in that order. For the other attacks you have defensive arty that you can allocate. I figured you'd use 402 arty in defense of 14 cav, but you can change that, of course.

For the attack on Hofen I included your 406 arty, since that's the only attack it can support.

I see four instances of possible surprise.

If I've made any mistakes or (done something dumber than my usual play), please don't hesitate to correct or advise me.
2 4/23/2022 9:57:00 PM Turn 1 German Message What's the PBEM protocol? I send you the file with my moves, obviously. Then do I list all my battles or only one at a time?
1 4/21/2022 2:06:00 PM Turn 1 German Message Six-turn Tournament Scenario

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