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Napoleonic Wars: Hammer and Tongs Card Play Report

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71 9/8/2021 1:55:00 PM 1805-1806 France 81 6 rategy card #81: 6 / Napoleon Abdicates

RED: Must be played as Event

Message from France:
68 9/8/2021 1:52:00 PM 1805-1806 France 75 2 ard as Operations #75: 2 / Letters of Marque
Britain must instantly transfer one Squadron to this Foreign War card or lose its choice of a Resource, Reserve, or a random card. If no Squadron is transferred, the event remains in the game.

Message from France:
Cas/2 to Bad
Cas/4 to Lis
66 9/8/2021 5:40:00 AM 1805-1806 Prussia 29 5 rategy card #29: 5 / Extended Campaign Season

RED: Must be played as Event

Message from Prussia:
I realized I forgot to explicitly say that I was done. Since no preempt is possible, I'll play the Turk card in case there's an event we must all take action on. I will let the country with preempt play Neutrals in the future.
65 9/8/2021 5:06:00 AM 1805-1806 Prussia 55 3 card as Event #55: 3 / Papal Bull
Place a Unit and Flag (even if already flagged by an ally) in one friendly or unoccupied Duchy in or adjacent to Rome. OR Spend 5 CPs on the Diplomatic Track to influence any nation(s) other than Ottoman Turks but never during the first round of 1805.

Message from Prussia:
The Pope would like to remain Neutral in this war, and thinks putting Rome in the hands of the Prussians is the way to do it.

One unit and flag in Rome. +1 Prussian key, -1 French.
64 9/7/2021 6:52:00 PM 1805-1806 Russia 68 6 card as Operations #68: 6 / Polish Uprising
If Prussia is at war with France, place Poniatowski, three French Units and a Flag in Warsaw. Attack all enemy Formations there prior to any evasion/interception. If Prussia is not at war with France, the card must be played as 6 CPs and remains in the game.

Message from Russia:
1: Cav from Vilna (now Konstantin/1) to Grodno (now Kutuzov/4)
2: Cav from Borisov (now Baggy/1) to Grodno (now Kutuzov/6)
3-5: Kutzov/6 froom Grodo to Moravia
5.5: 2-SQ from St. Peters to Gulf of Bothnia
6: 1-SQ from Sevastopol to Black Sea

no + action, Russia is done. Over to Prussia.
63 9/7/2021 4:15:00 PM 1805-1806 Austria 30 2 card as Operations #30: 2 / To the Death
Void any land evasion (including the effects of previously played events such as Hussars & Grenzers) OR a just defeated enemy must fight a new battle without further terrain effect, evasion, interception, or retreat.

Message from Austria:
I would advise the Russian fleet to sail if he has the CP after getting to Moravia

Ferd+3 Linz-> Vienna

Inf Budapest -> Vienna n Ferd +5

53 9/7/2021 6:36:00 AM 1805-1806 Britain 69 6 card as Operations #69: 6 / Dos de Mayo
Move Spanish Consul two boxes on Diplomatic Track. May break Pact status. A Neutral Proxy will play this event only to break a Spanish Pact. Not playable in 1905.

Message from Britain:
2: build 1 in Lisbon, n 2
4: move 2 from Lisbon to Oporto to Galicia
Looks like 3 v 2. Evade?
If battle, no cards here.
37 9/6/2021 6:53:00 PM 1805-1806 France 44 3 card as Event #44: 3 / Fleet in Irons
Void a Maneuver, evasion or interception by any one Fleet or Grand Fleet (even after making/failing an evasion/interception dice roll). Any Maneuver used is expended and that Fleet must pay double for further Maneuvers in this Impulse. A voided evasion does not penalize that Fleet in battle for a failed evasion attempt.

Message from France:
Not so fastů
35 9/6/2021 5:22:00 PM 1805-1806 Austria 19 2 card as Event #19: 2 / Split Squadrons
Cancel any prior interception result and engage a portion of an enemy Fleet of your choice in the same Zone (including Offboard) without evasion. Ignore the rest which do not participate in the same battle. May be played without an intercept attempt or after or before an intercept/evasion attempt regardless of outcome.

Message from Austria:
21 9/6/2021 1:57:00 PM 1805-1806 France 905 6 card as Operations #905: 6 / Guerre de Course
One or two unblockaded (not Refitting) French Squadrons move Offboard to raid commerce. See Offboard Fleets on the Battleground display. British card losses never include Reserves or exceed Minimum Hand limits in the Interphase, but may include Resources. RESERVE

Message from France:
2 Fr, 1Sp sqd to BoB. If found, will evade. (o.5/6)

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