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8 12/28/2022 8:12:00 PM Master ID = 23806 Game Deleted
7 12/27/2022 10:08:00 PM August 1914 Allies Message I'll take the Axis at 0.

I'll send you an invite to a DropBox folder.
6 12/27/2022 9:07:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message Has been a while, Mark -- think it was the last CSW pre-Covid? Or maybe the one before...

I am fine with exchanging files. I have used Dropbox, but it's been a while so I'll see I can get it going again.

I will bid zero for the AL.
5 12/27/2022 9:04:00 PM August 1914 Allies Message All you sir.

How are you feeling about VASSAL and file exchange these days. I love using VASSAL, exchanging files, and using DropBox for the exchange, but I am flexibale to what suites your play style best.

4 12/27/2022 9:02:00 PM August 1914 Allies Die roll request Request: 6-sided die x 1


Message from Allies:
1-3 and Forrest bid first.
4-6 it will be Mark
3 12/27/2022 9:02:00 PM August 1914 Allies Message Hi Forrest! Great to be matched with you. Has been a few since we saw each other at CSW Expo.

I am a bit rusty on my BtB, so it may take me a move or two to shake it out. I'll roll for first bidder.
2 12/27/2022 8:57:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message Hi, Mark! It's been a while! I always see your name in this tournament and the PoG tournament.

Go ahead and roll for the bid when you are ready...
1 12/27/2022 8:55:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Change Central Powers player Central Powers player changed from Forrest to Forrest

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