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4 1/25/2023 12:36:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message Clyde,
How does next week look. I am busy the rest of the this week for getting together live. Like I said, once we get started live, then we can move to ACTS only for playing the game.

3 1/16/2023 7:19:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Draw Strategy cards
2 1/16/2023 5:48:00 PM August 1914 Allies Draw Strategy cards
1 1/16/2023 4:27:00 PM August 1914 Central Powers Message Clyde,
I finally got around to setting this up. How does Wednesday evening look to talk about the game before we get rolling. I am free Friday evening too. We can discuss a few things that might help your play then we can play the entire game via ACTS and VASSAL.


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